August 3, 2021

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He Bought Me. Episode 6

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???? He bought me????

Episode 6

(Surrounded my head )

  ^ Jessica^

I finally opened my eye and looked into his handsome face…soft and beautiful as always. I felt like grabbing it forcefully and planting a romantic kiss on it.

“I stood up and he just kept looking at me without expressing any emotions.

” did you try to shoot yourself?” He asked.

My days! He forgot he said I mustn’t speak again.

He walked inside when he probably realized the rules he set for me and I followed.

“I was almost dead there , those gangs betrayed me and wants to kill me to have the money….henceforth, I will stop going to deliver the stuff myself, you will now do?”

I wonder what the stuff is ,though. I wish I can ask but his order sealed my mouth.

But really, what would become of me if I dare to disobey his rules. Will he perhaps shoot me?

I will dare him on the day he is not having a gun with him…hey…why didn’t he shoot my legs the other time?

“Are you here?” He asked when he realized that I was lost in thought and truth, I was really lost in thought.

I can never stop fantasizing about how beautiful he is.

“I have a plan of visiting two gangs today to deliver stuffs but the attack from the first gang  devastated me already. Now…take this and deliver it to this address ” He said and handed over a stuff inside a whitish nylon to me.

I received the leaflet in which the address was and I nodded.

“Make sure you do the job perfectly?” He said and I nodded and was almost walking out when he called me back.

“Where is your gun?”

I showed   him where I kept my gun in my body and he nodded.

I ran to his car , handled the wheel after many years of my parents departure and drove to the address.

On getting there , I stepped down and seven men gathered around sniffing some dark things that I can’t really place what it is.

Everywhere was smelling toxic and I loathed the atmosphere.

“I was asked to deliver this stuff to you and receive the money in return “

Two of the men chuckled. One of them came towards me and thought he could bully me. I noticed his hand was about entering where my chest is located.

I gave him an upper cut blow that sent him knocking to the floor. the other men were surprised at first but giggled at how I was quick to defend myself.

“Come and have your money ” One of the men said and I walked to their mist and picked the money.

By then , I had dropped the stuff for them but I suddenly realized that the money is fake.

“It’s fake ” I said and before I knew what was happening , they had hurriedly surrounded my head with guns

Drop your comment friends , did you think Jessica will survive this?

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