July 28, 2021

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Together Forever. Episode 1

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Together Forever. Episode 2
Together Forever. Prologue

????Together Forever????????

????Episode 1????

“Linda!!,linda!!,I ll be late for school”Collins shouted from outside

“I’m coming baby boy”linda replied as she rushed out,packing her hair in a ponytail..she was going in search of a job for the umpteenth time

Still she didn’t lose hope

She saw a job vacancy..the need for a cleaner on a sign board outside the famous company in texas

She deeply prayed that,she’s accepted,even tho she’s so educated,she didn’t bother about working as a cleaner,afterall all she needs is money to pay house rent,buy foods,and ensure her brother goes to school

She heaved a big sigh as she got outside…holding Collin by the end

They stopped a taxi and she entered

Linda had dropped collins off at school

Adjusted her skirt as she got down from the taxi that brought her to the front of the company

She kissed the rosary on her neck,that was the last present she got from her parents before they died in a motor accident

She walked briskly to the company

As she entered,she met two men having an argument,she immediately recognized one of the men as the owner of the company

Mr Don Rodriquez..and ohh that must be his son

The most handsome guy she had ever seen

But wait why were they having an argument she thought

She was confused on where to go…luckily for her,she saw the receptionist deck not far away..the hall was just too big

She was about going to the receptionist,so as not to be noticed by Richard and his dad

But her legs stopped at the mention of

“Hey,what do you want”that was Mr Rodriquez asking

Linda shivered at the question

She slowly turned her back to look at them

Muttering she began
“I saw the vacancy sign board out there..In need of a cleaner”she found herself saying

“Oh..do you need a cleaner”mr Rodriquez asked his son

..”I think so dad”Richard replied

. “Well you have been accepted…”mr Rodriquez said

“Really..just like that dad??”Richard questioned his dad

“Do they need interviews for cleaners??”he asked Richard

“But that,this a company,we don’t just accept people likr that..what if she’s here for a bad purpose…trying to use a cleaner job to hide” Richard said looking at Linda with disgust

That must have hurt Linda

Richard doesn’t even know her,and he’s saying such a bad thing like this about her

…it brought tears to her face..she didn’t know what to do anymore..she regretted the day her parents died

She really wanted to make Collins happy

She wanted the best future for her brother..was that too much to ask

She was about turning her back to go…maybe luck isn’t shining on her today

When Richard voice stopped her

“Fine…you already got my dad’s approval anyway”he scoffed and said,as he walked out leaving his dad in the hall

He doesn’t just like Linda..

“Thank you sir”linda said to mr Rodriquez

He just waved a hand and went out

“Wow…I’ve gotten a job”linda jumped in excitement,not minding who’s looking

Then her face suddenly turned sad again

“Wait…sir Richard doesn’t even like me..id t here any reason to be happy about this job…Well anyway that’s his business…I’m not cleaning his sense..so we can’t have any issues”linda said and walked happily to the receptionist deck



Together Forever. Episode 2
Together Forever. Prologue

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