July 28, 2021

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Ria. Episode 4

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♠ RIA ♠
We walked down the street and headed straight to a mini park not far to our home. Phoebe held my right hand with my purse in her other hand just in case they needed to buy something at the park while Phoenix held my left hand. “They are not much people at the park today mom” Phoenix said
“Well that because today is Friday not Saturday” Phoebe answered
“We can go to a restaurant if you want Phoenix”
“Yeah I love that! So we can buy ice cream!” Phoebe jumped by my side
“That’s a waste of money since we ate before leaving home”
“No Phoebe we don’t have to buy some thing all that expensive…a ice cream will do” I said to her
“Look Mom! There is an Ice cream stand over there!” Phoenix screamed excitedly
“Where?” I asked as if I could see
“There! Right under the tree!”
“Okay..Phoebe pick some notes from the purse and get two ice cream”
“Thanks Mom” they thanked me
“I will stay with Mom while you get the ice cream” phoenix said to his sister
“Okay” she replied
Phoebe gave me the purse before racing off to get ice cream
“Mom there is a bench over there…let’s go and sit down”
“Will it be easy for Phoebe to find us?”
“Yes mom”
He led me to towards the so called bench but then my purse slipped off from my hand. Someone just snatched my purse! I heard Phoenix’s cry while I lost my balance when he fell to the ground.
“Are you okay Phoenix?” I crouched down trying to find him then I touched a part of his body..his leg and he cried!
“Sorry..sorry” I whispered shakily
“I’m fine mom..but that man just snatched your purse” he said
“Look that guy running ahead is a thief! He has my mom’s purse!” Phoebe screamed but it was as if no one cared about going after the thief since there were just few people at the park
“Are you okay Mom?” Phoenix asked
“Yes..yes I’m fine” my voice trembling
“I will go after him” Phoebe spoke up
“No..no..it dangerous going after a thief.. Just let him go” I managed to say
“But the money in the purse is enough to feed in the next two days”
“Don’t worry about that”
“It all my fault..I shouldn’t have suggested this outing or even talked about getting ice cream” Phoenix blamed himself in a sad tone
“No it not your fault… No one should be blamed for what happened today okay?”
“Mom why don’t you just rest a bit before we head back home” Phoebe suggested
“Okay” we settled down in a bench
“Did you get hurt from that fall Phoenix?”
“not really..It just a scratch” Phoebe replied
“Let’s go home and clean it up”
I stood up from the bench then I heard a Masculine voice say
“Hello” my body trembled the more when I heard the male voice
“Mom he brought back your purse!” They exclaimed. I tried to control my body. Actually what Lucas did to me imbibed a fear for men in me. I never want to get close to anyone of them
“Sorry about what the thief did to you. I heard her scream while I was on phone so I went after him. Here is your purse”
I didn’t reach out to take my purse back
“Thank You Mister” Phoebe said to him
“Thanks for taking back our mom’s purse!” Phoenix thanked him
“You’re welcome” the man replied
“Thank you” I whispered in low tone
“It fine”
“Let’s go home so you can clean up your wound Phoenix”
“Okay mom”
“Bye Sir
We walked away from the Man
“Are you okay Mommy?” Phoenix asked me
“Yes..yes I’m fine”
“But…your palms are sweaty and you’re trembling”
“Am I?”
It was true… I couldn’t control the feeling of fear and I was breathing than the normal rate
“We can rest a bit if you want to -”
“No let’s just go home”
“Okay mom”
“Are you sure you are fine?”
“Yes let’s just leave the park before something else happens” I managed to say
“Welcome home Sir”
A young girl dressed in a maid outfit greeted me with a smile on her face. “Who are you?” I asked because I haven’t seen her face around. Even if there are lots of workers working in my Mansion I can tell if there is a new face though I’m also not the one hiring them. “I am Ruth Sir”
“Yes sir”
“Where is Mr Griffin?”
“In the Kitchen Sir” she replied
“Call him for me” I ordered and she rushed into the kitchen. I unbuttoned my suit jacket and sat on the Couch
“Welcome back home CEO Ian” The 58 years old Chef greeted me cheerfully
“How are you doing Griffin?”
“Am fine..and it good to have you back home CEO”
“When did Ruth start working here?”
“Last week Sir…I should have called to inform you that Mrs Perla sent in another worker but I didn’t because I figured out you’d be too busy to pick up calls”
I rubbed my forehead continuously. My mom will never stop treating me like a high school kid that needed babysitters. She always hire new worker just for me to have people around me. Too many workers in this home is one of the reason why I don’t come home. I stay at one of my hotels. Initially I planned to stay in a small apartment but mom insisted that I live in this Mansion. She bought it for me on my 18th birthday. Her main reason for persuading me to move in was because she can always come around to stay with me…and she feels more comfortable with more workers around and not just her alone
“How many workers?”
“Okay” I stood up from the couch
“What would you like to eat Sir?”
“Am fine..I dropped by at Lauren’s place to say hi so she gave me pasta. I just need a glass of water and painkiller”
I walked the steps leading to the first storey. I switched on my room lights and crashed on my king sized bed. A knock sounded on the door second later. “Come in” Mr Griffin walked in with a tray filled with glass of water and painkiller
