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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 12

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Chapter ????12❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Gretel smilled

The interviewer continued.

” good day madam”.
“good day “.
“what can you tell us about Gretel Hoffman “.
” I don’t know who that is.

She showed her a picture of Gretel
“ooh the pretty girl who came on the rainy day”.
S” how long has she been visiting”.
” I ave never seen her it was only on that day in fact I was the one who gave her the towel she tied while the maids washed her uniform”.
“thank you”.

The speaker turns to the audience
so now someone should join me to wonder what kind of lover or sex partner or girlfriend never visits

Some of us may ask y didn’t Gretel go home
The driver is here to clear that

“good day sir
” good day
” pls tell us why you didn’t you take Gretel home
” I called Gretel on phone when I heard of my sons accident she told me to go that she would call me after class
“in my haste I forgot my phone in the car and ran into the hospital and that should be when Gretel called .

” so by what time did you enter the hospital
“12 pm
” by what time did you realize her call
” 3:50 but the call started from 2 pm
” thank you

I will like to talk to a staff from prestigious
” Good day ma
” good day

” pls by what time is the gate closed on Thursdays
” by 2
” thank you

Lastly I will talk to simeon

” simeon by what time did you pick up gretel and why
” the rain was heavy Gretel was realy soiled and there was no sign of her driver coming so I had to help her it was by 2:30

” thank you

The speaker turns to the audience

Now the story is easily narrated
Gretels driver left to visit his sick son in the hospital and he forgot his phone in the car though he took permission from gretel and she promised to call him when she needed his services, when Gretel called her driver He didn’t pick up she waited for him outside till the heavy rain started when she tried runing back into the school compound the gate was locked few minutes later SIMEon arrived and took Gretel to his house his maid handed her a towel as they washed her cloths simeon being a nice guy lended his “girlfriends” cloth to gretel which she wore and waited for her driver who came and picked her immiediately after he saw the call
pls what is so wrong in this scene I believe that next time before we nail someone we should be sure of what we are saying
lastly I will refer to the blogger who started this whole thing
” what do you have to say
” am sorry Gretel am sorry to the Hoffman’s family I wasn’t sure of what I saw and I spoilt an innocent girls reputation please forgive me
” with this the live show comes to an end
Gretel switched of the television and hieved a sigh of relieve

” I cant believe i didnt even let you explain dear am sorry

” its all right dad
” come here
She hugged her father and her mother joined them


SIMEON was sitting down in the living room few minute after the show was over and to his greatest surprise his father walked into the living room

” hy dad what a surprise
” how are you
“I am good
” I came to confirm whether my house had finally become a media house
” I thought as much you can never realy come to visit me
Mr standford sat down on the chair
” I dont know what you love about this place why did you leave the state’s
” what’s the point I lived with you but I still felt like I lived alone so I thought maybe i should just live alone
Just then Mr standford saw the drug on the table
” what’s this drug for
” nothing it’s just supplements
” well then eat better
” ok
” I am leaving son , got a meeting with Carl.
” good bye..

he stood up and took one of the drugs which simeon didn’t notice him slip into his pocket
He then walked out of the house
SIMEON lay back on the couch


Celine was sweeping the compound when her mother walked in all dressed up

” are you going out?.
” I want to go to the market”.
“ok, mama I have thought about what we talked about and I am willing to do the job so please inform aunty b”.

“no problem, I will call Brigitta When I get out.
“ok .


