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Kiss. Episode 4

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Kisses. Chapter 5
Kiss. Chapter 3

. ????????KISS ????????

. ???? ON GOD ????

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???? CHAPTER 4????
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???? ROSE POV ????
What the heck is she talking about

She want me to give her Cheng so i can finally be the best artist in the world

But Cheng

Will I just give Cheng to her just like that

But Cheng really helped my social life

And again if I finally beat jenny I can become the best artist in the school which will make me even more popular than I already am

‘give me time to think about this?’ I said

‘what there to think about?…. You u have to say yes, wasn’t it your dream to finally beat me at something’ she said

‘yea you very right it my dream but give me some time to think about my dream ‘ I said

‘okay then you have less than 24 hours, come back to me tomorrow with your answer and am very sure you smart enough to make the right decision’ she said as she tapped my left shoulder and walked out of the toilet

‘damn her….’

???? CHENG POV????
‘so you are the new hottest and coolest guy in school’ Randy said

‘hot and cool, how can I be hot and cool at the same time’ I said

‘yea just forget about that, you can have any girl in school but you are not allowed to have one girl’ skizzy said

‘I am only interested in my rose’ i said in a coldly

Am always cold when am around other people but rose am never cold around her

I am always happy whenever am with rose ????

‘you call her my rose’ skizzy said

‘yes’ I answered

‘waw someone is super possesive’ Randy said as they both laughed

Where is my rose

Am getting tired of this guys

‘you see that girl Mandy’ they said pointing at a pretty girl with glasses

‘skizzy and I have had a crush on her for years’ Randy said

‘so you both like the Same girl’ I said

‘yes we do’ they said

‘I see why you guys are the school idiots’ I said

‘wait nobody calls us that’ they both said

‘trust me when I say everybody calls you that children’ i said

‘children?…… we are your age’ Randy said and I smirked

‘forget about that, do you think you can maybe talk to her for us… Please’ Randy said

I looked at the girl they have a crush on an d she was looking at me blushing while talking to her friends who were also doing the same thing she was doing

‘please man just do it’ skizzy said

I walked towards the Mandy girl

‘come on be cool he is coming here’ Mandy said to her friends who pulled their skirts up and adjusted their blouse ????

‘hello, am Cheng’ I said

‘hi am Mandy’ she said blushing

‘am sunny’ another girl said

‘and am rainbow’ anotger girl said while twisting her hair in her fingers

‘yea that good … Ummm Mandy can I talk to you’ I asked

‘yes sure….You can tell me anything dear don’t be shy ‘ she said blushing while other girls looked sad Cause am interested in talking to Mandy and not them

‘see those two guys over there, what their name again skizzy and Randy.
. They like you a lot’ I said and her facial expressions suddenly changed

She looked at skizzy and Randy who were smiling at like an idiot… She was really disgusted and I can say she feels like throwing up

‘so you don’t like me but they do’ she said pointing at the guys behind me

‘yes they do’ i said

‘gross… I want you’ she said

‘nooooooo I don’t want you… They want you’ I said

‘they are gross you the hottest guy have seen so i want you just take me would ya’ Mandy said

‘what’ I said

‘oh calm down Miss desperate, he is taken so walk away’ rose said holding my hand as she appeared out of nowhere

???? ROSE POV ????

‘urghhhh…….whatevee ‘ Mandy said as she walked away

I know how she must feel

A cute guy walking towards you thinking he wants to ask you out not knowing he actually wants to you ask you out on behalf of his ugly friend

That can be so annoying

I glared at skizzy and Randy and they flinched as I walked towards them

‘I trusted you guys with one thing but you failed me now I will end you’ I said as I walked towards skizzy and Randy

‘please rose forgive us… We will not fail you again… And beside we only told him to talk to them for us, we didn’t mean to get him in any kind of trouble’ They pleaded

‘rose flower’ Tyson said as he walked towards me with his boys

Tyson and his boys are the worst

They are big time bullies and also they enjoy harassing girls

‘what do you want Tyson’ i said glaring at him

‘oh don’t give me that look baby girl… I just came to say hi’ he said as he raised his hand to hit my butt like he loves doing to Other girls

Cheng held his wrist in mid air before he could

‘awwwww’ Tyson screamed out in pain as Cheng stares at him coldly still holding his wrist

He slowly went down on his knees in pain before Cheng let go of his wrist and walked away with me

Men he is Damn strong

No one has ever done that to Tyson

Now i can continue bugging boys

I know I have cheng to protect me now ????

