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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 11

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Chapter ????11❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)



Danny walked out of the setting where he was shooting he saw Sandra and king sitting in front of his car Sandra handed him a bottle water

” lets go home
” thought you wanted to thank celine
” am tired you guys can meet the girl just relay my thanks
” why?
‘ I just Said am tired secondly I don’t think that kind of environment will suite my health
” you are not just tired Danny I think it’s your pride stepping in
” call it whatever i am going home with my car you both might as well trek since u left ur car at the hotel
Danny entered the car and drove off

” someone would have thought Danny has changed
” lets go I realy want to see this girl
They took a cab and drove away soon they got to Celines house
Both of them walked into the compound
Celine was already inside the room her mum sat outside

” good afternoon ma
” oo Celines friend you are welcome
” thanks ma this is my friend
” good afternoon ma
‘ you are welcome lemme call Celine

She walked into the house and called Celine, she rushed out with no glasses

” good afternoon
” Celine how are you”, Sandra said
” am fine .
” I have heard so much about you dear”, mr king said

Celine ( smiles ) she looked out the gate as though she expected for someone

” Danny didnt come
” ooh
” he sent us to come and thank you he is realy busy with work
” you didnt have to, i just did what’s right
” but he is realy very grateful to you Celine for what you did

” no problem am realy good at finding stuffs from that water anywAy she smilled
” we just came to show our gratitude my dear
” you are welcome
” we would be leaving
Celine walked them out she suddenly felt bad while returning home, she wondered why She wanted to see Danny

Mr king and Sandra trekked forward
” that girl is very beautiful oooh my God
” yes She is
” I mean her skin is so radiant her figure is killing and her natural hair is just very perfect I think I just found Salvador a perfect model for his new creams commercial
” I thought jeniffer or miranda was gonna do it

” you don’t understand this girl is perfect I mean she is poor still her skin is this great so if she now applies the cream for like two months before the showcase can you imagine what she would look like

” a mermaid
” a goddess
” I don’t think Celine would agree
” yea that’s the problem

Gretel just oppened her eyes Mr and Mrs hoffman where so glad they both hugged her
” gretel how do you feel
” I feel weak what happened
” it doesn’t matter you are all right now
” am sorry dear for locking you in
” am sorry too dad
” you will be fine


simeon drove to the hospital to see Gretel when he got to the hospital the press rushed over to him


SIMEON embraced the microphone as he spoke
I will gladly like to clear the air Gretel Hoffman is not my girlfriend or lover she is just my classmate there was a situation in which Gretel was soiled on a rainy day her driver went to take care of his dying son so i saved Gretel from the rain she changed in my house to avoid catching a cold and she went home I will still provide visible proves to back up what I just stated


” gretel hoffman is not girl friend rather Anna James is my girlfriend thank you”.

” thank you.

He walked into the hospital just then Gretel was coming out with her parents

” good day sir, ma
” how are you ?”, mrs Hoffman asked
” isn’t that the boy from the scandal”, mr Hoffman asked
” honey lets wait in the car”, mrs Hoffman said
And they both walked out

“hey”, simeon said
” hy ,how are you.
” am sorry I didn’t take the news serious at first I would have cleared the air before it resulted to this.
” its ok am realy glad you came.
Both of them walked out of the hospital Gretel joined her parents while simeon drove home


Celine sat beside her mother

” mummy what did you say aunty Brigitta said”, Celine asked

” Celine you realy want to better your life right?

” yes ma but I won’t kill you and dad if you can’t afford it.
” I don’t see us affording it my dear that’s why I think we should follow Brigittas idea”.
” ma, what did she say?.

“she can get you work as a house help with good accommodation and in a very rich family she already said she has been in charge of providing them with good house helps and the pay is high she Blvd that with her connection and your good behaviour you might be sent to school because the family owns a private university…

” wow this is good and even if they don’t send me I can save up after a year and start something
” you are right dear I already spoke to your father so the decision is left for you Brigitta will be traveling soon so decide fast so you can follow her.

” ma, I don’t want to leave you
” do you want to suffer like me and end up like me ?,you need to work hard so we can raise our standard of living

” I will think about it.
” ok my dear.
Celine stood up and walked out she walked into the bed room

Danny’s suite
In the front yard of Danny’s suite Danny sat separately from Sandra and king who gisted themselves

” so you guys won’t tell me how the visit was
” you didn’t ask, anyways we need to give some material present to that girl i would have given her money but she might see it as an insult
” all right , you are right

” secondly she helped you clear your name now people believe you are as humble as anything

” Danny Celine is a God sent to you in a way

” ok I have heard, you guys would take a present there tomorow

” I have a date tommorrow
” I need to make my hair am occupied
” you guys are doing this on purpose you just want to stress me
” we would love to help you but we are busy secondly what’s too hard for Danny Hoffman to do
” fine I will do it myself, my shoot is ending tommorow so I will be traveling back soon I don’t know for you guys.
” you don’t know for us, do we live here?
” whatever,

” that reminds me I forgot to tell you that I am one of perfect whites consultant for the beauty hunt

” great so pick Jennifer

” Jennifer didn’t apply but I want Celine if Celine gives me her hands I will take her to the moon

” that’s what you told me but am still here , but…. which celine are you talking about the commoner and troublesome girl
” exactly
” without a doubt she Is beautiful but judging from her dress sense she won’t do it
” their advert is just to open I mean the model is totally naked
” what did you see the water covers her body
” what about the camera man, make up artist and editor even the manager they see everything

” you are so encouraging Sandra

” am saying the truth someone like Celine can’t do it she is too decent for it

” someone like Celine, someone like Celine is she virgin Mary or doesn’t anyone see her nakedness am sure some guy out there is already tired of seeing her nakedness, or is she a virgin again ..”, mr king added.

” its not true pls..
” this village girls who are beautiful are the worst oooh you can use pure water to sleep with them
” stop prying into somebody’s private life you guys are really getting jobless nowadays am out of here “, danny said

He stood up and walked into his room

Gretel was with her parents in the sitting room when keila called

” turn on your tv gret.
” ok

She picked the remote
And dropped the call she clicked on the live show going on at simeons house

The speaker turned to the audience
simeon here promised us some evidence to back up his claims about the scandal
That’s what this life show is all about as all the parties involved in this scandal are present so sit tight and don’t touch that dial

First lets have a word with the head Maid

Mr Hoffman was realy impressed with what simeon did

” Gretel your friend is doing everything he can to clear your name he is a good one “.

Gretel smilled.


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