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Ria. Episode 5

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Ria. Episode 6
Ria. Episode 4

♠ RIA ♠
“Mrs Elise can you please check out this drawing if the style came out correctly the way Mrs Belinda had explained it”
“Oh sure! Let me have it”
she came closer and collected the drawing pad from me to check the drawing
“Wow Miss Ria! You got it perfectly! You are so talented!”
“Thank you Mrs Elise”
“So what next now?”
“We should get the materials for her dress”
“Actually the drawings came out the same way Mrs Belinda showed it to me on phone” Elise praised
“Oh! That reminds me I bumped into Mrs Helen at the store this morning”
“Did she like the dress we delivered to her yesterday?”
“Yes..yes she liked it and she even said one of her friends liked it. And her Friend wants to sew a dress too. Isn’t that amazing Miss Ria?!” She said excitedly
“Of course it is…I just hope she comes with her Friend”
“And also Sophie called this morning,she promised to transfer the money for the dress she ordered last week”
Elise added
“Yeah..Phoebe already packaged it this -”
I was interrupted by the beeping sound of the home line
“I will take that” Elise moved to the move
“Hello” she said
“Yes..yes this is Miss Ria Robert home” she confirmed and then Mrs Elise screamed. I became frightened when I sensed danger in the rest of the conversation
“Mrs Elise who was that?”
“Actually Phoebe teacher just called -” she replied shakily
“what’s wrong?”
Elise was quiet probably trying to find the right words to break whatever the news was. “Mrs Elise are you there?”
“OH yes..yes..yes..it is just that Phoebe is in the hospital”
“What?!” The drawing in my hand dropped
“What…what wrong with her?”
“I don’t know..the teacher just said she fainted after lunch”
“Oh my God..” I stood up from my sitting position
“Miss Ria you’ve to calm down…”
“I can’t calm down!” I yelled well I don’t know where that came from…I relaxed and said to Elise
“I’m sorry..let’s just go to the hospital”
“Please help me with my purse”
“here have it Miss Ria”
“My walk stick…”
“Here you go”
“Thank You”
She gave the stick to me and let me out of the house
Author’s POV
“Mom will you stop crying and tell me what happened between you and dad again?”
Josie Bryant asked Mrs Perla
“Mom you have to tell us what’s wrong?.. What did dad do to you?” Lauren added but Perla didn’t give any response
“Mommy you know how busy I am…I can’t keep standing here with you when I have loads of files to tend to and sign” Piper said In a harsh tone almost grumbling
“You can leave if you want to…it is not like you care…none of you care about me anyways except my son. You are just anxious to know what happened so you can support your dad” Mrs Perla replied finally
“Mom you know we love you..so just tell us what transpired between you and your husband” Lauren spoke up again
“I’m not going to say anything until my son arrives. You can all leave if you want”
Lauren and Josie sighed while Piper rolled her eyes. Ian rushed into the room and stopped to catch his breathe after he was such his mom was good. He drove all the way from his office after Josie called and said his mom collapsed at home
“Mom!” He rushed to her and hugged her
“My baby” she began to cry
“Oh mom don’t cry..just tell me what happened? Why did you collapse? What did dad do to you this time?”
Piper cleared her throat when she saw tears in her mother’s eyes.
“Show some sympathy Piper” Ian gritted signifying that she should along with their mom’s drama
“What sympathy? It not as if she lost her husband”
“Whatever.. Just keep taking sides in critical issues”
“Don’t mind them son..none of them care about me…they only care about their dad”
“It okay mom…just tell me what wrong?..look mom If it is about dad having another mistress we can sort that out like we use to Okay?” She nodded
“Well I wish it was like that this time but it somewhat bigger than just having a mistress”
“Like what mom? Just go straight to the point” Lauren said
“Like I said earlier you can leave if you can’t calm down and listen to me” she directed that to Lauren and face Ian. “Your dad’s mistress is carrying his child”
“What?!” They exclaimed
“Are you serious mom?” Ian asked
“Yes..yes and I’m sure of it son” She sobbed
“Who is she?” Piper asked with a raised eyebrow
“Now you want to know..why don’t you just go and ask that your father who is never satisfied with one woman or even two!” Perla fired
Piper shrugged
“Well that’s because -”
Ian cuts Piper off
“Shut the fuck up piper!”
