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A wish. Episode 7

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A WISH ????????‍♀
Episode 7
Theme:Missing Ephyra
Queen’s Chamber
“My Queen get up and eat so you can be strong” Oceanus said
“No bring back Ephyra. My child has been gone for 7 weeks now and you haven’t done anything about it” Tethys cried
“You heard what Wanwisa said when she asked the Sea, Almeta is gone for now and the Sea will bring her back whenever he needs her”
“When is the Sea going to need her?”
“I don’t know My Queen”
“I want my child or else I will die”
He sat on her bed and stroked her face.
“Tethys please accept the fact that Almeta is gone for now..please don’t die before Ephyra returns”
He hugged her
“I want to see my child. What is she doing in that world? What if they find out she is a Mermaid and they try to destroy her? My king you know how wicked they are..The Humans are heartless”
She sobbed in his chest
“No don’t think like that – the Great Sea will protect her” she nodded in agreement
“Get up Chantae let’s go and play” Calista shakes her up
“I’m not interested” Chantae replied soberly
“Why?” Calista asked
“I want to be alone”
“Is this about Ephyra? Come on! it being 7 weeks. And it obvious she isn’t coming back again”
“Says who?” Calliope asked
“It was her Wish”
“Or you don’t want her to come back again?!” Calliope screamed at her
Calista became frightened
“I want her to come back”
“No you don’t…and I can’t believe you’ve forgotten her so quickly”
“No that’s not true”
Calista countered
“I’m sure you are happy now”
Chantae said with a glare
“Happy? Happy about what?”
“You’re happy that Ephyra is gone..now you are the Most beautiful Mermaid in our Kingdom!” Calliope screamed again
“No you girls are mistaken!”
“Ephyra is coming back.. You will see” Calliope and Chantae swims away angrily.
“My lord why are you still in bed at this hour?” Meltem asked
Meltem {Wind of the Sea} the 13th princess of Bhupendra and Calista. She was married to Azizi.
“Nothing I just need to rest”
“My Lord you haven’t been yourself since the princess disappearance. Since the past 7weeks you neglected your duties. Do you want to be like forever?”
“Meltem I want to be alone”
“Everyone is worried about you. My lord you have to be strong for the Queen”
“I should have stopped her” he muttered
“My lord you tried your best. And it was Princess Ephyra’s wish to leave our world”
“No I should have done so many things before it got to that -”
He said soberly
“It was all my fault” He whispered
“My lord what do you mean?”
“Listen Meltem..one day I saw Ephyra swimming up beyond the Merboundary”
“Where was she headed?”
“Probably to the Human World”
Meltem gasped
“What?! That’s impossible! That world is far from our world”
“Yes that was my thought until she went missing for days”
“So you think the Princess went to that world”
“Yes but back them it didn’t bother me. I thought she was connecting with the Sea”
“Why didn’t you tell Father about it?”
“I can’t Meltem”
“I know what my Father is capable of doing to me if he finds out”
She held his hand and squeezed it gently
“Please don’t blame yourself”
“It was all my fault Meltem”
A tear slid down his cheekbone.
“I couldn’t persuade father to cancel her marriage to one of the princes. She didn’t want to get Married cause Ephyra felt it was too early for her. That was why she made that Wish. You know things would have been different if the Marriage issue was not there”
“No I don’t think so. If it was true that Princess Ephyra swims up to the Human world then maybe she fell in love with that world. And when you broke the news that Father was determined to get her married.. Then I think she used the Wish as a chance to be free from getting married”
Azizi nodded in agreement
“Be at peace My Lord” she hugged him

James opened the car door for Ephyra to enter into it.
“Get in” he said
“Me?why should I -” she paused to admire the car.
Ephyra has been discharged from the hospital. She was diagnosed of Amnesia (Loss of Memory ” during one of the tests. She couldn’t tell them her address,family or friends they could contact to let them know she was in the hospital. She only told them her name which they found strange. She said Ephyra and pointed to the name on a Nurse badge “Adams”.
