June 12, 2021

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Love me brother. Episode 1

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Love me brother. Episode 3
Love me brother. Prologue

Anchor: good morning America. it’s your favourite tv show “The trends” and I’m Anita Jones your host for today. …guys today we have a special presence here and it’s none other than the county’s sweetheart. .Alice West .Hello Alice please introduce yourself to our viewers
ALICE: hello viewers am Alice West and am honoured to be here
ANITA: okay so Alice we’re just going to ask you a few questions ..you ready?
ANITA: alright then the first question this came from a fan: what does it feel like to be a successful model at a young age?
ALICE: (smiles) oh my….well it feels….great .yeah it feels great (laughs)
ANITA: you’re nervous
ALICE: yeah (laughs) a little
ANITA: Next question: what do you like most about your career as a model?
ALICE: dresses ..I’ve always loved matchup dresses and flowing with new trends in the fashion world ..I get to meet and learn from famous fashion designers and legendary models too.
ANITA:wow..you must really love your job
ALICE: yes I do
ANITA: okay Alice before you go what would you like to say to young girls like you.
ALICE: well I’ll advice them to fight for what you love and always trust yourself no matter what others say.
ANITA: thank you so much for your time Alice
ALICE: MY pleasure

wow. .what a show. ..as soon as i got out of the broadcasting station. .my secretary Tina walked closer to me looking as stoic as ever.
TINA: you have a meeting with young master stark
ALICE: when?
TINA: 30 mins from now
ALICE: alright let’s hurry
I entered the car and drove down to X-star hotel where i was going to have the meeting I walked into the room i was directed to and entered leaving my guards at the entrance.
i entered the room and saw it designed with candles and Red flowers and ribbons. isn’t this suppose to be a business meeting?
“Hello beautiful” said the deep masculine yet soothing voice behind me. .I knew at once who it was. .
ALICE: why did you do this Nelson?
Nelson has been trying to woo me for a long time but am not yet interested in relationships besides daddy would probably scare him away like the others. .
NELSON: I had to .you wouldn’t come if i said it was a date
ALICE: it’s a good thing you know now excuse me i need to go
NELSON: (holds her arm) at least have a drink with me now that you’re here already. .Please just a few minutes. okay?
ALICE: (Sighs) ok but only a few minutes

that was the mistake i made: agreeing to stay.
a few minutes turned into two hours and it was already late I hurried back home ..

as I got home I saw my mom sitting on the sofa with her hair on her face she always does that whenever she’s worried. .My dad was pacing and my brother (whom i hate so much for reasons you’ll find out later ) Dylan who was focused on his phone saw me and stood up and walked up to me his height overshadowing me. .He glared at me really hard enough to consume me right there on the spot but i glared back so as to hide my fear. .What’s it with him now anyways?

please your comments are of great encouragement. .
I really appreciate the previous comments you guys are the best
I’ll post another episode tomorrow depending on your response to this one. .

Love me brother. Episode 3
Love me brother. Prologue

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