August 2, 2021

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A Wish. Episode 8

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A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 8
Theme:Knowing My dreamworld
James punched in the password to unlock the door. Ephyra gasped in surprised
“James how did you do that?”
He closed the door and showed her the password to his home.
“You can’t tell anyone the password okay?” He said
She raised her hand up
And she gave him a high five. The night they were returning back to the hospital,she saw two children doing the ‘high five’ slapping their hands together. She liked it so she asked James to teach her. And he did.
“Hello” Gideon greeted when James walked in with Ephyra behind him.
“Wow!” She gasped at the beauty of the luxurious living room.
“Why is she with you?” Gideon asked
James placed a finger on his lips to silence Gideon.
“Ephyra meet Gideon” James introduced
“Oh! You are the one that saved on the beach”
“Yes it nice to see to you again”
“Thank You” she took his small hand
“No you say it nice to see you too or it a pleasure or likewise” Gideon corrected
Ephyra shot James a confused look
“I..was..thanking you for life..on the beach” she stuttered
“Oh! Okay”
“Perhaps..can..I touch..that thing?” She pointed to the green sofa. Gideon exchanged glances with James.
“Ephyra will be staying with us for now” James said to his brother
“You’re welcome to our home” Gideon said
He took her hand and led her to the Sofa. She sat on it gently but stood up immediately.
“James..tell me -”
“Its a sofa” James replied
The sofa was different from the Sea moss chair in her world.
“Wow! Its so comfortable”
“You don’t know what a Sofa means?” Gideon laughed
Ephyra blinked and nodded
“I am just getting use to things in this world” she mumbled. James picked the remote on the table. He pointed the remote towards the big TV on the wall. Ephyra went to the Tv.
“James what is this?”
“Television” he responded
“Tv for short” Gideon added she touched the screen
“Wow! James this is so beautiful.. But who are these people?”
“Actors” Gideon replied
She jumped in fear when James increased the volume a bit. She placed her hands on her mouth.
“He’s talking to Me!”
Ephyra turned to James
“How did they get in there?” She asked when an actress appeared on the screen too
“Come here” James said
“He’s so cute!” She pointed to the actor on Tv. Then he kissed the actress. Ephyra clapped excitedly. She knew what they were doing because she had seen Fairfax kissing Nakendra during their bonding ceremony and some other Mercouples.
“Are they married?”
She asked
“So why are they kissing?”
In the MERWORLD only Married couples shared kisses on the lips but unmarried ones shared kisses on the forehead and cheeks.
“They are acting” Gideon said
James went to her and pulled her to the sofa.
“Can I do that too?”
“Acting?” She pouted
James sat her forcefully on the sofa.
“I want to be inside the Tv too”
“You have to be an actress to be on Tv”
“I want -”
“You are pretty and I think you will make a good actress” Gideon said
Her cheeks flushed pink she covered her face
“Thank you”
Then She went to sit beside Gideon
“You are handsome too” she said
“Better than him?” Gideon asked
She looked at James. she laughed loudly.
James and Gideon’s exchanged confused looks. Ephyra stood up
“Bro why is she staying with us?” Gideon whispered
She went to the ceramic flower vase which had the image of a Mermaid imprinted on it. It reminded her of who she was in the MERWORLD. She wondered if they were all doing fine without her. She was worried about her mother. And she suddenly wished that they could all move to the Human World and live together.. But none of them liked the Human world except her.
“She doesn’t remember anything about and all” James said to Gideon
Gideon felt pity for her. Ephyra turned back at them
“James I want to work” she said with a serious face. She settled down beside him. He held her small hands in his large ones.
“Ephyra you can’t work”
“You need to get better”
“So what am I going to do?”
“Gideon is on you can help him with studies”
“What?! She doesn’t even know TV and Sofa..and you want him to help me”
“I can help you” she said
“Really?” She nodded
Gideon stood up and motioned towards his room.
“Are you okay?” James asked
“I’m fine”
“Would you like something to drink? Tea, soda -”
“I’m fine”
Gideon came back with his arithmetic textbook
“Solve this equation Miss”
It was the arithmetic his teacher gave them as assignment but no one could solve it. Ephyra collected the pencil and she solved it.. Then Gideon checked it with the correction his teacher gave to him. She was correct!
“How did you -” he trailed off
“Are you convinced that she can help you?” James asked
He was surprised the She could solve the equation.
“Maybe” Gideon answered
“James can’t I do other things aside helping Gideon?”
“Let’s work with Gideon for now..I will provide you with anything you need -”
“Books!” She screamed
Ephyra decide that she needed to know more about the Human World, so reading the books here could help her in some ways.
“You want books?”
“Yes..about Humans”
“We have books about Human Anatomy in the library. Gideon will show you”
“And I also want that thing you place on your ear and talk to it” She demonstrated
“Phone?” James said
She nodded
“I noticed everyone around here has it”
Gideon laughed
“I will get you one”
“And shoe” she smiled
Ephyra recalled the look on the man’s face she bumped into. She didn’t like that look of disgust.
“Then let’s go to the Mall to pick some stuffs for her” Gideon suggested
“Mall?” She repeated
“It is a place where you can buy variety of an enclosed shopping centre” Gideon explained
“Gideon go and change your wears”
“Okay” he raced to his room
Ephyra went to the TV
“Can we go with the Tv?”
“Why?..I love it”
“You can’t carry the TV around like it a cellphone”
“But I can” she responded
James went to her
“Ephyra -”
“The actor won’t be happy that we are leaving him behind”
She said with a sad face
“The actor doesn’t know you,he can’t hear you now”
“Time to go to the Mall!” Gideon’s screamed
“You know what?” James asked
“You will play with the Superman toy” James said
And her face brightened forgetting about the TV