He snarled. “Why don’t you just stay quiet and don’t talk back at mom!”
“Show some respect Ian. Piper is your elder sister” Lauren added
“Then tell her to behave like one” he answered
“Please stop this noise..we are in the hospital. You can take on the fight when we leave here” Josie said while Piper glare at Ian angrily
“Mom..tell us about it” Ian said as he wiped her tears with her handkerchief
“Your dad has been coming home late and drunk some months back…sometimes he doesn’t even come home. I worry about him each passing day and every time I call his line always switched off… But somehow I got to know he was seeing another woman” she stopped and Josie asked
“Do you know who she is?”
“Yes…your father has no taste..he is having an affair with a club dancer”
Piper laughed but kept quiet almost immediately after receiving bad glares from her family
“I confronted him but he denied it. I needed an evident to prove to him that he was having an affair so I hired someone to get me pictures of him and that lady. He didn’t deny it when I showed him those pictures. He begged me and promised not to go back to her..the same promises he use to make when I catch him cheating on me”
“So did he stopped seeing her after that?” Ian questioned
“He told me that he stopped seeing her and I believed him cause he changed… But that Lady called me yesterday and said she was carrying his child. And she threatened to go to the media house to tell them that she is carrying Jack Bryant’s child. She wanted me to transfer money so she won’t tell anyone about it. I called Jack and asked him but he said she is not carrying his child.. So I passed out after too much yelling during our argument”
“Okay so the lady wanted money but you were not ready to give any” Ian said to her
“Not even a penny..she should have back off when I asked her”
“Josie call Daddy” Ian ordered. “And ask what happened exactly…he will be more honest with you”
“Okay” she brought out her phone to dial her dad and he picked on the first ring
“Hello dad”
“How are you Josie?”
“Am good…mom’s is at the hospital”
“Yeah I know”
“So why are you not here?”
“She doesn’t want to see me..your mom made that clear last night”
“What did you do to her? Cause she refused to say a word” Josie lied just to get him to spill the truth
“Look Josie…I was having an affair with a club dancer months back. I broke up with her after your mom found out about it. I haven’t seen her since the past two months.. But I was shocked when Lexi called and said she is pregnant. She asked me for money for upkeep but I refused to give her anything Because I don’t want to have anything to do with her
” Lexi? Is that her name?”
“Yes Lexi the club dancer..she is famous in Niamh club”
“Niamh club and a dancer”
“Yes” she gestured to Lauren to take note
“So what happened after you refused to give her money?”
“She threatened to tell Perla..so I had no choice but to send her money cause I never wanted your mom to know about it. You know how she is – I don’t want her to roast me alive”
Piper stiffs back a giggled
“But if I had known she would end up telling Perla then i won’t have given her a penny”
“Is that child yours?” Josie asked
“No! That child is not mine! I don’t even know if she is truly pregnant! But if she is am sure I’m not the father!. That Bitch called your mom and told her about the baby..we argued over the phone until i didn’t hear your mom talking again..I only heard one of the maids calling her name”
“You should have rushed to the house”
“Your mom said I shouldn’t come home to see her”
“You should have explained things to her the first time Lexi told you she was pregnant”
“I was scared Josie”
“But Dad you were sure that the child is not yours..so you should have told mom. She would understand and try to sort things out. Now Lexi is ready to tell the Media houses that she is carrying a child that is not yours”
“What should I do now Josie? Am Tired! I don’t know what to do!.. Plead with your mom to settle things before it get to the Media house….and please tell her I will be faithful as an old dog”
“I will talk to mom…just promise me that you won’t get drunk”
“Okay..I promise Josie”
“Bye” she hang up
“Well I’m sure you all heard what he said”
They all nodded
“What do we do now?” Lauren asked
“Don’t worry Ian will sort things out with her” Perla replied