After school activity I went back home with Cheng

I have to introduce him as my boyfriend to my parents

‘Mum, dad, jimin’ I said as they all focused on Me including the maid

‘meet my boyfriend, Cheng’ I said

‘your what’they all said with a look 9f disbelief

‘ tell me why will a guy like this want you ‘jimin said

‘ oh shut ur mouth before I shut it for you ‘I said as he stuck out his tongue to mock me

‘ actually am Cheng and rose is my girlfriend ‘he said

‘ waw… This is mind blowing ‘my mum said as she walked towards Cheng’ he is extremely handsome ‘she said while pulling his cheeks softly

‘ waw she is so pretty ‘Cheng said pulling her cheek back

‘ Cheng please don’t do that’ I whispered to him as he let go of her cheek

‘waw great sense of humour’ my mum said

He wasn’t trying to be funny though

’em mum if you can excuse us Cheng and I have a project to work on so we will go to my room now’ I said

‘yea sure bye’ she said

My mum definitely likes Cheng

Who wouldn’t anyway

‘I will tell the maid to send u both dinner’ she said

‘tea sure’ I said as I walked up the stairs

‘Now the principal said you must be able to beat jisoo in this art competition, i mean can you even draw’ i said pacing back and forth in the room while he states at me innocently

‘come on why do u always have to be so gentle, can’t u just talk’ I said looking frustrates but he just stares at me

‘oh forget it so annoying’ I said

He looked to his left and picked up the sketch book and a pencil

He looked at me and started moving his pencil on the sketch book

He didn’t answer me but instead her keeps looking at me and drawing

‘give that to me’ I said as I snatched the book from him a minute later

‘waw’ I said as I looked at his drawing

He stood on his feet and said ‘look I drew rose’

I looked at him and said ‘are you good in whatever you do or what, how can you draw something so good in just a minute’

It takes me ten minutes to draw something like this

But he did it in a minute

‘I can do anything when I see rose face’ he said and I could swear I blushed for a second

Wait why am I blushing

Snap out of it rose

‘so u can draw’ I said

‘I can draw alot better than this one, I can also paint and do other art things’ he said

The maid knocked on the door and two brought two bowls of noodles in the room

I collected it from her and Sat down on the sofa and started eating my food

The maid walked out of the room and cheng sat down on the sofa next to me staring at me

‘if you actually disgusted by the way I eat just turn to your side’ I said

‘disgusted why should I be’

‘most guys are’ i said

‘nothing about rose is disgusting… The way she smiles, the way she talks, the way she laughs everything is magical’ he said

I stared at him for awhile before saying ‘geez if you continue talking like this I won’t know when I will actually fall in love with you’

He smiled before eating his bowl of noodles

Cheng acted like he went to his house that day but i later sneaked him through my room window

I don’t know how to explain all this to my parent

They won’t believe me anyway

The next day i know I was suppose to give jenny my final answer and have made my decision

I held cheng by the wrist as I walked with him to jenny private class ignoring all those crazy girls trying to seduce him

‘waw I see you made the right decision you brought cheng to me’ jenny said

What going on

Why is the rude girl here

‘rose what going on’ i asked but she tightened her grip on my wrist

‘Now he is mine’ the rude girl said as she stood on her feet and wanted to walk towards me but rose raised her hand signifying stop

‘I am not here to give you Cheng, am Just here to remind you that he is mine and if you ever come to me with such stupid offer telling me to make my boyfriend yours I won’t spare you and if you so much as stare at him again I won’t hesitate to plug your Eyes out ‘I said


Rose is really saying all that

The rude girl looked embarrassed as everyone was staring at her

???? ROSE POV ????

She really thinks I will give her Cheng

What a big joke

‘ and okay I will just have to crush u in the competition then, have fun loosing to me’ she said

‘time will tell who will loose to who’ i said as I walked away with my Cheng

Jeez did I just call him my Cheng

That wierd

Now am gonna crush jenny no matter what it takes
Have finally accomplished one dream

*embarrass jenny *and I finally did in front of other students

Now Cheng and I will make her loose

………… To be continued…….

So tell me who else is proud of our rose

Kisses. Chapter 5
Kiss. Chapter 3

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