It was a cool Saturday Morning,not much doing. Harry climbed into bed after a quick breakfast of Bacon and eggs. He was about to plug in his earphones to listen to music when the doorbell jangled. Harry silently prayed that whoever was at the door shouldn’t be his mother or Eleanor. And at the same time he wondered “who could it be?”
He hopped out of bed and slipped on his soft slippers which had the ears of rabbit. He moved out of the room to the living room. His eyes widened in shock when he saw the person on the porch through the intercom.
Shawna was there! Looking beautiful as ever!
Shawna Brown was the closest female friend he had in Italy. He convinced her to move to USA to run Masters degree but she refused. She wanted to run the program in another country. Two Years now and she was there on his porch! He watched as she applied more lips gloss on her full lips.
“Still the old Shawna” he muttered
Harry unlocked the door
“Harry!” She hugged him immediately
“Hi Shawna” he greeted
He tried to pull back but she held him tightly
“I miss you My Harry Potter!”
Shawna pulled back to look at him
“Now look what we have here! Hot and Sexy as ever!” She teased
Harry chuckled
“Come in Shawna”
She stepped in
“Nice apartment” She complimented
“Oh Thanks!”
She settled on the couch
“What would you like to drink? Yoghurt?”
He remembered that was her Favourite. And Shawna managed to make him love it too.
“Yeah Yoghurt”
“Be right back”
He motioned towards the kitchen
“Good to hear that you haven’t forgotten some stuffs about me” Shawna said when Harry came back seconds later.
“Can I?..I doubt that” he winked
And they both laughed
“Thank You” she said
“So how did you find me?”
“Come on Harry!’ She gulped down a whole glass of Yoghurt
“You are Famous, A Superstar, so it was not hard for me to find you”
Their gaze locked and she said
“Okay..I’ll tell you”
“I’m listening”
“I came in two days ago..but before that I saw the news -” she paused
“What news?” He asked
“You don’t know?”
Harry raised his brow
“Your birthday..I saw the picture of you sharing a Kiss with Eleanor White”
“Oh!” Harry Huffed and rolled his eyes
“Shawna you won’t locate this place with that picture” He stared at her
“You got me'” she threw her hands up
“I met your mom yesterday. So she gave me your address”
“You did not forget my family home address?”
“No..I have it in my diary. And I’m glad that your mom remembered me even though we met just once. And I’m super excited to see you again!”
She said happily
“I am happy to see you too”
“You haven’t settled things with your mom?”
Harry was silent
“Well you mom told me some certain things about -”
“Same words she told you years back” Harry cuts in
“Maybe..but I think you are taking things too Far”
“Just like what you said two years ago. Shawna can we discuss something else please?”
“Like what?”
“Anything about you” He replied with a smirk
“Let’s start with you” she said with a half smile
“That kiss with Eleanor -”
“It was nothing”
“Yes Shawna but everyone thinks we are in a serious relationship”
“Are you guys not in a serious relationship?”
“No..Eleanor is not my girlfriend”
Her face brightened a bit
“So why didn’t you arrange an interview with the press to let them know that they are mistaken”
“I don’t have time. Moreover it would die down in two weeks time” he answered
She stood up and went to him.
“So are you still the same old Harry?”
“What do you mean?”
“I Mean..the Harry I used to know” Harry chuckled
“Go straight to the point Miss -” he paused and looked down at her fingers. No ring!
“I’m not married” she said in a tight whisper with a big smile on her face.
“Relationship?” He asked
Then they lapsed in silence
“Single?” She asked
He nodded
“In love?” She asked
He was silent again
