August 3, 2021

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Ria. Episode 2

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Ria. Episode 3
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♠ RIA ♠
My name is Ria Robert. I am the only child to my late parents. I turned 26 two months ago. I am blind and for as long as I remember I was born blind. The MML gang came to our house one night and killed my mother when my dad refused to sign his inheritance documents then my dad was killed after he signed those documents. I found out that night that Frederick Robert sent them. Frederick is my dad’s step brother. He was grandpa illegitimate child but he became the CEO of Limos company cause he was Mr Robert favorite son despite his position. My grandpa Mr Robert loved his mom Antonia but ignored my grandma Emma because she couldn’t bear him an heir after 10years of marriage. Antonia became Mr Robert mistress in the 11th year of his marriage to Granny Emma then she had a son. Granny Emma had my dad two years after Frederick was born. Mr Robert made his will and gave his companies to Frederick and left a huge Sum of Money for my dad which wasn’t compared to the value of the companies he willed to Frederick. My dad never felt like a son to his dad and things got worse for him after his mom passed away when he was barely sixteen. He was maltreated by Antonia and her son and went through series of hardship in their hands until he left home when he was eighteen. He became a driver at that age just to put himself through college forgetting home completely but it was so unfortunate that he couldn’t get a better job after he graduated. My dad once said that as long he was still in Idaho he would never get a well paid job since his step mom had connections in companies in Idaho. And he didn’t want to leave Idaho because it was where he was born and where his mom was laid to rest. He met my mom two years after he graduated and worked as a truck driver. My mom was a seamstress and was not all that educated like my dad. She dropped out of college when she couldn’t afford to pay the tuition fees and she had no one to turn to cause she was an orphan. When I came into the picture my dad started working three jobs per day just to feed us and save up for my eye surgery. We were happy with the little we had,one could call us a happy family. My dad received a call one day that his father died few days before that day and left him some inheritance. My dad was not interested in owning any of his Father’s properties but my mom convinced him to accept it for my sake. He knew we could get my eye surgery done with the money and even have enough to get a big space for mom’s sewing business, and also enrol me into one of the best schools after my surgery. My dad used his saving for the inheritance process. Everything was fine, he had received a call that he could have access to the money and we were happy our dreams was coming true until the MML came,and all those dreams crashed in one night. April 26 2013, that night was a terrible night I want to erase from my memory. Frederick sent those men to kill us,Lucas the gang leader had killed my parents but he had spared only me. He didn’t kill me but he used me to pleasure himself. I spent months in his den praying for death to come but it didn’t. Lucas would come to me every morning and night to pleasure himself. I was barely 16 when he had raped me repeatedly, I begged him to just kill me but Lucas said he was doing me a great favor by keeping me alive. Lucas was a Monster, a beast in human clothing who didn’t deserved to live among humans but the jungle where his likes inhabits. He said I was paying him with my body for saving my life,I should have been dead but he had made up his mind to take me in. That wasn’t a help or a favour it was wickedness! I regretted ever being born into this world.. I hated myself for being blind. I never saw the face of my parents while growing up. I’ve never seen the face of the man who ordered the killing of my parents or even the monstrous face of the man who raped me and also the one that made an attempt to do the same. One of Lucas men named Speedy came into Lucas’s room one night while Lucas was away and he tried to rape me but Andrea the maid assigned to take care of me came in before speedy could do anything but I had received several beating from him when i refused him. He threatened Andrea and I never to mention it to Lucas but one way or the other Lucas had found out but things turned the wrong way for me. Speedy was able to defend himself by saying I tried to seduce him when he came into the room to pick up Lucas dirty clothes. He lied that I offered myself to him so he could take me out of the den. They were all Lies! And that fool had believed what he said! Lucas tortured me for wanting to leave him and for giving myself to his right hand man. I would have taken it all,i would have fine with just the beatings but Lucas raped me for hours and sent his men the next day to do the same to me. Lucas never came back to me after that day he raped me. I was abandoned in his room,left to find my way and all locked up in the room. No one came in not even Andrea and I was scared of what lie Speedy would have said just to make Lucas punish her. I was starved for days,all I did was cry day and night blaming myself for many misfortunes that happened in my life. If only I wasn’t blind then my dad wouldn’t have thought of accepting his inheritance,Frederick wouldn’t have sent those men to us,my parents won’t have died and Lucas won’t have done those horrible things to me. Everything Lucas and Frederick did to me made me hate men and all I think is getting revenge! Lucas destroyed me,everything about me,my body and soul not minding the fact that I was a little blind girl and I made up my mind not to trust any man. When I saw no way out of that room and I remember Mom’s teaching about God that “He is the only that can save one in times of trouble. All you have to do is talk or pour your heart to him” then I started praying. Some days later someone started bringing my daily meal. Days turned into weeks,weeks into months I didn’t stop praying until Lucas came back. He came to the room one day and apologized for what he did to me! Isn’t that a Miracle?! It was a miracle for me and I was glad God had answered my prayers and I saw that as a sign of me coming out of that hell soon. Lucas didn’t touch me that day,he only apologized but that didn’t take away the deep hatred I had for him. He said he brought a gift for me which I couldn’t see but feel and hear. It was Andrea! He told her to continue taking care of me and I was a happy that she was safe. Andrea was my only companion,she was always ready to tend to me anytime I needed anything and ready to listen to me. Andrea was older than I am,six years older. Lucas pecked me that day and I thanked him with a fake smile on my face. He left promising that he would be back in two days time with more surprises. Andrea said speedy lied that she was the one who advised me to seduce him. She was locked up in a dark room for weeks until she had confessed to Lucas truly that Speedy did tried to rape me. Andrea couldn’t confess that all those times because Speedy threatened to kill her family. Her confession made Lucas come back to apologize but apologizes won’t take back what he did to me and what his men did to me. And luckily for me and with the help of my Prayer I came out of that Den the next day. Andrea helped me out of that Den! How did it happen? Lucas and his men went to rob a Bank but it wasn’t a successful operation. The police killed Lucas on the run and some of his men were apprehended. Andrea and I escaped after the news broke out even before the police could think of coming into the Den. Every worker around left the Den too. I stayed with Andrea’s family for a few days and cautious of Frederick so he won’t know I was still alive. A week later I and Andrea took the cheapest flight out of Idaho to Chicago. All the bills were on Andrea,not that she was rich but she had used her savings to purchase a ticket to Chicago. Andrea was my angel sent from above,a God sent who I never saw till she passed away about three years ago. Andrea died of brain cancer. Though she is dead but she still remain in my heart,I hope I get to see her face when I can see with the help of some pictures we took together. Same goes to my Parents they remain in my heart and memory. My strong mom,a woman of faith and my dad who was diligent and hardworking. They will never be forgotten.
“It been a long day without you my friend and I’ll all about it when I see you again..”
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Ria. Episode 3
Ria. Episode 1

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