June 11, 2021

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Let me love you. Episode 2

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LET ME LOVE YOU2 ????????????

Valerie pov cont.

Immediately i saw valentine my heart beat increased j ran i hugged him almost causing us to fall down, hey bestie you almost removed my arm he said and we both laughed and entered his car and drove off i noticed had his eyes fixed on me and i blushed.

Valentine’s pov.
I couldn’t stop staring at my bestie she looks like an angel so beautiful but one thing i don’t understand is she has never had a boyfriend so i decided to ask her. Pumpkin can i ask a question i asked her and her face lit up in smiles why don’t you wanna have a boyfriend i asked and her smiles dropped.

Valerie’s pov

Bestie why don’t you wanna have a boyfriend he asked and i felt disappointed i thought he was about asking me out i cleared my throat and told him am not ready yet i quickly faced the window and fought back tears that are already coming out. I have a surprise for you bestie i heard him say.
Valerie :what’s the surprise?
Val:I’ll show you when we get to school.
Valerie :okay then i said and smiled.

We got to school and alighted from his car i waved at his driver before turning to face him but i didn’t see him, just as i was about looking for him i saw him coming towards me holding hands with kim(my female bestie), i smiled and ran to meet them i hugged Kim but i noticed she pushed me slightly pushed me away i didn’t mind cos i thought she was mad at me for not inviting her to my mum’s birthday party just then valentine called my name.
Val:bestie remember i told you i have a surprise for you.
Valerie :yes best what is it i asked expecting Val to ask me to be his girlfriend.
Val:well i finally have a girlfriend and here she is, it’s Kim she’s the girl i love and we’ve been dating since last week.

Valerie pov ????
Immediately he said those words my legs became weak, i started feeling dizzy and slumped VALERIE!!!!!! was all what i heard before passing out ????


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