August 4, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad’s Pastor’s Son. Part 3

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What are you standing there doing. Don’t tell me you’re shy. Abi you neva f.v.c.k before ni? don’t you know what to do?’
that was the most inspiring words I’ve ever heard till date, as my D.i.k immediately told me ‘Victor, do the needful asap’.
My mind was made up. I’ll bleep dis kitty today, thats the reason i came here afterall.
I headed for the honeypot with my soldier in my hand, READY FOR WAR.
I headed for the arena holding my weapon in my hands. I could see the crowd cheering me to victory.
By now, i was so tensed that i forgot to wear the condom Frank gave me. I went into the honey pot smothly with no obstruction *her was loose and free and dripping wet. I slid in and out smoothly. The pleasure was heavenly. We did missinary for like 5minutes slowly and then switched to cowgirl for another 10mins. I was about exploding and i told her…
Immediately i told her i wanted to explode, she climbed down my and took it in her mouth and to my suprise she swallowed all my com and licked me dry like a IndecentStar. She suggested we took our bath and we got into the bathroom, turned on the shower and before i knew it she was giving me a bad B.J.

I reciprocated the action with a good mouth action on her kitty.
We had another round in the bathroom and i told her i was about exploding again and then
we heard a knock on the door…
i was so angry as she withdrew from me, wrapped her towel and went to check the door.
I was left with no option than to jack off.
She came back like a minute later and said it was her sister. My J.T was already flaccid but seeing Stella unclad brought it back to life.
We took our bath and went to her room and had another sweet round of s..x before we dose off in each other’s arms.
I woke up later and went to the sitting room with just my boxer and singlet on.

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Adventure Of a bad pastor's son. Part 4
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