“Here you go CEO”
“Thank you Mr Griffin.. But I will appreciate it if you stop calling me CEO just call me Ian and drop the formality” he only smiled. I had told him that several times but Mr Griffin never listens
“By the way, Miss Josie dropped by on her way back from your office”
“Yes..she tried calling but your phone was switched off” I poured out two pills and swallowed it before drinking the glass of water
“I visited the park just to clear my head..so I switched off my phone just so I could be at peace”
“How was it?”
I sat at the edge of my bed. Mr Griffin picked up my suit jacket from the bed and dropped it in Laundry basket in my closet. He is my only friend,I’ve known him since I was little. Mr Griffin is like a father to me. He understands me better than my parents. Mr Griffin had been there to always put a smile on face, ready to listen to whatever I had to say. Right now I have no other companion than Mr Griffin but i used to have a close friend. His name was Bert. I can say Bert was my childhood friend, we both grew up together but we were from different backgrounds. I am from a rich home while Bert was from a poor home but we were best friends irrespective of that. I met him when I was 10 years old,that was during Christmas. He came to the park with his mom and dad while I went with Lorna’s parents cause my parents were too busy. At the playground Mason had kicked my ass because I stepped on his expensive boot. It was unintentional but Mason was jealous cause I had Lorna’s attention
Bert saw what happened so he punched Mason on my behalf. Mason and I are never on good terms cause he felt I’m a threat to him and also his rival in everything. Bert fought with Mason until Lorna went in search of her parents. That fight had made our parents enemies.. They were never friends anyways. Mason told his parents a different story but Lorna defended me since she was a witness. When I was little I used to be a very shy and timid child. I always find it hard to talk among my friends and some of my classmates took advantage of me. They called a “dummy” and sometimes” birdbrain” which means Stupid but that changed when I met Bert. I never saw him after his fight with Mason until I was 12. Bert won a scholarship meant to Fund his education till higher level. I was so happy to see him but then Bert didn’t recognize me. I had to explain things to him before he could remember and we became friends after that. Bert was a genius, I must be honest he did better than everyone in class. He became the best student in high school taking away Mason’s fame as the school most intelligent boy. At 16, Bert started sleeping at our home sometimes so we could study together cause I wasn’t all that brilliant. In a nutshell my studying with Bert made me the second best student and even my parents were surprised I could get such position. They decided to reward Bert for helping me by paying him for tutoring me but he refused. I convinced him to take it as if he was tutoring another person and that he could use the money to buy stuffs for his mom and siblings. Bert worked during weekends to get money after his dad died at 15,then I would always give him some of my allowance to buy food for his family on his way home. And sometimes I always help him at work to deliver papers and mails. Riding on a scooter with Bert was fun and I enjoyed very bit of it!
Unfortunately Bert died in a hit and accident at 20. His death was painful that I had cried for weeks finding it hard to believe that he was ready dead. And I made a promise at his funeral that I was going to take care of his mom and two siblings,Caleb and Cassidy.
I fulfilled that promise, presently his siblings are in college and I’m the one sponsoring them and I do send monthly allowances to their mom. It the least I could do to repay Bert for being a good friend to me.
“Well I was able to clear my head at the park”
“Okay then..now you just need to take a shower and rest” Mr Griffin made an attempt to head for the door but I stopped him
“Wait Griffin”
He stopped and turned
“I just want to ask you a question”
“What is it?”
“Is it possible for a blind woman to bear children?”
I asked concerning what I saw at the park today
“Why did you ask?”
“At the park today,a thief snatched a lady’s Purse and a little child raised an alarm but I was the only one who was quick to hear her. I chased after the thief and managed to get the purse. I returned it to the lady only to find out that she was blind and she had two children”
“You see sir being blind doesn’t mean one can’t give birth. It the sight that is affected not the reproductive organs”
I chuckled! Why didn’t I think of that?!
“I am a fool to not know a blind lady can give birth. I felt pity for her and I was tempted to offer them a ride but she was quick to dismiss me…like my presence irritated her”
“Disabled people are always sensitive… But did she thank you for retrieving her purse?”
“Okay..get some rest now CEO I need to tend to some things in the kitchen”
“Good night Mr Griffin”
“Good night”
I stepped into the shower thinking I was going to forget the blind Lady but her face kept replaying in my head
“So let the light guide your way,
Hold every memory as you go,
And every road you take will always lead you home. It been a long day without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…”

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