June 18, 2021

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Kiss. Chapter 1

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Kiss. Chapter 2
Kiss. Prologue

. ????????KISS ????????
????(when a stone man loves) ????

. ???? ON GOD ????

. ????LICIA TIFE ????

. ????@licia’s library ????


????ROSE POV ????

I walked happily down the street of Seoul and into my favourite Art school *Shancei art *

‘you are late again’ Mrs kim said as she folded her arms and gave me a look of disappointment

‘well ma’ m an sorry, it just that ‘

‘ don’t give me one of your flimsy excuses again, just get to work ‘she said as other students laughed at me silently but I ignored them and picked up my painting brush

I am one of the best artist in the school that why I always get pardoned for coming late but am nothing compared to the mighty jenny

She has magic in her fingers when it comes to art and i won’t lie I idolize her but I like keeping that a secret, don’t want people to know the second best artist in school look up to the first

The best artist in school has their personal club where we come together and discuss on how to build ourselves and also our own personal classroom

Apart from jenny being the best artist in school she is also extremely pretty, rich and classy

My parents are not extremely rich compared to Jenny’s parent but we still very okay on our own

And about pretty, i won’t call myself that

Well am a little cute

Am just one of those totally average girls when it comes to beauty

‘have you heard the latest news’ jisoo asked as we both walked in the hallway

‘latest news?’ I asked again with a puzzled look

‘the new art museum just opened today’ she said

‘the art museum’

‘yeah you know the one with the shinwoo statue, legend says that if you touch the shiwnoo statue you have a year of good luck but if you kiss it you will have an entire life filled with goodluck’ jisoo said looking happy

‘and you seriously believe in all those nonsense’ I asked

‘come on why don’t you try it out,it might help with your little no boyfriend problem’ she said with a teasing smile

‘well sorry to bust your bubbles, I have a date tonight with this anonymous online man’

‘and how are you sure this one gonna work out’ she asked

‘it might work out no it wil work out’ I said

‘well not to make you feel bad but the last three online man you went on a date with took an excuse to go to the bathroom and never came back’

I sighed and said ‘it won’t be the same this time around, excuse me please’ I said as I walked ahead of her and went home to prepare for my date

I met the online man whose name is Jacob at a noodle shop

I must say he does not look so happy seeing me

He is handsome and has this flirty look

Am sure he was expecting an hot supermodel or at least a girl a little taller and prettier than I am

He reluctantly told me to sit on the chair and i did

He ordered noodle and I am not the kind of girl that eat with class

I like rushing my food cause I eat alot and I was a little embarrassed seeing him watch me with disgust as devoured the food like my life depends on it

After eating my food i dropped the chopsticks ???? and the waiter cleared the table

I started talking to him and I was a little uncomfortable because he looks uninterested and more so he couldn’t stop yawning

‘can you excuse me, i need to go to the bathroom’ he said

Shit not this one again

This is the 5th date

‘yea sure bye’ I said sadly as he stood on his feet and walked into the bathroom

After waiting for a hour and he did not come back from the bathroom

I loosed every bit of hope in me and stood on my feet, payed the waiter and walked out of the noodle shop

He didn’t even bother to pay for the mrals

I guess he hates me that much

The next day i prepared myself to go to the new art museum

‘nǐ jiào shén me(what your name) ‘ the security asked

‘say what’

I don’t speak chinese

Only korea and English

What to do


‘sorry I don’t speak Chinese’ I said

‘what your name’ she asked

‘rose, see I have a pass’ I said showing her a pass to the museum

She looks at me for awhile before letting me into the museum

This place really is beautiful

The shinwoo art was created by an unknown person and I must say it a masterpiece

I looked around the art museum with someone guiding us and telling us about the paintings and museum

We got to the shinwoo statue and waw

It was the statue of a man

Immediately after seeing him, memories of what jisoo said came flashing back

Should I kiss the statue

No that stupid I don’t believe in this

Jisoo is so superstitious

But it won’t kill me if I do

Not that stupid

Should i

Lemme just do this, maybe my life can be filled with goodluck

I mean who knows it might work

I moved closer to the shinwoo statue and I looked around to make sure no one was looking at me

This is so embarrassing

I closed my eyes and slowly placed my lips on the shinwoo statue

Immediately the alarm went on after kissing the statue

I don’t know this statue was being guarded by an alarm

Everyone focused on me and started laughing at me

Some even took pictures of me kissing the shinwoo statue

O. M. G so embarrassing

The security gaured walked towards me and immediately they picked me up and threw me out of the museum

‘but what did you do that for’ i asked one of the security outside the museum

‘because we don’t want you making out with all the statues in here’ they said laughing and i was really embarrassed as I walked back home

‘isn’t that tee statue girl’ people Said looking at their phone and laughing at me

I can’t believe have gone viral

I checked my phone and the video that was posted online hit 3k views in just one hour

Holy shit

I went back home later that day and ignored several interrogations from my parents

Am sure they also watched the embarrassing videos and they are laughing at me secretly even though mum is acting so concerned

What a big fake

‘hello’ I said to jissoo as I picked up my phone sitting on the sofa in my room later in the night

‘girlfriend, you have seriously gone viral, did you really kiss the shin woo statue’ jisoo said

‘you told me to’ i said

‘well I did not expect you to actually kiss the statue….. Have you read the comments on the pictures so hilarious ????’ she said

‘I will call to u back’

‘okay girlfriend’ she said as I disconnected the call and checked my social medie

How can people be so mean
Such nasty comments

????What wrong with girls this days, is she so desperate for a first kiss that she actually kissed a statue ????

????The statue was like please tell this human girl to stop smooching me ????????????????

????She kissed a statue, wtf ????????

????O. M. G rose, are you so desperate for a boyfriend, you actually kissed a statue ????… Guess you and the statue should get married cause no guy wants you anyway ????????????????

That last comment was from Jenny

How mean

I dropped the phone looking frustrated and switched on the tv to listen to the news

‘the shinwoo art went missing today and currently the police are in search of it’

I increased the volume on the remote and listened attentively

The shinwoo art is missing

But how

I smooched it earlier today

Wait that came out wrong

Ummmm who cares

Ath statue ruined my social life anyway

I stood on my feet to grab some popcorn in the kitchen


I screamed when I turned my back and saw an extremely handsome guy standing in front of me totally naked

‘you, who are you, how did you get in’ i asked as he keep starring at me with his cute eyes

How can someone be so handsome

And why is he in my room naked

‘honey what wrong’ my mum and dad said as they knocked on my door

What am I gonna do

How am I gonna explain a handsome naked man in my room and also who the hell is he

My mum is gonna murder me

What am I gonna do

…………. To be continued………


Kiss. Chapter 2
Kiss. Prologue

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