August 1, 2021

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A wish. Episode 4

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My Fairytale ✍????
A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 4
Theme: Hidden Plan
“Ding! Ding!Ding!!!”
The shrieking sound of the alarm woke Harry up from his deep sleep. His hand reached over to the snooze button pressing it down to stop the noise. He rolled on his side and hopped out of bed. He slipped on his soft rabbit like slippers and headed to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth lazily. Harry rinsed his mouth after brushing his teeth. The doorbell rang and he gave a sigh. He moved out of his room to the living room. Harry strode towards the door.
He saw his mom,Eleanor and her mom on the porch.
“What are they up to this time?”
He was surprised to see Eleanor’s mom.
Then it struck him immediately.. His birthday! Today was his birthday!
He went to the window and pulled at the curtains to check the view of the Sea. Then he gasped in Shock.
It was full of people and paparazzi.
He uttered a profanity at the sight. He had warned her sternly not to throw a party but she didn’t listen.
He unplugged his phone to call Isobel. 15 missed calls and messages from Eleanor and Friends.
He went back to the device.
Eleanor was dressed in a crimson knee length gown. She had put more effort on her makeup to impress him.
He dialed Isobel’s number.
“Happy -”
He cuts off her intended statement
“What’s going on out there?”
“Happy Birthday Son!” she completed happily
“Tell everyone to leave or else I will call the police”
“Police? For what? It your day and everyone is here to celebrate with you. Don’t let us ruin today with Argument. Look Mrs Precious White is out here with me”
“Listen to me..I don’t need anyone to celebrate with me. You can’t party outside my home and I am not letting anyone into my house”
“Come one Harry Everyone is waiting for you”
“I thought I told you not to organize any party today. Mrs Isobel Jones take your guests somewhere else.. Provably to your mansion surely it big enough to accommodate them”
“You can’t do this Harry” she said in a low tone
“I’m serious”
“Okay..but at least open up and say hi to Eleanor and her Mrs Precious”
He was silent
He watched her place a finger on her lips to Silence Eleanor who was trying to listen to the conversation with her ear pressed closely to the phone.
“Please Harry..just this once” She pleaded
“Okay” he said
Her face brightened
He had no idea why he agreed
“Let me change up”
“Thank you Son” she hang up
He realised it
He didn’t want the people outside to humiliate his mother. He walked back to the bathroom to take a shower.
“What did he say?” Eleanor asked
“He will join us soon” Isobel replied
Eleanor clapped her hands excitedly
“Let’s join and welcome the guests for now”
Mrs Precious Said
And they walked back to the party.

