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A wish. Episode 5

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My Fantasy ✍
A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 5
Theme: A Wish Come True
“Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you Harry
Happy Birthday to you”
The people present at Harry’s party sang for him. Paparazzi Flashing Pictures. Harry hated the fact that they were here. He didn’t want any of the Media Houses to know his place that was why he didn’t disclose it on one of his interviews on Tv.
But Now, his mom invited them without his consent.
“Thank You” he said
That was all he could say to them. He saw the prepared place to entertain the guests..somewhere far from his home.
He uttered a profanity.
Harry looked wonderful as he greeted some familiar faces in the crowd. He was dressed in a casual and comfortable dark fitted jeans and a garnet colored polo shirt that hugged his broad shoulders and sculpted chest.
“Excuse me Harry..” Eleanor called his attention
He turned to face her. She leaned in.
They stood face to face cause Eleanor was on a stiletto high heels.
“Happy Birthday Harry” she gave him a paper bag.
“Thank -”
She kept his words at bay with a kiss on his lips.
Harry gasped in shock. Isobel started the clap and others joined in…and paparazzi took pictures.
Harry was Annoyed. He didn’t respond to the kiss. And just when he tried to pull back,Eleanor slid her hands up the back of his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. Isobel was glad that Eleanor took the brave step to kiss Harry.
Harry never expected it. And he had never dreamt of kissing Eleanor.
Now everyone thinks they are dating!
It was just An Act!
He pulled back from her and stared at her.
Anger crashed over him.
“Thank you Harry” she said happily
The brightest smile found it way to her lip. She was happy that ..they shared a kiss!
Harry turned away from her and motioned towards his home.
The clapping stopped abruptly.
Eleanor followed him.
“Oh! please let’s move to the Venue -” Isobel pointed towards a direction.
“Thanks for coming!” Precious Added
And they led everyone to the place decorated to entertain the guests.
“Wait up Harry…”
Eleanor said
He stopped after he was sure nobody would see them.
And Eleanor nearly bumped into him.
Harry turned to face her.
“What is it?” He asked
Annoyance clear in his tone
“What’s wrong?..Harry, you left the party Without -”
“Why did you kiss me?” He asked
She leaned in closely
Harry stepped backward to avoid her touch
“Do you realize what you did you out there?!” He yelled
“Harry…I..love you and I wanted to tell everyone about us” she said
Initially she wanted to confess!
It was hard to tell his feelings – but since his mom assured her that Harry loves her so she figured Harry didn’t have the courage to confess his feelings.
“About us?” He snorted
“What’s between us Eleanor?..nothing.. We are not even in a relationship”
“Yes I know..but.. we are in love” His forehead creased
Eleanor was mistaken
“Love?” He chuckled
“Yes Harry”
“Eleanor I don’t believe in love”
“I want to prove to you that it does…love exist”
He shook his head slowly
“You think you love me..and you think I love you in return,that was why you kissed me right? And took away my first -” he stopped and swallowed hard
“First what?” She asked
“Never mind”
He started to walk away
He felt bile rose up in his throat
“Harry!” She called
“Leave! I want to be alone!” Harry unlocked his apartment and rushed to the bathroom. He poured the content in his mouth into the toilet. When he was done, he rinsed his face and brushed his teeth.
He could hardly believe Eleanor took away his first kiss..just like that!
And now pictures of them kissing would be everywhere soon!
He clenched his fists
“Damn it! I can’t take that as my first kiss…Never!”
He pointed to his reflection in the large mirror.
“It was a mistake! She kissed me but I couldn’t respond to her false kiss. It was An Act!..or a mistake?!.. A mistake! Aish!!”
He concluded with a grumble

The room was full of Spectators. Noblemen,Royal Families, Sea leaders, Travellers and Citizens of Merillia Kingdom.
They watched Maeve and her crew performing.
Maeve and her band entertained them with Music and Dance.
“I am a bold mermaid,
Singing under the Sea,
With a crown of gold on my head.
