June 14, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 1

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Last Love. Chapter 2 and 3
Last Love. Prologue

Chapter 1
‘My son you need to get married,’ Mrs Lisa said to her son at the dinning table.
She is a single mum after her husband passed away. She is the second richest woman in America. She believes a wife will help her son take good care of all the wealth.
‘I will once I get the right lady,’ Allen said.
He was betrothed to Ivy a famous model and singer since they were young. Ivy is a daughter of an influential man in the government.
Mrs Lisa’s house is full of maids of all kinds.
Kendra is one of the maid and was picked up from the street by the maid’s supervisor and given a job. She was raised up by her mom who worked extra hard to feed her. She is beautiful and all men would look back. She had to hid her talent to protect her mum.
‘Son, you are not looking for any woman, get ready we are planning a wedding. End of conversation,’ with that she left the table.
‘Over my dead body,’ he yelled.
All his life he has never made any decision his mom makes the decisions.
He went to his room to drink, that has always been his consolation.
Ivy’s POV
I took my car keys and went to Mark’s place. He helps quench my desires. If only he was as rich as Allen I would have married him instead. Allen doesn’t even pay attention to me. To him am a normal person even when others adore me as a god.
‘Hi baby,’ Mike said when he saw me.
I have spare keys to his house. I don’t knock I just open.
‘Hi,’ i replied simply.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked after observing my mood.
‘Yeah am fine,’ I lied.
Am thinking of how to make Allen fall for me and adore me.

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Last Love. Chapter 2 and 3
Last Love. Prologue

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