August 2, 2021

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A wish. Prologue

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A wish. Episode 1

Hi! My Name is ADEMIDE ???????? and this is my book “A WISH” ????????‍♀I am super excited to write this book and see what you think of it. The story am about to post is absolutely a work of Fiction. This book contains all my own made up Characters,settings,plot etc No part of this book can be reproduced and posted in any group or page in anyway without permission from it respectable owner.
And resemblance to anyone or book is absolutely coincidental.
Genre: Historical,Mermaid,Human and Love.
Every Thousand Years a special mermaid is born. Ephyra happens to be the special mermaid born with special powers. She is the only daughter of the Oceans Most Powerful Merleader and a sister to a bunch of 16 over protective Brothers. Ephyra is able to sing,she sings her heart out in front of many Mermaids and Mermen In Merillia Kingdom. She can sing powerful spell songs (SONG OF THE SEA) which connect her to the sea.
Ephyra is given a chance to make a wish on her 18th Birthday according to the tradition in Merillia Kingdom.
Will Ephyra make a good wish?
Will the Sea grant her Wish?
What happens after Ephyra makes her Wish?
Find out in the Story!????
Author ADEMIDE ✍

A wish. Episode 1

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