I would sing the whole day,
I would fill the Sea Halls with Voice of power,
And I would roam abroad and play,
With the Mermaids in and out of the rocks”
They all clapped when the performance ended.
Oceanus stood up from his throne and swims to the centre of the room.
“Noblemen and Citizens of Merillia Kingdom. Today is my daughter’s 18th Birthday. And we are all gathered here to celebrate our Princess of Great Merillia Kingdom! A special Mermaid is born with extraordinary powers granted by the Sea. She is Ephyra but My Queen, I and the rest of my family,we all call her Almeta. The Daughter of the Sea, one who praises the Sea with powerful Spell Songs one could hardly interprete. As you all know,every 18th birthday of any Mermaid/man in Merillia Kingdom, the celebrant is given a chance to make a Wish. I bring to you Princess Ephyra of Merillia Kingdom”
They clapped
Ephyra swims to the centre of the room. She hugged her father before he returned back to his throne.
“Thank You” she said
And it ended abruptly
“I am happy to see you all. My deepest gratitude for honoring my invitations. And I do like to sing a song before making my Wish”
She looked back at her father for permission.
And he said
“Go on Almeta”
“Thanks Father”
Her friends didn’t join her to sing. She wanted to connect to the Sea in the Strongest way. And only few would understand and be able to interpret the words in the Spell song even though she would sing in a general Language.
She began
“Oh Great Sea
A cheerful and mysterious deity
Nothing of him that doth fade
So rich and strange
I would kiss you often under the Sea
I would kiss you again under the hollow hung ocean green
soft are the moss bed under the Sea
We would live merrily.
Oh Great Sea
Today is my day
So grant my Wish
I am a fair mermaid
Singing alone Under the sea
In a golden curl
With a Starry Sea bud crown on my head
I would kiss you again if you grant my Wish
Oh Great Sea!”
She connected with the Sea.
Ephyra sensed it wasn’t happy with the Wish on her mind. Then she felt the shock of wave of power in the Sea.
“Why do you want to leave?”
She heard it clearly from the Sea as the wave grew higher.
They all felt the power radiating around the Sea. The air shimmered with the force of the Sea.
Then she began to sing to calm it.
“You are like a fountain of gold
Springing with a shrill inner sound
So Rich and Strange
Oh! What a cheerful deity!”
And it calmed
Ephyra reopened her eyes slowly. It was time to make her wish.
Today she was going to betray her own people and the entire MERWORLD. They would surely hate her for her wish. They would turn against her and say bad things about her. But she was ready to take it all as long as the Sea grants her Wish.
The Calmness of the Sea after the connection signifies that it would grant her Wish no matter the Sacrifice or atonement to reverse the spell.
The Merillia Sea saw her pains and agreed to her Wish.
“I,Princess Ephyra of Merillia Kingdom wants to make Wish which would surely be granted by the Sea” she paused
Ephyra turned and looked at her Father, Mother,16 brothers and their Wives,Cas and Aalton.
“I’m sorry Father and Mother… Please Forgive Me”
She said to herself and Bowed.
“My wish is to -” she stopped
She swallowed hard to get the important words pass the lump that formed in her throat.
“Say it Ephyra” Oceanus said
She nodded and closed her eyes and raised her hands up.
“Oh Great Sea grant my Wish”
She chanted three times
She was surprised at the tightness in her throat.
“My Wish is to…leave the MERWORLD and experience Human Life!”
They All gasped in shock
She felt someone shaking her and she opened her eyes.
Tethys was there.
“Are you okay Almeta?’
Tethys asked
She nodded
There was general commotion in the room
” silence!” Morrissey barked
And the room was silent.
“Are you serious about your wish?” Tethys asks
“Yes mother” Ephyra replied boldly
“Take it back” Tethys ordered
“No Mother”
Fury crashed over Tethys as she raised her hand
“I said it back!” She slapped Ephyra
“No..I’m not taking it back! that’s my wish! I want to leave this world!”
They murmured with disappointment on their faces.
