August 6, 2021

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Together Forever. Prologue

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Together Forever. Episode 1


????Together Forever????

Linda,a completely shy feminine…linda is an orphan who had started playing the role of a parent for both herself and her younger brother,collins

She was able to see herself through school

Now she wants the best for collins and would do anything to make sure her brother goes to school

Finally luck shines on her,she found a cleaning job at the most wealthiest and famous company in texas

She would have lived her life better only if the only son of the owner of the company didn’t come back from America to take over his father company

Unknown to richard,his father already got him a spouse..his best friend daughter…Lia,a spoilt,rude,lazy,arrogant lady

As fate would have it,linda moved in into Richard house,s Richard needed a househelp

Lia made sure she made life uneasy for both linda and Collins,but that didn’t matter as Richard found himself falling in love with linda

Most especially her foods,it was the best

Luckily,they got into bed together and linds got pregnant only for them ro realise that linda is Richard step sister

And lia’s dad was behind the death of linda parents

Will linda abort the pregnancy for her step brother as it was discovered that of she does,she might lose her life in the operation process…

Stay tuned
Together Forever is a suspence filled story
Filled with romantic scences and lines,betrayal,love,family ties,tears..and so on

Stay tuned for one of the best romantic stories coming up

Together Forever
By onigbinde korede

Together Forever. Episode 1

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