August 3, 2021

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Celine and hoffman Chapter 9

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Chapter ????9❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Mr Hoffman walked angrily into the parlour where his wife sat

” welcome honey, would have called you but my phone has been hanging all day just sent for a new one, how was your day did you secure the contract

” i lost this contract worth millions, millions

” no problem your construction industry is still in charge of so many federal constructions loosing one is not a big deal, but I thought you already had this covered .

” Mr Isaac has been doing everything possible to be awarded the contract now Gretel has helped him push me Down haven’t you seen the news Mr president called me and told me to leave the contract to Isaac since I would be too busy training my child and managing my home imagine that

” I don’t understand our home is under control
” but your daughter is not
He handed over his phone to her with the pictures

” I can’t believe this what if this picture was photoshopped or anything
” I hope so for your daughters sake

He called one of the maids who went upstairs to Gretels room and knocked

” who is it
She opens the door
” good evening
” you knocked wrongly you should only knock once and wait do you know how much It took me to redesign this door to my taste?!!, infact you shouldnt touch my door with your bare hands anymore and inform other maids too am the only one allowed to touch my door you guys might get me infected.
” how do we call you ma, should we Use the bell
” you would infect that too listen carefully when you get to the door you say” I need your presence beautiful Gretel”, repeat

“I need your presence Gretel “.
‘ am I ugly ?

“whatever y are you here
” your dad is calling you
“why are you so daft why didn’t you tell me since

She rushed downstairs she saw her father’s face and knew it would be a scary night

“yes dad
“gretel, can you explain this
“finally you saw it
” its nothing dad
“so it is photoshopped
” well ,not fully
” where you in this guys house at this time?
“well yes, but…
” are you the one tying the towel?
” well ,yes but?
“but what you just cost me a federal appointment”
“let me explain dad its not what you think.
“you are grounded for a week”.
“you can’t do that I have classes tomorow”.
“I forgot you now tell me what to do”.
” whatever .

she tries walking up to her room

” you want me to ground you in your room so you can start playing music for me.
” what!!!!!.

” come with me
He drags Gretel into the compound and went down to the
6th building in the big estate Mrs hoffman followed him
he unlocked the door and pushed Gretel inside

” but no one is here dad
” good so u have enough time to think about your life the maids would bring your food
“honey you can’t lock Gretel here this place is too lonely
“its time we started training this girl
Gretel dragged her mothers hand

” mum please I can’t stay here”, she starts crying

Mr Hoffman pushed her inside and locked the door Gretel still called out to her mother from the window when the couple got inside Mrs hoffman was so furious but she knew her husband had a dangerous temper

“I know you are angry but you can’t make rash decisions in anger
“I need a shower
“how can you shower when you locked Gretel into a big duplex where no one has been in for years and she is not even with her phone or laptop

” I am trying to train that girl
” what did she do even if the picture was real and so what? isn’t she a teenager can’t she have a boyfriend didn’t I have a boyfriend didn’t you have a girlfriend you didn’t even let her explain herself what kind of a father are you
” ciara you will mind how you talk to me i am still in charge and my word is law

” I know the man I married you are not mad about Gretels immorality you are just angry that you lost the contract to someone your pride has realy gotten the best of you

” I am here trying to train that little child of yours how can a 17 year old girl create a sex scandal

” its not a sex scandal its a picture of her and her friend and I find nothing wrong

” gretel will sleep there and that’s final

” I respect all your policies I avoid the press because you think i might say the wrong stuff, I still stay home and maintain the position of a house wife with all my certificates you don’t involve me in your financial decisions you always place you business first I don’t complain but if you think I will keep quiet and watch my daughter sufer you must be kidding

” ok you are free to open the door
He walked into the compound and dropped the key into the swimming pool

” I have a spare key when I realize that Gretel has learnt her lesson I will open the door. I will still ensure that she is fed very well and that’s final

He walked upstairs into his room Mrs hoffman ran over to the house where she called Gretel from the window and Gretel oppened the lowest window where she saw her mom standing her mother took her hands

” mum you don’t understand am scared I can’t stay here the lights are shaking

” am sorry Gretel maybe your mom can’t do anything anymore she starts crying
” mum I didn’t do anything wrong I promise
” I know, and i trust you becsuse i love you
” thanks mum
” so What’s his NAme ?

” (smilling ) simeon?.
” he’s realy cute isn’t he.
” no he’s not I don’t think so .

They both laugh
Hours later

” mum you have to go its getting late you might get hurt

‘I want to stay with you till morning.

” no mum pls go I don’t want you to stay here.

“ok dear I love you I promise to let you out tommorow even If its the last thing I do “.

“I love you “.

Mrs hoffman walked a few miles till she got to their main house

Just then the lights shaked again Gretel got more scared she tried pushing the door but it didn’t work she sat back on the floor her body was shaking

Mrs hoffman couldn’t sleep She lay in the couch

Gretel was still awake when suddenly the lights went off she became more scared the building looked bigger and darker

Gretels mind couldn’t handle the terror Gretel instantly fainted

Early in the morning Mr hoffman had already gone to work without even eating

Mrs hoffman was just waking up she went to his room but he wasn’t there she ran to the 6th building and called Gretel but no one answerred she believed gretel was sleeping she came to the house and called one of the maids to send breakfast to gretel
The Maid placed the food on the table close to the window she believed Gretel would wake up and eat

She returned to the main mansion

Mrs hoffman placed a call to her husband

” I am very busy right now
” where is the key
” I would release Gretel when I get home she has learnt her lesson
he cuts the call

Light opens in keilas house as she rushed into the living room wearing a blue Jean white top and a white canvas her mum was sitting there watching t. V

” keila where are you going to
” mum , ave not heard from gretel so l want to visit her
” I don’t want you around that girl anymore evil communication corrupts good manners

” gretel is not corrupt what are you saying mom

” she’s not corrupt yet she creates a sex scandal

” you are realy getting old mum its not a sex scandal

” you need to concentrate on your ballet practice finals Is coming up I don’t know why you are still close with Gretel she is your biggest competition

” gretel is not competing mom soooo am going to visit my best friend have fun

” greet Mrs hoffman for me

“I will mom.

She ran into the compound where she took her car and drove directly to Gretels house when she got into the parlour she saw Mrs hoffman who sat uncomfortably on the the chair

” hy mrs hoffman

She tries running upstairs

” she’s not there k
” did she go out cos we don’t have classes today but we have practice
“gretel was grounded yesterday night
” if she was not locked up in her room where is she
” In the other building the 6th one

” no you didn’t
She rushes out of the parlour Mrs hoffman rushes after her

” why do you look so scared
” gretel hates being alone in the dark not to talk of being alone in such a big house, the last time we locked her up in the locker room she had a break down

” what !!!!!”, mrs hoffman shouted


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