July 25, 2021

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Let me Love you. Episode 1

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Let me love you. Episode 2

LET ME LOVE YOU ????????????
Author (Becky)

have you ever been in a situation where you love someone but the person only sees you as friend ???? my name is Valerie student at Williamson high school here’s my story ????

Valerie pov????????
Grinnnnn rang my alarm “oh God i don’t remember setting this alarm am sure my kid sister must’ve set it am so gonna kill her i sluggishly stood up yawned and entered the bathroom, i stripped myself naked and turned on the shower i came out after fifteen minutes i put on my uniform one thing i love about Williamson high school is their uniform white shirt and pink flay skirt with white stockings i admired my uniform for the 100th time before putting it on, i packed my hair up carried my bag and went downstairs to have breakfast i met mom, mira(my kid sis and Jason my big bro) having breakfast morning guys i greeted everyone before sitting sitting down just then my phone started ringing it was valentine my best friend and also my secret crush ☺ i quickly picked up
Valerie :????Hello best.
????Val:morning pumpkin how was your night.
????Valerie :twas splendid fish
????Val:smiles am outside your gate would’ve loved to come in but we are late for school already come meet me let’s go
????Valerie :oh my am on my way. Hangs up.
Mum am late, valentine is waiting for me outside bye i pecked her, i pecked Jason too and gave Mira a knock for setting the alarm in my room ouch she cried i laughed before dashing out to meet Val.

How is it guys should i continue?

Let me love you. Episode 2

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