July 31, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 63

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???? Venessar High School????

Episode 63

(Why won’t they let us be)

Kimberly’s POV

I stayed in the same hotel room with Sean, days that I had hoped for finally came to life. I’ve always seen Sean as a demi God , a big time celebrity that he is and that a commoner like me  have no place with him.

But here I am with him having all the fun.

He came towards me and start to plait  my hair, I was enjoying every bit of it even though he was only disorganizing my hair but I still didn’t stop him.

The door flings inside all of a sudden and Kimberly entered , sweats could be seen all over her face and tension arose in us.

We need no one to tell us that something is wrong somewhere.

“Some men just entered this hotel and according to the hotel receptionist I paid to feed me on any suspicious move , she said they offered her a lot of money and asked for what room we are lodged in”

The tension in us grew and fear start to beat our heart so hard like we would faint anytime soon.

“How in the world did they know we are here?” I asked

“This is not the time to ask question, we need to find a means of escape , if they really get to us , I do not know what they may do to us ” Autumn said

“What do we do now?” I asked

“Follow me” Autumn said and we obliged.

We began to follow her inside the hotel to a place that seems like a conference room.

We do not know what they do there per sé, but but we really need to know now is if anyone is there so we could just hide there for a while

Autumn signaled for us to enter and we did , we hid beside a tall desk and bent hoping those men do not see us.

“Sir , it seems they ran away or they are hiding somewhere ” we heard the voice towards where  we hid and we start to pray that they would never see any reason to enter the room we hid

We suddenly heard steps approach the room , I peeped and saw that they were searching everywhere.

They weren’t so sure of where we hide

“I wish I can know how many they are” Autumn whispered and I looked at her.

“What would you have done?” I asked.

“Beat them to stupor ” she replied and I chuckled out loud without knowing.

“Did you hear that?” A man said to the other but we didn’t hear the response of the other man

“Let’s search this room very well” one of them said and began to search

Fear grew in me and I was feeling chocked by It, the possibility that they may see us here is keeping me in serious fear.

I do not want to lose anyone , either Autumn Or sean  ,neither do I wanna die now.

I wanna spend the rest of my life with Sean…why are this people after us always…why won’t they just let us be?

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