July 31, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 61

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Venessar High School. Episode 62

???? Venessar High School????

(If you want to read from episode 1, log in to your facebook account and search for FAITH FLORENCE STORIES,that is the name of the facebook page to read the story from the beginning)

Episode 61

Kimberly’s POV

The door creaked open and I being ready for whatever might happen , sent a kick to the door only for me to hear a loud groan behind it

I ran towards there and saw a guy holding a gun , I kicked the gun from his hand and sent him a kick on his chin, he screamed so hard even as I went ahead and crushed his ma,n-Ho,od.

I turned my head and I saw Stephen standing already , amazed at what just happened.

“Did you wanna call another person? ” I asked and he furrowed his brow instead.

“Did you want me to force you to leave Sean and Kim alone?” I asked.

“What can you do ,though. You dirty thing” He said and I smirked.

I kinda felt bad that he is referring to me as a dirty thing. If not that he had always being my secret crush, I would have knocked him down.

I left him and went to report Stephen and Professor Lucas to the police and they promised to handle it.

On my way back , I saw a familiar car drove towards me , it parked beside me and the people inside stepped down.

It’s Sean and Kim.

“What! What are you guys doing here? Thought I said you must not leave where I told you to stay”

“How can we put your life at stake and stay hidden , No! Let’s fight this battle together…it’s a battle of our anyways, anyways ” Kimberly said and I smiled

I hopped inside the car as she drove us to an hotel.

Professor Lucas POV

“I was stunned on seeing that shapeless autumn , spring or whatever her name is ” I said to my bodyguards.

“Boss , just command us…we will clear her off the road in twenty four hours ” One of my brutal bodyguard said.

“Sure…What I want is this…Get Kimberly and that fatty autumn out of the way. That’s the only way for Sean to end up marring my daughter.

” please ,ensure that Sean is kept safe ” I added and my bodyguards nodded and walked away.

Venessar High School. Episode 62

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