“What do I need to do then?” Josie asked
“Can you confront Lexi and confirm if she is pregnant?” Ian asked Josie
“Good..Lauren can go with you too. . Tell her we wanna run a paternity test on her child”
“Good one kiddy” Piper teased
“At least I’ve gat the brain”
“Good brain indeed” Piper said
“You two can’t do without arguing” Lauren questioned
“Let have a moment of peace whenever we are together” Lauren said
“What do we do if she refuses to do a test!” Josie asked
“I will do some background check on her – Lexi must have a lot of secret as a club dancer”
“What if that child belongs to your father?” Perla asked in a low tone
“No way!” They screamed
“Mom it obvious that child can’t be for dad” Josie spoke up
“And why on earth is she just saying she is pregnant after two months of break up” Lauren asked
“It clear she’s just trying to extort from us” Piper said
“Then we will sue her if we find out she isn’t pregnant after collecting money from dad” Ian said
“We can also threaten her with a lawsuit” Josie added
“Let’s just work according to plan” Ian said
Josie phone rang
“Nanny Sophia is calling me” Josie said
“Ronnie is already causing trouble again” piper laughed
“Seems like” Josie replied
She stood up from the couch
“I have to go ahead mom” she kissed Perla
“I will stay with her today” Lauren said to them
“I’ll be here tomorrow morning”
“Drop me off Josie since Lauren isn’t going home now” Piper said to Josie
“Bring me a clothe to change in”
“Sure..bye mom!” Josie and Piper walked out of the room
“What about you son?” Perla asked Ian
“I will be leaving soon cause I have a lot to tend to at work”
“Good Day Nurse” Mrs Elise greeted the petite Nurse who sat at the desk. She looked up at them
“How may I help you?”
“We are the family of a little girl that was rushed here”
“Please what’s her name?”
“Phoebe Lawson” The nurse searched the system
“Yes she’s currently in Ward 206”
“Can you give us the directions please?” The Nurse gave the directions to the ward
“Don’t worry Miss Ria,Phoebe will be alright” Elise assured Ria as she led her toward the ward
“I hope so” her voice quivered
Elise Andrea walked into the room where a female doctor was attending to Phoebe who had bruises all over her body from too much itching
“Mom..Mrs Elise” Phoebe said in a low tone. The doctor whose tag reads “Dr Gillan” glanced up at them
“Phoebe…” Ria called shakily when she heard her voice
“Who are you please?”
“Doctor Gillan they are Phoebe’s guardian” Miss Eve,Phoebe teacher answered.
“Okay..i am Doctor Gillan”
“Is she okay?” Ria asked Elise cause she couldn’t see if Phoebe was fine
“She reacted to what she ate at school during Lunch” Miss Eve spoke up
“Yes..it an allergic reaction” Doctor Gillan said
“What..what did she eat?”
Mrs Elise led Ria to the bed where she could sit in order to feel Phoebe
“Shrimps.. She reacted to the shrimps they served with Lunch at school” Doctor Gillan answered
“Shrimps?..Phoebe did you know about that?” Ria asked Phoebe
“No mom..cause I haven’t eaten shrimps before to know I am allergic to it”
“So what do we do doctor?”
“Don’t worry she will be fine with the treatment she’s receiving. Enough rest will do” she looked up at the drip on the iron stand
“Just make sure that she doesn’t eat shrimps”
“Yes..yes..I will make sure of that”
“Good..I’ll go ahead now. Nurse Hazel will come around to check on her from time to time”
“Thank You Doctor Gillan”
She exited the room
“Thank you Miss Eve”
“You don’t have to thank me Miss Ria..I’m only doing my duty” Eve stood up from the chair she sat on and walked closer to Phoebe
“Stay strong okay?” Phoebe nodded
“Thank you Miss Eve”
She turned to face Mrs Elise
“You don’t have to worry about the bills.. The school took care of it”
“I’m grateful”
“Yeah..goodbye Phoebe”
Mrs Elise accompanied Miss Eve to the door
“Are you okay?”
“Yes Mom..you don’t have to worry too much about me”
Ria stroke her face gently before planting a kiss in her hair.
“How are you feeling now Phoebe?”
“I’m good Miss Elise”
Elise phone pinged
“Oh Miss Ria it the store owner”
“Maybe the materials are ready” Elise picked up the call and clicked on speaker
“Hello Mrs Elise”
“Yes Mrs Rose”
“I just called to inform you that the materials you needed are ready at the store”
“When should I come for it?”