” Ephyra Adams” James pronounced and she nodded
Ephyra didn’t want to disclose her true identity. James explained the meaning of Amnesia to her and she knew they were wrong. Her memory was fine and intact. She remembered her world,who she used to be and how she ended up in the Human World. James decided that he would help her regain her memory. He asked her if she would move into his home, though James was still oblivious of the fact that Ephyra was a mermaid. And Ephyra without wasting time agreed since she doesn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to turn to in her new world.
She pleaded with him to teach her what normal Humans could do and James agreed even though her finds her a bit strange.
“What is this?”
“Its a car”
“Car? For what?”
“I will drive it to take us home” she stood up straight
“Why can’t we go home with our legs?”
“No,the drive to my home is about an hour drive”
“What is an Hour drive?”
James rolled his eyes. He pushed her Into the car and shut the door.
“What is this?”
She took a toy from the backseat
“Oh! It a boy! Who is this boy?!” She asked
Ephyra screamed in surprise when James started the car and it glided into motion.
“Calm down we are moving. It is a Superman’s toy” he replied
She relaxed and smiled at him
“What is Super – Man Toy?”
“Please use your seatbelt” he ignored her question
“Seat belt?”
“It right beside you”
She searched
“There..no over there”
She poked her ass towards him
“No be careful..Ephyra just sit down and let me help you” James said
He stopped the Car
“Huh? Why did it stop?”
“Traffic sign says stop”
He showed her the seatbelt and helped her with it
Ephyra removed it and did it herself
“Good Girl” he roughens her hair with his hand
“You are such a fast learner” He pinched her cheek gently
And she blushed. Ephyra picked the toy and stick out her tongue.
“Good boy..you are such a fast learner” She said to the toy. James stiffed back a laugh.
“James what’s a traffic sign?”
“That device over there”
He pointed
Ephyra bends her head to see
“Which device?”
“That light over there”
Then she popped her head out of the window to see it.
“Ephyra -” he called
“Wow! The road is so beautiful!”
“Sit down Ephyra!” he said
Annoyance clear in his tone and she sensed it
“Okay” she said in a low tone
Ephyra sat back in the car with her gaze fixed on the toy.
James took a wick glance at her and he noticed she was not happy. He did not want to hurt her.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you”
He apologized
Ephyra nodded slowly
“It okay if you want to know some certain things you see around here”
Then her face brightened a bit
“Why are there so many car?..where are they heading to?”
The light signalled Green
And the cars moved
“Uhmm probably to work -”
“Work? What is work? Do you work?”
“Yes I am a Surgeon”
She nodded
At least she knew that fact about him
“We all work to earn money”
“Money? What is money?”
“A currency for a means of exchange…and We spend money”
“So why do Humans need money?”
“To pay bills, feed and buy good stuffs etc”
“So why are you not at work?”
“I’m on leave now”
“What does that mean?”
“When you take a break from work to relive your stress”
“Stress? Explain it..I don’t know”
She shook her head
“Stress is a state of mental tension resulting from overworking”
“Okay” she clapped
“Do you have family?”
“Yes I have a younger brother”
“What’s his name?”
“Gideon.. he was the one that found you on the beach”
“Then I have to say thank you to him”
“So what about your parents?”
“They both died in car crash when I was 18”
“I’m sorry for asking”
“No it fine if you want to get to know me”
“So are you married?”
“I am not ready to -”
She cuts him off
“But you are 26..old enough to get married”
Ephyra was judging from the rules in the MERWORLD. A Merman at 26 would have started a family even before that age.
“Let’s just say I haven’t found the right woman”
His gaze met hers but Ephyra looked away quickly
“Tell me about this bracelet” he said
“Huh?” She looked down at the bracelet.
It was the Neifion Bracelet Azizi gave to her in the MERWORLD.
“I don’t remember anything about it” she lied
“It strange”
“No..let me remove it”
She tried it and it glowed
“Uhmm it nothing” she laughed and hid her hand away from him.
“Really? Then what about your eyes?”
“My eyes?”
Then she remembered her eyes responds to the bracelet. Ephyra cursed under her breathe and closed her eyes
“Is this some kind of magic?” James asked
“No..it not magical”
Then it went off
“It strange..very strange” he whispered
“I can’t wait to meet your brother” she said to stop him from thinking about the bracelet.
What would you have done of you were in James?
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