MERWORLD ????????‍♀
Birthday to our Princess!”
The triplets sang melodiously.
Ephyra giggled when they ended the song.
“Happy Birthday Princess Ephyra” they chorused and bowed to her.
She couldn’t hide her happiness
“Thank you Friends” she clapped excitedly and hugged them.
Chantae pulled her gently to the dressing chair.
“Let’s get you ready for the celebration” Chantae said
“I will polish your tail” Calliope said with a huge smile on her lips.
“I am in charge of your accessories” Calista said
“And I will make you hair” Chantae added
“Now I’m feeling like a real princess” Ephyra said
“You’re a real Princess” Chantae replied
And they rolled into laughter
“Yeah I know” she said
“I’m so happy!” Calista screamed
“Wait a minute..did you girls feel anything? I mean when you turned 18,did you feel different in anyway?” Ephyra asked
“I didn’t feel different” Calista responded
“No” Calliope replied
“To be honest,it was like 16 or 17..couldn’t feel any difference” Chantae answered with a shrug
Calliope grabbed a soft brush to polish Ephyra’s tail. Chantae undid her braid and put a comb through her hair to straight it.
“I wondered what your wish would be overnight” Chantae said
“Yes.. Since you have everything” calliope added
“I don’t have everything” Ephyra replied
Chantae put her hair up,pulling and twisted it back in a sharp bun,holding it with a lot of bands and pins.
“Lemme guess -”
Chantae pulled back to display. She cleared her throat and began to say
“I am Princess Ephyra” she mimicked Ephyra
And they giggled
“That really sounded like me Chantae” Ephyra said
Chantae continued
“And this is my wish” she paused and drew in a deep breathe
“Oh Great Sea grant my wish today!” She chanted three times
“My wish is to marry Prince Aalton!” She finished
“What?!” Ephyra gasped with a deep frown on her face.
“Chantae why are you like this? You clearly know that Ephyra doesn’t love any of the Princes” Calliope said
“Yes I know and I was only pulling at her tail. I was joking, Forgive me My Princess” she apologized with a bow
“Apology accepted Friend” Ephyra replied with a half smile.
Calista mixed colors and moved to Ephyra’s face.
“Time for make up My Princess”
“Why don’t you like Any of the princes?” Calliope asked
“Nothing Calliope… I just don’t feel anything.. Like I’m in love” she replied
“Prince Aalton is nice and kind” Calliope said
“Yes I know..but I don’t love them”
“But the king wants you to pick one of them” calliope said soberly
“So who will you choose?” Ephyra gave a loud sigh
“Calliope I know you love Aalton. Calista I know you love Cas. And lastly Chantae I know you are in love with Fairfax”
They each gasped in Shock and surprise
“How do you know that?” Calista asked
“How did you find out I’m in love with Prince Fairfax?” Chantae asked too
“You girls can’t hide anything from me. Oh! It seems you don’t know I can read through your minds”
“Is that part of your powers as the special mermaid?” Calista asked
“I supposed so. But if you don’t believe me then say something in your mind and I will tell you” Ephyra said
“Me!” Calliope raised her hand
“Okay.. Say something to yourself”
Ephyra closed her eyes
“I wish to be A princess” Calliope said to herself.
“I wish to be a princess” Ephyra said to her
Her eyes widened
“Oh My Sea! I said that to myself!” She exclaimed
“I believe you” Calista said
“I really don’t want to get married” Ephyra said with a sad face after a long momentary pause.
“Talk to the King about it” Calista said
“Azizi promised to talk to him”
“My Princess please don’t tell the King about our love for the princes” Calliope pleaded
“ know Prince Fairfax is now engaged to Princess Nakendra” Chantae said
“Well I don’t know if Fairfax loves Nakendra” Ephyra answered with a shrug
“He loves her…did you not see the way he smiled at her at the bonding ceremony” Calista said
A soft knock sounded on the door
“It Azizi” Ephyra said
Chantae went to the door
“Is she is ready?” He asked
“Yes My Prince” She bowed
“Can I come in?”
“Yes My Prince” she opened the door wide for him to swim in.
“Morning Girls!” He greeted with a bright smile
“Morning Prince Azizi” They chorused
Calista and calliope bowed to him
“Happy Birthday Princess”
He kissed her cheeks
“Thank you Azizi”
The girls were almost leaving but Azizi stopped them
“You can Stay,I have something for you all”
Their faces brightened
“What is it? What do you have for all of us Brother?” Ephyra asked
“Can I invite someone in my princess?”
“Yes Brother”
He whistled and a Merman swims In with a treasure box in his hands
“Thank You Ekait(storm)” Azizi said before the merman exited the room.
He set down the box and ordered the girls to sit on the Sea – Moss bed.
“I,Prince Azizi,the Precious Treasure. I bring to you Great Treasures of Merillia Kingdom!” He bowed
And the girls giggled happily.
He brought out a Diamond Necklace.
“This is for you Mermaid Calista”
“Wow! Thank You Prince Azizi!”
He brought out a Diamond Ring and gave it to Chantae.
“Thank You Prince Azizi!”
She said happily
“And for you Mermaid Calliope”
He gave her a shiny Pearl
“You attached it to your tail. It not going to hurt cause it Magical.. Just say where you want it to be” He said
“On my Abdomen” she replied
Excitement in her tone
“I want it on my abdomen”
And then the Star pearl glowed brightly and it got attached to her abdomen.
“Wow!” They gasped
“It Magical!”
“Thank You Prince Azizi!”
“I should be the one thanking you girls for taking care of Ephyra”
“It a pleasure Prince Azizi” they bowed
He closed the box
“What about me?” Ephyra asked
“Nothing for the Birthday girl” he replied with a smirk
She frowned at him
“That’s unfair” she pouted
Azizi chuckled
“Close your eyes” he said
Ephyra raised her brows
“Do as I gift is going to blow your mind”
“I can’t wait -” she closed her eyes
He reopened the box
“Open your eyes Princess”
They gasped in shock when he brought out her gift
“Wow!” She screamed
It was a bracelet!
Ephyra had pestered Azizi to let her have the bracelet for years now but he declined saying that it wasn’t the right time for her to have such powerful bracelet in her possession.
She liked it because it had the color to the Sea.
An Aquamarine Neifion Bracelet. The same color of Ephyra’s eyes. She rushed towards him and hugged him tightly.
“Thank You Azizi” it was the best gift she received on her birthday.
“You made my day Azizi”
“Anything for you sister. Do you like it that Much?”
“Yes Azizi! Thank You!”
She kissed his cheeks and pulled back. Ephyra wore the bracelet on her right wrist and it glowed brightly. It automatically attached to her wrist. The light went off.
“I love it Azizi!”
Then she tried to remove it,to save it in her treasure box but it didn’t come off.
“What’s going on?” She asked
Azizi leaned in to help her but suddenly Ephyra eyes glowed and the bracelet did the same. Azizi staggered backward.
“Ephyra your eyes..”
Calista pointed
They were all surprised
“What is this bracelet?” Ephyra asked
It stopped glowing when she stopped trying to get it out of her wrist. And her eyes was normal too.
“The 5,000 years old bracelet had found it rightful owner”
The bracelet belonged to a Watergod named Neifion.
“But why did her eyes glowed?” Chantae asked
“I don’t know why it happened like that -” Azizi replied honestly
“Maybe because…it the same color of my eyes” Ephyra said
She waved it off
“Azizi did you talk to father?”
“What did he say?”
“I’m sorry Almeta.. Father didn’t change his mind. He said you have to choose between Prince Cas and Aalton in three days time”
Her smile dropped
“ I can’t -” she muttered unsteadily
“please don’t cry today Almeta” Azizi begged her
“I’m sorry..I have to go now”
He said
“Thank You Azizi” she said
“What are you going to do?” Chantae asked
“I have to push through with my plans” she answered
The girls exchanged glances
“What plans?”
She looked up at them
“Never mind” she added
She didn’t want to tell them about it.
“That’s the only way to stop my marriage to any of the princes. I will be free if I work according to plans. I won’t get married to Cas or Aalton. And nothing is going to stop me”
Ephyra thought deeply

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