“You and Father want to marry me off quickly to someone I don’t love! And you both know that it not a tradition or custom that every special mermaid should get married at 18!. You just wanted to go in line with history without caring about my emotion! And for that -”
She paused
Everyone was confused
They were shocked by her wish.
And now surprised by her outburst to the Queen.
No one talks back at the Queen!
“I want to become Human and be Free” She completed
Anger,Pain,disappointment was boldly on their expressions.
They all stood to leave with Hatreds in their Heart.
They could hardly believe the Special Mermaid could make such a wish.
Ephyra saw the tears in her mother’s eyes.
“Oceanus I have to return back to my kingdom” Bhupendra said
“Likewise” Samudra added
“No Father” Cas objected
“I’m not leaving -”
His father went to him
“There’s no point in staying, the Princess doesn’t love you”
Cas looked at Ephyra
“Is that true? Or you only used that as an excuse to leave our world?” He asked
She bowed
“Forgive me Prince Cas. I don’t love you or Prince Aalton”
He chuckled
A tear slid down his cheek
“I’m sorry Friends,I hope this won’t cause a war between us” Oceanus said
“No” Samudra replied
“Don’t Worry Friend” Bhupendra Said
“I promise to make it up to you” Oceanus said
And they nodded
“Okay..good luck in the Human world” Cas said
“That’s if she’s going to leave our World” Aalton added angrily
And they all exited the room.
“I am so disappointed in you!” Oceanus yelled
“Why did you make such a wish in the presence of everyone!” Tethys screamed
“Calm down Mother” Azizi said
Ephyra sat on her bed with her gaze fixed on her tail.
“Will it come to pass Kenan?”
“yes My Queen”
“Is there anyway to reverse or stop it for a while -” Oceanus Asked
“Yes My lord”
“Please what do we do?”
“My lord I will leave to prepare a concoction”
“How long will it take?”
“Not too long My lord. I will be back before night falls”
Kenan replied
“Please leave Kenan”
He bowed and exited the room
“You’ve brought shame to my kingdom!”
“No father..its not my fault. Azizi pleaded with you on my behalf to cancel my marriage. I don’t want to get married but you insisted -”
“Keep quiet Almeta” Azizi silenced her
“Murphy(11th prince Sea Warrior) and Murron (12th Prince Guardian of the Sea) please get me the binding too Now!” Morrissey ordered
“And what does that have to do with the issue on ground?” Oceanus asked
“I’m going to tie her up with the magical rope and tape her mouth to stop her from casting a spell that would make her leave our world”
He explained
“Yes Father and with her mouth sealed and hands tied she won’t be able to do anything” Azizi added
Ephyra sobbed quietly
“I want to be alone”
“You better keep quiet or else I will be forced to hit you!” Oceanus threatened
“Murphy and Murron returned back after some minutes.
She struggled with Azizi and Morrissey.
“Let me go!”
Morrissey placed the tape on her mouth while Azizi tied her wrist.
Morrissey ordered Colbert (6th Prince Seaman” to tighten the tools with his powers. And he did
They all filed out of her room except Fairfax.
“My wish is to leave the MERWORLD and experience human life” He mimicked her.
“Now let’s see how you are going to leave our beautiful world dear little sister” He laughed
“The dear one betrayed her parents. You betrayed the entire MERWORLD! Bringing disgrace to our names! What else do you want? Nothing Almeta cause you have everything. Superpowers,title, pearls, beautiful possessions and precious treasures..Name it! You are such an Ingrate! And you are selfish Ephyra!… Listen to me you are going no where. You would be tied up forever because it the consequence for staining our great names and making such a stupid wish!”
He stormed out of the room.
Ephyra sobbed at the thought of not seeing the human world again.
Hours clicked by until night Falls under the Sea.
Kenan came in with Azizi,Morrissey and Colbert behind him.
Colbert undid the binding tools.
And Ephyra closed her mouth tightly to avoid drinking Kenan’s concoction.
