July 21, 2021

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He and her v. Episode 57

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He and her v. Episode 58

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Episode 57

Tucker’s POV

I’m so glad that her mom might be helping us resolve our relationship issue. Her mom , Kim and I stepped down from the plane and we entered an already ordered car that drove us straight to Mira’s house.

On getting there , she was sitting in a couch outside the house sipping drink and having fun.

She watched us intently as we approached her.

“Sister!” i greeted and she shot me a questioning look of what was happening

“This is Kimberly’s mom, mom…meet my sister , Mira ” I introduced mum to Mira and kim’s mum smiled

My sister maintained a stern face like she doesn’t want to see them at all.

“You murderer , what are you doing in my house?” Mira yelled at Kimberly.

“Please ,forgive me, it wasn’t my fault ” Kimberly pleaded

“Who cares! ” She said and looked away.

“Can we have our sit , my daughter ” Kimberly’s mom requested for what she expected Mira to have done

“If you choose too” Mira replied

“Sister ,that’s rude ” I scolded and she eyed me.

“Mira, Even if she did it intentionally , your mom is dead and not forgiving Kimberly would never bring her back from the dead ” Kimberly’s mom said.

“But she will be happy where she is that I fought for her horrible demise by keeping enemity with her murderer ” Mira replied

Kim’s mom sighed and looked to my face “Do you love , Kimberly?” She asked me sternly

“Yes, I do. With the whole of my heart ” I replied.

She directed her gaze at Kimberly. “Do you love , Tucker?” She asked.

Kimberly hesitated and replied with tears on her face “yes , I do”

Exactly what I had being meaning to hear from her all this while.

I exhaled and I was so happy that she still loves me.

“Mira , these two loves each other , why are you trying to be a barrier. Your mother would not be happy that you are not making her son happy. Or…don’t you know Tucker may never be happy as long as Kimberly never belongs to her ” Kimberly’s mom said.

“I….don’t….care. Bring my mom back from the dead ” Mira said and walked out from us.


He and her v. Episode 58

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  1. That’s was cool authou more ink to you pen but i am losti haven’t read from episode 53 till here how can I get those episode please

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