July 26, 2021

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Kiss. Prologue

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Kiss. Chapter 1

When a statue falls in love with a human it becomes One of the best love ever

Rose was an average girl going to shancei art school, a prestigious school that builds young artists

She wasn’t a popular or great artist like the art queen Jenny, the top artist in school but she was still trying her best to hit the top

The Shimwo statue is one of the most expensive art in the art museum, a masterpiece and also very priceless

Find out what happens when rose kisses the shinwoo art making it come to life and turns into an extremely good looking guy who always sticks to rose like a leach even though she finds him very annoying

Will rose fall in love with the Shinwoo statue to prevent him for vanishing since he has just 200 hundred days to make rose fall in love with him so he can permanently become an human or he will vanish forever if she doesn’t

Find out what happens when art falls in love with an human
It a korea story

And i will complete it swears

You won’t wanna miss it

TITLE :Kiss (when a stone man falls in love)

Genre:romance, comedy, fiction

Kiss. Chapter 1

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