An image flashed through his mind. And he tried to block the image from his mind’s eye.
“Harry?” Shawna called at him snapping him out of Reverie. And he jerked back to life.
“Sorry..what were you saying?” He scratched the bridge of his nose
“Are you in love with someone?”
“Come on know love -”
“Love doesn’t exist in your world” she completed his intended statement
He snapped his finger
“Harry I understand that what happened between your parents changed your mind about love..but seriously? You are getting older, Harry you are 26,clearly old enough to start a family”
“You are 26 Shawna clearly old enough to get married” he said
“Yes I know”
“So why are you still single?”
“I am waiting for the right guy.. And I think have found him”
“Tell me about Mr Perfect”
He pinched her cheeks gently
“I am serious Harry”
“And I am serious Shawna” he grinned
“Do you know the reason why I moved to USA?”
“I was about asking the same question”
“So do you know?”
“No..I don’t -” he paused
“Lemme guess.. you want to spend some time here and enjoy USA breeze for a while”
She held his hands
“I moved to USA because of you”
“Me?!” He jaw dropped slightly
“Yeah..And to be honest I couldn’t stop thinking about you since you left Italy”
No! He didn’t want to hear her telling him about Love! Harry shifted uncomfortably on the couch.
“Shawna -”
She placed a finger on his lips and silenced him.
“Harry I think am in love with you. And when I saw that picture of you and Eleanor I thought it was true and I felt sad that i had lost you to another woman. I blamed myself for not telling you about my feelings when we were together. And..I couldn’t tell you back then because I did not want ruin our friendship. And I had thought travelling to Spain would make me forget those feelings..but no..I was wrong. It kept growing and I regretted not coming with you to USA when you asked me to”
Harry was surprised! He never knew Shawna was in love with him! Or maybe she did a good job at hiding her feelings for him! She never acted like she wanted something more than just being friends with him in Italy. And Harry never thought of her as more than a Friend.
“So are you saying for 2 years didn’t love or date any guy”
“I did” she replied honestly
“But every relationship I had didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. I never loved my men the way I love you Harry” She replied
He ran his hand into his hair
“What do we do now?”
“Harry open your heart to love and give me a chance to show you that love truly exists”
He stood up
“I don’t think it a good idea”
“Why not? Harry this is going to work If only you are ready to let go of everything you have against your mother”
He nodded impatiently
This is not about his Mom! Shawna isn’t the right woman for him,same with Eleanor No doubt in his mind about that. The feeling of love was the missing puzzle between their relationships. And even if he changed his mind and decided to fall in love then she would be different from the women in his lives.
A woman that would make his heart beat at the mere sight of seeing her and thinking about her.
A woman that would make him realize that love exists without being told.
He thought deeply
“I’m sorry Shawna”
“ will give you enough time to think about it”
“No Shawna let’s just be friends”
“But I want to be more than that..I want you to see me as a woman and not just a friend” she responded in a tight whisper
“Shawna -”
She leaned in
“Think about it Harry. I’ll take my leave now” he nodded
But in his mind, There was absolutely nothing to think about. He doesn’t love her! And Harry isn’t ready to love any woman! He can only regard them as Friends not Lovers!

A wish. Episode 9 to 12
A wish. Episode 7

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