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Celine and Hoffman. Chapter 8

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Chapter ????8❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Danny was surprised with what he saw

“what , when did Gretel start dating not to talk of being naked in a man’s house.

” shes not naked thats a towel but your right thats easy penetration “.
“I can’t believe this”.

” calm down danny , its not just any boy the boy is filthy rich isn’t that simeon, Richard Stanford’s son ?.

” I still can’t believe this what is Gretel doing”.
” Danny calm down she’s a teenager “.
” do you know my father,
” he won’t see it
“he can’t see this you have locate that blogger and pay him off I dont want to see this again.

“Let’s check the comment.
” I see you are enjoying this”.

Danny scrolled down.







Danny I can’t read this anymore i need to call gretel
Danny placed a call to Gretel who just removing her cloths She picked up the call and lay on the bed

” oh finally I thought someone forgot me”.
” Gretel what did I tell you about dating”.
” nothing untill 19 why”.

” so what am i seeing why do you want to tarnish dads image you know the press has been looking for something to pin on you”.
” am realy lost”.
” who is simeon? “.
” oooo wow that stupid blogger I paid him off but he won’t stop right, no problem”.
“I Said who is simeon”.
“simeon is my class mate not my boyfriend I was soiled so I changed in his house that’s all that stupid blogger Is lying”.
” how much did you pay that guy “10 million”.
” I can’t believe he did this you need to sue him”.
” that’s the easiest way for dad to find out”.
” dad will surely find out you just have to explain it to him you need to sue that idiot for defamation of character”.
“mum is always on the net so if you saw this I guess mum saw it too”.
“what kind of idiot is that guy, Sue him first when dad finds out we will cross that bridge “.
” I love you
“love you too
He drops the call

” I love you?, you were here acting like you wanted to slap the girl from the air now the call comes to I love you “, mr king said

” I believe Gretel she is my sister
“yes so since I don’t have a sister I can as well go and kill myself”.

They both laugh …..

Jenifers mansion

Jennifer was in bed with her friend Paula Jason.also an award winning model.

“Hey Jennifer you look weak”.
“am fine Just missing Danny”.
” danny or Kelvin?.
“stop it am ending everything with Kelvin once he comes back i will tell him I want to be faithful to Danny “.

” I need one night stand with Danny or else”.

“are u trying to black mail me .
” I forgot to show you this Jennifer.

She opened her camera

“who is that dirty girl and why is Danny hugging her?.
” I don’t know but she is realy beautiful “.
” am sure that’s a movie am the only woman Danny looks at more over she looks dirty Danny hates dirt”.
“I hope so too”.

“so Danny’s birthday is coming up I don’t know what to buy”.
” maybe a wrist watch”.
” last one I bought he didn’t wear it he can’t remove the one Claria gave him”.
“since then ,he’s not over her yet?.

“I dunno, I know I own Danny but I still don’t own him fully “.

“maybe a t shirt will do, I am realy sorry Janie am your friend but I never new this part of your relationship but I know Danny loves you”.

“I hope so too but I thought my love would be enough for Danny to let go off his past and throw away that filthy watch “.

She hugs her friend

Hoffman’s house
Grets room.

keila rushed upstairs into Gretels room
” are u just coming”.
“wAts up u sounded urgent.

” that idiot still posted those pictures now Danny saw it.

” this is bad what did Danny say

“we need to sue him.
“but your lawyer tells your dad everything
“dad will still find out anyway
“cool so have you called him
“yes he’s on his way to crunches lets go meet him there
“okay cool am starving anyway
“my mum tied me to a diet plan
” sounds like my aunt

And they two girls walked out they waited patiently for the lawyer at crunches minutes later he arrived and sat down

“Gretel the last time you called me on a date you slapped your teacher what did you do this time

“nothing I just want to sue someone

” who? your father

” no some blogger she showed him the pictures

“wow this is huge but can you prove this wrong
” you are my lawyer just do your job pls
“no problem, just stay out of trouble
he walked out of the room just then Gretel noticed how busy keila was eating

” Kiela did you come with me
“yes I did, isn’t that simeon she said pointing to where simeon sat with a girl
” his girlfriend is realy pretty
“I know her that’s Anna
” wait Anna James .
“the anna who beat you in the first final u competed”.
“whatever lets go “.

As they stood up simeon noticed Gretel he excused his friend and walked toward’s Gretel

” hey girlfriend
“you saw the news
” yes i did
“wow am so invincible”, keila said
” hy k
” please ignore me.
” u saw the news and you find it funny?.
” i do
” whatever, am going
” I thought you where with your girlfriend shes waiting bye

Simeon draws her back

” but you just got here
“that’s non of your business
” Gretel are you jealous?
“why would I be jealous
“so why are you acting up we are supposed to be friends
“am leaving have fun.

She dragged keilas hand and they left

Simeon returned to where he sat

“I think your girlfriend is mad
” pls don’t start right now

Gretel and keila walked into the car and keila drove off

“do you like simeon
“no I don’t
” greteeeel ?
” nooo.
” then why was jealousy written all over you Gret
“I was just annoyed because of the blogger that’s all nothing much .
“if you say so”.

They both drove home

********** ????
Hoffman groups ????????

Mr Hoffman was in his office when his assistant walked in
“how’s the preparation?.

“to avoid insults sir maybe you should let Mr Isaac control the construction”.
” the president personaly put me in charge of everything including the funds”.
“Mr Isaac now has strong grounds to take control from you base on social norms he persists that a man who can’t control his family can’t handle social property”.

“I have 80 private universities what is he telling me”.

” It seems like you haven’t seen the news sir your daughter is all over the place and this is a filth to your image”.

He showed Mr Hoffman the pictures and Mr Hoffman was so angry
“I can’t believe Gretel “,he shouted

” the idiot who did this I want him arrested and if the law is too sluggish you know what to do”.

” I do sir.

“am going home I need to meet that little devil and ask her what I have done to her”.

Sims house

simeon was in his sitting room as he watched television suddenly his phone rang it was his father

“simeon ?
“I sent you back home and told you to live like you don’t exist you know how much I hate scandals”.
” at least the scandal made you call me .
” am a busy man son am building all these empire’s for you”

“for me or for yourself I already lost mom but i feel like you are dead too “.
He drops the call and switched off the television

Mr standford dropped the call too and continued his work in his office
Meanwhile simeon was about going to his room when
A maid walked in with his drugs simeon took it from her and drank it he then went upstairs

Hoffman’s house.
Gretel was busy listening to some blues in her room she didn’t know when her father came back


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