August 3, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 62

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???? Venessar High School ????

Episode 62

Stephen’s POV

I sank to the chair and began to think of how far I had being pursuing Kimberly…she just didn’t love me

She never stop seeing me as a friend ,I’m tired of that. I need her to see me like a lover and leave the sad Sean.

“Am I not even handsome than Sean , am I not good enough to be someone’s boyfriend , I mean ,someone as beautiful as Kimberly not like Allie.

I walked to and fro my room with a heavy heart , my legs were literally shaking and my eyes were closing in pain.

I just loathed myself seriously , I did not like the fact that I had to love someone that never loved me back.

Maybe , she could love me , though. But she has seeing me as an evil person already

Now , I did not know if I should kidnap her as Santiago suggested. That will be forcing love but who Cares.

I really need this girl in my life. I need Kimberly…Kimberly , please love me back

I lamented and began to cry. It hurts so bad when you love someone that never loves you back.

I felt empty and everything that I have seems void to me right now.

I lay on the floor painfully and cried.

After few minutes , a door landed on the door and I raised my head wondering who it is.

I stood and cleaned my face , even though my cheeks are pale and my eyes are red already anybody can easily detect that I had being crying.

I opened the door and it was our mail officer.

” I was asked to deliver this mail to you , sir?” He said and handed over the mail to me.

I closed the door after I had watched him left and opened it the mail , it reads:

“Stephen , why are your eyes narrow?
The one you love would never love you
You love she that is made for another.
Why not see from here that I love you
I’m made for you and we could have being a perfect couple
Think about it”

Whom did you think write this letter? Drop your answers in the comment box.

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