June 14, 2021

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Ria. Episode 1

Hello Fans! I am Author Ademide and this is my new book RIA! I am so happy to write this book and see what you all think of it. This book contains all my own made up characters,settlings,plot etc.. Note! No one should copy and paste my story in any group or page without permission from me! Any resemblance to any work of art is absolutely coincidental!
The story shares the tale of a blind lady named Ria Robert who is a seamstress. Ria who has been through a lot in life,strives to survive day – by -day but still maintained a peaceful life. Despite being blind She holds on to her dreams of becoming a well known clothe designer.
Read how Ria life changes after she met Ian Bryant

♠ RIA ♠
Nathan: where is Ria?
Madison:she is in her room
Nathan:doing what alone?
Madison:Ethan brought his clothes earlier so she is helping him to amend it
Nathan:oh Maddie I told you not to allow her use the needles or machine
Madison: oh come Natty stop acting like you don’t know Ria
Nathan:yes you are right I know she is stubborn…but you should at least try to dissuade her from doing some certain things by herself like using the needles. I don’t want her hurting herself with a needle
Madison:I don’t want her to stop using the needle or machine…she loves what she is doing and you should be glad she want to do something even with her condition
Nathan:okay…okay…just keep an eye on her
Madison:yes I will
Nathan:guess what?
(He said wrapping his hand around her waist)
Madison:just say it Nathan you know am not good at guessing
Nathan:I am done with the inheritance process so the lawyer called me and said I can have access to my own inheritance next tomorrow
(Madison screamed and hugged Nathan tightly)
Nathan:once we have that money then Ria can get her eye surgery done,you will get a very big space enough to contain five to six sewing machines and we will be able to live in a very big house..our dream house then all our dreams will come true
Madison:yes!yes!yes! My love
(She kissed Nathan)

Ria. Episode 1

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