“At your own convenient time”
“Okay Miss Ria”
She hung up the call
“You should go and get the materials Miss Elise before they sell it out to someone with a higher price”
“Yeah you’re right.. But will you be fine alone?”
“What if you need anything?”
“I will get that myself”
Elise was reluctant to leave Ria alone with Phoebe. Ria wasn’t familiar with hospital directions so how was she going to get whatever she need.. What if she bumps into someone who is not nice,someone who can’t tell she is blind until they see a walk stick. What if Ria bumps Into the Kind she feared the most (men) and she lost her senses and start trembling like she used to? Since she hasn’t gotten over what that Monster did to her…what if –
“Mrs Elise go and get the material mom needs to sew amazing dresses so we can make a lot of money” Phoebe said to Elise
“Alright…I will leave then”
“Bye Miss Elise” They chorused
“Take care” Elise hesitated a bit before walking out of the door trying to believe they will be fine alone. Phoebe held Ria’s right hand as she stared at Ria. Sting of tears formed at the corner of her eyes wishing Ria could see
“You don’t like what you see?” Ria said to her when she sensed Phoebe’s change in body language
“I like what I see in you mom… I mean -” her voice trailed off, tears threatening to spill
“I like you…” Phoebe sniffed
“..The fact that you’re strong,hardworking,caring and selfless. And I was just wishing you had your sight then you would have become a well known seamstress now”
She was talking from the fact that some people in the neighbourhood don’t want give their dress to a blind lady. If Ria had her sight then she would have gone far by now with her skill but no one wants to help… Some don’t want to get close to a blind lady case they think she can’t be of any use to them
“Don’t get too emotional Phoebe.. I really don’t mind the fact that I’m blind now…as as long as I’m able to achieve my dreams. I’m not going to give up on that”
Ria won’t give in to discouragement cause fulfilling her dreams was her mother’s dying wish.
“I just need to work on myself Phoebe… I know I can do better and I’m sure will do better than this my dear”
“Yes I know”
“Mrs Elise and I planned to get someone to design a new website so people can reach out to us from that site”
“I believe it gonna work Mom”
“Yes it will and Miss Elise will be in charge of the site”
“Phoenix and I will help with cutting and sewing of dresses”
“Yes Phoebe” she brush off tears from Phoebe’s cheeks
“I love you mom”
“I love you too”
“Yeah I’m doing fine now” Perla said to Mrs Belle Simmons on the phone
“Oh Thank goodness Perla”
Belle said calmly
“thanks for your concern Simmons”
“I will come over tomorrow”
“Okay Belle”
“Take care”
She hang up
“Hey mom I think it time for me to get back to work”
“Oh yes you should my son”
“Take care mom..bye Lauren”
“Bye Ian” she replied without looking up from her phone. Ian exited the room
WARD 206
Phoebe coughed as she was about to all asleep
“Are you okay Phoebe?”
She cleared her itchy throat
“Yes mom” she coughed
“Hold on lemme me get water” she stood up from the bed
“There is no water in the room”
Ria stood on a track as she tried to figure a way to get water for Phoebe. There was only one way to get water for her which is going back to the reception and ask the Nurse at the desk for help
“I will be right back”
“How will you get water?”
“I will retrace my steps back to the reception and ask the nurse for help”
“Don’t worry I will be fine Mom” she coughed
“I will be back soon..just relax”
She found her way to the door by counting the steps she counted on her way to the room with Mrs Elise guiding her. Ria held on the stick tightly also using the wall as support to count her steps properly…1,2,3,4…she counted thirty steps to make a corner down the long hallway. She smiled at herself that she was getting close to the reception… Where was everyone? Ria didn’t sense anyone passing by so she could ask for help
“Are okay Miss?” She heard a soft whispered in front of her. It was a female voice
“What do you need Miss?” The Nurse asked carefully studying Ria
“Can you help me with something?”
“What is it?”
“My daughter is in ward 206 and she needs water”
“Oh! Please sit here while I get a bottle of water for you”
“Thank You”
Ria said to the Nurse that led her to the bench nearby
“I will be right back”
The Nurse walked away. Ria waited patiently for the Nurse to return.
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Ria. Episode 6
Ria. Episode 4

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