August 1, 2021

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A wish. Episode 6

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A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 6
Theme: Loving My New World ????‍♀
Gideon Albert was playing football with some other boys he met on the beach.
Minutes clicked by and they all got tired of playing football.
Gideon walked back to his Elder brother James Albert.
“Game over?”
“Yes..let’s go home, I’m so tired” Gideon Said
James stood up and packed their stuffs into a picnic Bag. They walked back to the Car. And then Gideon felt like he needed to ease himself.
“Hey Bro i want to pee”
James rolled his eyes and pointed towards a direction.
Gideon raced off
And while peeing he noticed something. He suddenly saw a hand but the rest of the body was covered up in a heap of Sand.
He screamed and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.
Gideon was scared! ????
“Hey What’s wrong?” James asked
“I..I..I saw a body -” He explained to James
James didn’t waste much time. He spun on his heel towards the direction.
When he got there,he saw a Human Hand.
And he wondered who had buried a Human on the beach.
And just when he was about stepping backward the fingers twitched. And James exchanged glance with his brother.
“The person is alive” Gideon muttered
And they started putting the sand away until the found the body.
They gasped in Shock
And James placed his hands on Gideon’s face. They found the body of a beautiful woman in Sand. Her upper side was covered with Strange clothes while her lower side was unclad.
“Get the towel”
James ordered as he also looked away from the body.
Gideon rushed back to the car. He came back seconds later.
James closed his eyes as he wrapped the towel around her body. He checked her pulse and he found out she was breathing fine.
James lifted her up in his arms.
“Who is she?” Gideon asked
“I don’t know” he answered with a shrug
“So what are you going to do with her?”
“I’m taking her to our home”
“What?! Our home? Why do you want to bring a stronger to our home?!”
He asked with a wide eye
“To help her regain consciousness”
“Why not take her to the hospital?”
Gideon opened the car door.
James placed her gently in the backseat.
He chuckled
“Yeah you are right Bro..and I was only joking about taking her to our home” He replied
They entered the Car,
Then James started the Car and drove down to the Hospital where he works as a Surgeon.

