July 28, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 59

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???? He and her V????

Episode 59

(Would you marry me)

Kimberly’s POV

I sat inside the room that Tucker told me to stay , I didn’t feel any verve to go and see him since his sister loathes me so much that she never wants to see me.

If I were in her shoe , I will probably had done more than that.

The door to my room open and I was first pissed that someone could just enter my room without knocking but when I realized it was Tucker…I just felt neutral.

I was neither angry nor calm.
“Camila!” He called my name and it sounds sweet in his mouth.

“Hi” I greeted him like a stranger

“Guess what?” He asked coldly

“Hard at guessing…what’s it?” I asked seriously.

“Well,sister agreed now for the both of us to come together ” He said and my face just brightened , my cheek shakes in excitement and my head was finding it hard to believe what he just said.

“Are you for real?”

“Yeah” He said and walked closer to me.

Before he could get to where I sat , I stood and jumped to hug him. He received the hug and I can’t just stop crying.

I’m so happy that Tucker and I will be coming together

“I need to thank¬† Mira ” I said

“Not yet,she’s kinda going through some emotional stress…She will be fine soon and attend to you herself ” Tucker replied and I sunk back to the bed happily.

For the first time after many years , an unknown happiness flows from my belly and spread across my body.

I’m just so happy.

“Camila ,give me a second ” Tucker said and walked out

Before he could fade out of sight, I shouted

“Who is Mr. Walter?”

He refused to reply.

Well,he’s coming back…I must find out the mystery behind whom Mr. Walter is

My phone rang immediately and it’s Mr Walter.

“We need to see , Camila ” He said

“Why? Where?” I asked

“Same place , 5PM”

“I do not think I will be able to make it , please ” I said

Just then Tucker entered

“Who is that? ” He asked but I quickly signalled to him that someone is speaking to me on a serous matter

He stood before me watching me

“Hello…hello… ” I said but I wasn’t hearing anything again.

I do not really have much time to think about all this puzzle of who Mr. Walter is and how Tucker gets to find out whom Mr. Walter is

Right now , I just want to enjoy the moment.

I watched Tucker as he knelt before me , he unsealed a box and I was stunned to the gU-t when he presented the ring inside to me.

“Camila, ” He called my name seductively and softly.
“Would you marry me?”

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