June 11, 2021

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Adventure of a bad pastor’s son. Part 2

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Adventure Of A Bad's Pastor's Son. Part 3
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 1

yeah! something interesting happened.
By this time, we were seat partners. one of the days, while she was going into her seat, she stopped in front of me to take something from the back seat and leaned closer bringing her oranges very close to my face. Her two upper buttons were open as usual and i could see the flehy upper part of her b.oo.bs. I was over twmpted to start sU-Cking right there and then but had to restrain myself since we were in school.
She bent low a little again and this time her brown nip.ple was clearly in sight. By now my d.i.c.k was as hard as olumo rock. I took my face closer and brushed my mouth over the fleshy exposed part of her bo.o.bies. My brother below wasnt helping matters as he threatened to tear my slim-fitted trouser. I tried to hide it but it was like mount zion that cannot be hidden or shaken.
she sat down and my bros started bowing its head when she started a conversation that made it salute again
stella: whats that? pointing at my d!ckson
Me: na you cause am now when you carry fresh orange put for my front dey make me salivate, how my broda no go respond.(i didnt even realise i said that! shyness no go gree me on a normal day)
Stella: ehe! na God handwork nau. You sef dey carry mouth come near as if u go sU-Ck if i give you.
Me: (with a serious face)carry come first nau
conversation continues*
Stella: like say shy shy no go finish you…
Me: try me(with an evil grin)
Stella: okay then, after accompany me home lemme see what you’re made of.
Me: you’ll see nau.(in my mind: shebi na Bleep you want? no wahala… i’m ever ready like a red crosser).
After school, i told my friend ‘Frank’ about it and he told me ‘shebi i tell you say that girl na crazy girl?’ sha easy ooo… you know say you be learner…
I was truely a learner it was my first time.
Frank also gave me 3condoms and an alcoholic gin, said it would enhance performance and make me high so i wont be shy at all.
I accompanied her home and as soon as we got to her house, she gave me a bottle of soft drink and said she wanna go take her bath. As she went inside, i mixed the whole bottle of gin with the soft drink and drank all. I immediately started seeing stars and it was like the earth was revolving faster than normal.
Stella came in minutes later and sat on my lap facing me… Show tym
As she sat on my lap, i realised her behind was so soft. My JT immediately started responding to the load it was carrying. She started by telling me how long she’s been waiting to tell me she loves me and that she can’t hide her feeling from me anymore. She also asked if i had similar feelings for her. I said yes who will not say yes? when you no wan spoil show for yourself nau!

She pecked me on my lips and immediately she removed her mouth from mine, i dragged her closer for a full wet kiss.
While we kissed, my right hand located her oranges and i pulled down the towel she had on, exposing one of the oranges. I withdrew my lips and placed on her b.oo.bies and sU-Cked like i was sU-Cking orange. sU-Cking and squeezing at the same time. My sharp left hand located her thighs under the towel and I started rubbing. I moved upper until i reached the treasure box which was already dripping with juice. i put in one finger, then two and was finger-fvcking her kitty-cat.
I kept sU-Cking and working her kitty with my hands for like 10mins, while she was m0an!ng and squeezing and spreading her legs at intervals.
We both got tired of this position and stood up. She took of the towel and i saw how beautiful she was Unclad. I did the same to my uniform with quick and hurried steps, not wanting anything to interupt the good moment i was having. She lied on the couch and my already hard J.T only got harder.
I had seen Unclad ladies while watching indecency before but never hav i seen one live, calling for me to come into the well shaved treasure island.
My heart started beating immediately as thoughts like ‘what you’re doing is wrong, should i go for it? But you’re a pastor’s son, God would be angry with you ooo…, remember all the preching you’ve heard about pre-marital intimacy
My mind couldn’t think straight again. I was so confused on what to do. I was still standing there when i heard stella’s voice.

Adventure Of A Bad's Pastor's Son. Part 3
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 1

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