Ephyra opened her eyes slowly observing her surrounding through her blurred vision from waking up.
“Where am I?”
She turned her head towards the beeping sound of the machine next to the bed.
“How did I get here?” She asked herself
The door opened
And James walked in with a Nurse behind him
Ephyra looked up at them
Her eyes widened in surprise and shock.
He opened his eyes full and her breathe caught!
Then She stared intensely at him while a smile played on his lips.
Ephyra’s eyes did a slow crawl on James.
His lips were Full and plump. His hair fell on his eyes.
He didn’t have a tail! But Legs!
She gasped as realisation hit her!
“I’m in the Human World!” She screamed
James exchanged confused looks with the Nurse.
Images of her world flashed through her head. And her lower abdomen clenched at the vivid memories and she Shivered.
“How are you feeling Now?”
James soft voice stunned her out of thought. She looked up at him without saying a word.
Ephyra couldn’t believe she was really in her dream world. No it was her dreamworld but now she’s in it!
James moved closer to the bed.
“Can you hear me?” He asked
“Unbelievable! A Human is talking to me!” She thought
James held her wrist to feel her pulse.
She was fine
“Wow! a Human touched me!”
He placed his hand on her forehead
“Wait.. do I have a tail?” She wondered
“Her temperature is normal and she’s fine -” James said the the Nurse
And while he was talking to the Nurse, Ephyra peered under the bedcover to see if she has a tail but she saw Legs!
Then she screamed
Her heartbeats rapidly
James turned to her
“Are you okay?” He asked.
She nodded impatiently
And she looked again to be sure.
“I have Legs!”
James raised an eyebrow
“Well..I..i think you need to rest”
“No I’m fine -” she replied
And she was surprised that she could talk to A Human and..he responded.
“I really do have Legs?”
She asked him
“Yes you’d have Legs. And you’re Human, so you need legs to walk” James explained
She relaxed
“Oh My Sea! Now I’m Human! I have Legs to walk like a human and I can even talk A Human!”
She laughed
James pushed her gently to rest her back on the bed. And she did
“Miss what’s your name?” He asked
“Name?” She repeated
And she gave him a hard nod while looking around the room
“What’s your name?” She asked him
“I am Doctor James Albert” he replied
“I am…Doctor Jam -” she paused when she couldn’t pronounce his name.
The Nurse stiffed back a laugh.
Ephyra looked at her
“What’s your name?”she asked
“Nurse Jasmine” she replied
“Strange” Ephyra muttered
But she clapped excitedly
“Jasmine can you please excuse us I need to talk to her alone” James said
“Okay Doctor James”
She exited the room
“ this?”
Ephyra pointed to the plaster at the back of her right palm.
She shifted uncomfortably in bed.
Ephyra was anxious to see her legs properly and walk like the Nurse.
“No it for -”
She removed the plaster pulling out the scalp vein in the process. Then she yelped at the sharp pain.
“Why did you do that?” James asked
She stared at him
“Wait here..let me cotton wool”
James walked out of the room.
“Cotton – Wool”
She said
And clapped that she pronounced a Human word correctly. Ephyra hopped out of bed. She took the first step,second and third.
“Finally! I have Human Legs!”
She walked to and Fro..and all around the room.
She jumped happily
“I am in the Human World!”
She looked down at the cloth she had on. It was the hospital gown.
Ephyra went to the machine next to the bed and she began to beat it like a drum as she sings along.
“I am a Fair mermaid
Singing alone
In the Human world
I would kiss you my Sea
For granting my Wish
Oh Great -”
She was interrupted by the door.
James rushed towards her
“Stop that -”
He pulled her away from the machine
“Sit down” he ordered
Ephyra shook her head
He pushed her towards the bed and say her down forcefully.
“What is wrong with you?”
He asked
Ephyra pouts
“You’re weird” he muttered
Then she covered her face with her palms
James chuckled
“You’re weird” she repeated
And she giggled at the sound of her voice.
James wiped the blood. He removed the rubber gloves in his hands and dumped them in the bin at the corner of the room.
Ephyra stamped her feet.
She wanted to leave the room to see other parts of the Human world.
“So Miss I was asking -”
She ran out of the room to the hallway.
There she saw people dressed in the same uniform.
“Wow! Humans!”
She waved at a baby
“Come back Miss!”
James said
Then she spun on her heels when she heard his voice.
He thought if Ephyra need to check into a mental home.
She was fast..too fast and soon he lost track of her. He couldn’t let her go like that – someone might hurt her. And he wanted to know how she ended up in the Sand on the beach.
Ephyra looked at the people on the streets. It was late in the night.
“What’s your name?”she asked no one in particular. Three high school girls laughed as they pass by Ephyra. Then she realized she was different from them…than most of the people on The street. They were neatly and Nicely dressed like the ones she used to see those times she used to swim up to the beach.
“Yes!I am in the Human world!” She screamed
“It’s so beautiful in here!” The people around stared at her and they whispered into each others ears. Ephyra walked faster,turning around with her head tossed back.
“I feel like a Human!”
Then she began to sing as she walked.
“I would be a Human
I would sing to myself the whole day
I would comb my hair with the comb of pearl
And still as I comb it would sing and say,
I would be a Human
I would comb my hair till my ringlet could fall,
Low a down,low a down -”
The song stopped abruptly when she bumped into someone and a phone dropped to the ground… Shattering the screen.
Ephyra reopened her eyes quickly.
The Man utters a profanity while Ephyra walked away without apologizing or even saying a word to him.
She hummed her sing in a low tone
The man went to her and grabbed her clothes and pulled her back.
“hey miss -”
Ephyra jerked free and he stood in front of her. He slowly took in her features.
Her long brown hair swept over one shoulder. She had incredible bone structure and skin that was nothing less than luminous. Her full lips,nice nose and eyes with long thick lashes. They were Aquamarine!
He noticed she was dressed in hospital gown and she was barefooted – No shoes”
Ephyra wanted to leave again but he blocked her pathway
“You should apologize miss” He said
“A – po – lo – gize?” She repeated
“Yes…say sorry”
Ephyra raised her eyebrow
In the MERWORLD you only say sorry when you did something bad,talk bad about someone…. Etc
“For what?” She folded her arms
“You don’t know?” He showed her his broken phone.
“Who are you? And why should I apologize or say sorry -?”
“You bumped into me and you ruined my phone”
“It was your fault!” She pointed a finger at her
“You were busy -” she paused and pointed to his phone
But she didn’t know what he had called it
“Miss! Miss!”
Ephyra turned back and saw James
“Are you her guardian?” He asked when James was close. And James gave him a nod.
“Why did you run out of the hospital like that?”
“I…I..wanted to see the Human world” she answered with shrug
“Are you okay?”
“Yes I am fine”
“Excuse me young Man I don’t think she’s fine. She bumped into me and ruined my phone”
James studied him
He knew who the Man was.
James wondered what a man like him was doing on the street late night. He tried to hide his identity under a disguise but only a true fan of his could tell that he was the Top Most Model in USA. James wasn’t a fan of celebrities but Gideon had pestered him to buy him posters of celebrities so he would put them up in this bedroom. So that made James to know some famous celebrities in their country. The man could buy hundreds of phone if he wanted to or even more But James did well by bringing out his wallet to pay him for the broken phone.
“I don’t need your money young man. You should use it to check her into a mental home and buy her a shoe…or better still just confine her to a mental home for life so she won’t go about hurting people”
Anger crashed over James at the man’s words but he did a good did at hiding it.
“Thanks for the advice but you can as well learn how to talk to people properly.t Being a celebrity doesn’t give you the chance to be rude to others”
James held Ephyra’s hand and pulled her behind him.
“Who is he?” Ephyra asked
“Are you okay?” James asked
“Did he hit you?”
“So why didn’t you apologize to him?”
“It wasn’t my fault!”
“You should have said sorry to him”
Ephyra clenched her teeth as she looked back at the man. In her world he would have bowed to her as the Princess of Merillia Kingdom.
“Where are we going to?”
“To the hospital”
“Where is the hospital?”
“The place you ran -”
“No” she jerked free
“James held her but she stepped backward”
“I don’t want to go back”
“You need to get better”
“No I’m fine”
“Then I’ll be forced to carry you”
He crouched down in front of her.
“Hop on my back”
Ephyra stepped aside
“Come on!” He coaxed
“Can’t I stay in that thing?” She pointed to the moving taxi
“No..not now please.. Let’s go”
There was no arguing with him so she climbed on his back and he carried her up.
“Are you okay?”
The man watched from where he stood
And he figured the doctor knew his identity. Then he thought of Ephyra.
“Are they dating?” He asked
“No…what responsible man would leave his psycho girlfriend to roam the street at night..with no shoe”
He thought
He waved it off. It was none of his business. He concluded but he still found himself drawn to the Psycho Lady.
Now..I did not ask you to guess the Man oo. ????
???? another name for Ephyra “Psycho Lady”
Hmm Ephyra acting like a bush woman…like Someone from the village that just visited Lagos for the first time ????
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Author Ademide ✍????

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