July 26, 2021

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He and her v. Episode 58

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???? He and her virginity ☹

Episode 58

Tucker’s POV

I felt bad at how sister behaved. She’s behaving too rude. She’s the only one I’ve got as a family. She knows that.

She is only interested in the happiness of my dead mom and not my happiness.

I love Camila and she loves me too , we both love one another so dearly but Mira is the obstacle.

“Mom , sorry for how Mira behaved ” I apologized on her behalf.

“It’s alright my son” She said and looked to the face of Camila.

Her face was innocent as usual , I walked to where she sat and hugged her with my right hands.
.she rested her head on my shoulder

“It’s going to be alright”Camila’s mom said and I nodded.


We start to leave in Mira’s house as advised by  Camila’s  mom.

Mira didn’t send us out of the house neither did she speak to us.

Mom used to be so dear to her those days, she lived with mom for majority of her life and they both loved each other so well

I understand why she goes through pain everyday ,the sudden demise of mom kept her at shock and I guess it will take her a very long time to recover.

I was inside the room alone thinking ,it’s being three days and we are still hoping for a positive reply from my sister.

I heard a knock on the door and I went to open it expecting Camila. Though, she hasn’t come to my room for the past three days that we had lodged here.

To my biggest surprise ,it’s sister

She walked in sullenly and coldly and went to sit ” Tucker!” She called gently and and I went to sit beside her

“Not like I did not want your happiness , just that , it saddens me always seeing the killer of my mom as the girlfriend of my brother ” She said and I maintained my silence

“Since you guys love each other , I need to let you live your life…you can go ahead and have her as your girlfriend , I promise never to be an obstacle again ” She said coldly and stood.

I noticed she was crying and I hurriedly stood to hug her.

“Stop crying, sister ” I said.

“I miss , mom” She said and cried the more.

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He and her V. Episode 59
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6 thoughts on “He and her v. Episode 58

  1. Thanks Mira for letting go..
    if I was 2 be in ur shoes I would have done worse but also forgive…
    Because as it stands now its not intentional..
    She was used, thanks once again Mira dear

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