The three Princes pinned her down while Kenan poured the content in her mouth. Morrissey beat her into swallowing it while Colbert blocked her nostrils. And she was left with no option but to open her mouth to swallow the concoction.
“I hope it’s not going to hurt her” Azizi asked
“No the concoction will weaken her powers which might back up the spell and Wish”
They exited the room
And the tears flowed again. But she couldn’t stop them.


Ephyra was weak! She had refused to eat and the concoction Kenan gave her had affected her.
Her entire world was upside down. She couldn’t cast a spell to free herself. And she felt like her body was shutting down rapidly. Her eyes closed slightly but she blinked severally.
No! She didn’t want to die!
Then she began to sing the song she sang on her birthday in her mind.
She pleaded with the Sea to grant her Wish.
At the same hour she had said the wish seven days ago. Suddenly her tail became translucent. She felt the emptiness and her eyes opened.
Her eyes widened when she was her body was different.
It was more Transparent!
She couldn’t make out what was happening to her. She wanted to scream for help but her mouth was sealed.
Minutes clicked by and then Oceanus, Tethys,Morrissey, Colbert and Azizi came into her room.
Their jaws dropped when they saw Ephyra.
She was translucent.
Tethys rushed to her but she couldn’t feel Ephyra.
“Almeta can you hear me?”
She nodded
Colbert went to her and unbind the tools
“What did you do to yourself?” Oceanus yelled
She opened her mouth to speak but her voice failed her.
She was confused
“Get Kenan!” Oceanus ordered
Colbert rushed out of the room
“How did you become like this?” Tethys asked
Ephyra nodded again
They were stunned at her appearance.
“Don’t leave me Almeta, I’m so sorry for hitting you. And I promise you that you won’t get married to someone you don’t love. Please take back your Wish” Tethys pleaded
“Mother relax..Almeta -”
“Please stay with me” Tethys sobbed
“What’s happening to me?” Ephyra asked herself since they couldn’t hear her. She touched her mother’s cheeks to wipe her tears but she couldn’t feel anything.
She was Transparent!
Kenan jaw dropped completely when his gaze fell on her.
He was stunned!
All his years as a Sea wizard he had never seen a transparent Mermaid.
“Kenan do something!” Oceans ordered
Kenan tried several spells to revive Ephyra but nothing worked.
Then he realized Ephyra was leaving the MERWORLD.
“What’s going on?”
“My Lord I’m confused”
“Yes..but it seems the Sea has finally granted the Princess Wish”
Tethys cried out
Now Ephyra couldn’t make out what Kenan was saying to her family
“But..you gave her concoction”
Their words fading in Ephyra’s ears.
“Yes My Queen the concoction was to weaken her so she could stay a bit longer. That was why she lasted seven days”
“What?!…So are you saying Almeta is going to the Human World?!” Morrissey Snarled
“Forgive Me My Prince”
“No..no..no” Tethys said unsteadily when she noticed Ephyra’s disappearance from her Tail.
“Please don’t leave me Almeta”
Tethys couldn’t stop her
They watched as Ephyra disappeared to the Unknown World leaving just her Sea-bud crown behind on her bed.
“No!!” Tethys Screamed
Morrissey held her tightly
They were heartbroken!
“Kenan bring Almeta back” Tethys said shakily
“she’s a little child. Almeta can’t survive in that world..that wicked Human World” Oceanus said
“Please bring my child back Kenan” she pleaded tearfully
“I’m sorry my Queen…there’s nothing I can do to bring her back. All we have to do is give her our blessings and ask the Sea to protect her in that world”
Tethys Fainted
“Mother! Wake up!”
And she was rushed to her Chambers.
Ephyra was Gone! The special Mermaid left her world to experience Human Life.
Now she left her world!
Will Ephyra survive in the Human World? ????
Hmm imagine travelling to a place where you don’t know anyone? No clothes,no shelter or food and those basic things you need to survive????
What would you do?
Lemme know Via comment section
Author ADEMIDE✍????

A wish. Episode 6
A wish. Episode 4

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