Mr and Mrs hoffman walked into the living room where gretel sat

” why are you both dressed up I thought you where baby sitting me
” the maids will take care of you but for now i will like to go on a date with my wife
” wow happy honeymoon
” don’t forget to eat well when you are hungry and do not go out

” wow am stuck home alone

” have fun

The couple walked out Gretel was looking for a good channel in the tv to watch when a the head Maid walked in

” Gretel someone is looking for you
” who is it?
” you better check yourselve dear
” thank you

She walked into the compound where she saw SIMEON all though she didn’t see his face because he faced his car she still recognized him

” simeon?
SIMEON turned
” hey !!
Gretel drags him into the house

” someone might see you
” you are realy funny am not hiding you are still my friend
” why are you here
” won’t I sit
” sorry
He sat down
” what are you doing here
” I was worried about you secondly I heard you didn’t come to school too
” ooo well as you can see am totally fine… and I saw the news thank you”.
” you are welcome gorgeous, get well soon school is boring without you
” what did miss about me
” everything
” nice ( she smilled )
” you are missing the best channel, here “, he stretched his hands and picked the remote by Gretels side …. Gretel swallowed at how close he came….just then she traced his eye from the remote to her face ….then down her lips… She gently moved her lips without saying any words… She looked at him .

“Uhhmmm well the channel…”, she tried moving to take the remote but he held her hands and kissed her lips….Gretel opened her eye wide , what was going on….She still kissed him back…after a whike the both unlocked from the kiss… She looked up and down innocently as her link lips brightened the moment..
Gretel scratched her hair gently
” well , uhmmm….
” Gretel I like you , I can’t control it anymore , I really like you very much.

” but you just Met me.

Simeon smiled.

” no I didn’t gret , I always loved you…
” but you are dating Anna right , I mean you said so.
” that’s a lie, I had to confuse the press.
” Gretel just try me , give me a chance , I promise to be better than the later..

” actually simeon I like you too and all ….you are really gorgeous and popular and amazing but..

” it’s ok , don’t worry, don’t rush or force it just take your time I will respect your decisions.

” oh ok …

Simeon smiled

” am sorry for stealing that kiss .
” oh its ok…. I understand.

They both smiled and looked up to the television.

Celine house.

Celine was sweeping the compound when chimezie walked in.

” what happened ?.
” they sent me home and we have test
” wear your shoe lets go to your school I hope that black short woman is not aroundz”.
” no she is not around its the fair one.
” lets go.

she and chimezie walked out of the compound and headed for the school.

Celine arrived and met with the woman in charge whom she discussed with.

” ma’am as I was saying our mother traveled and she promised to pay as soon as she comes back next tomorow

” why didn’t chimezie tell me this all right don’t worry, chimezie go back inside the class room

” thank you ma

She walked out of the woman’s office.


Danny just finished shooting he walked towArds his car and called Sandra on phone

” Sandra
‘ good day sir
” the shoot is over am heading over to the suite
” I thought you had plans today I already sent you her location
” you are realy something.

New York .
Mr Staffords mansion????

the doctor walked in and met Mr Stafford at the living room
” thanks for coming doc.
” you sounded urgent
” it is”, mr Stafford said as he brings out the drug from his bag
” doctor what is this drug for?”, he asked

The doctor took the drug from him
” who ever takes this is should be experiencing liver issues

” you can’t be serious take this to your hospital and give me certain information.

” all right sir

The doctor walked away Mr Stafford headed for his bar where he drank very strong alcoholic drink.


Simeon arrived home where he met his Head maid who handed him his drug.

” simeon I think you should tell your father about your condition my dear”.
” I don’t want to, actually when I found out I was sick I was happy at least its a deadly disease which can kill me and reunite me with mum
I knew dad will find out about the illness if I lived with him that’s why I came back here I never took any of the drugs prescribed to me I just waited for death to come, am still waiting
” simeon !!!!?.
” but I met someone, gretel Hoffman , She makes me want to live so that’s why I started taking those drugs if I don’t die I would like to live so I can be with that person….

” then you have to call your father so your treatment can be taken serious”.

” ahhhhh its pointless, what’s the point, gretel might not love me back right, so who Will I live for.
” you can never realy tell simeon.

” you promised not to inform dad right I hope you keep your word I don’t want to involve him in this, he has an empire to take care of.

“as you wish”, the maid said ….

Lillian walks out


Danny was driving down the street when he saw celine trying to cross the streets he couldn’t believe his eyes
He drove over to where she stood and stopped in front of her

Celine wasnt with her glasses so she couldn’t see the person in the car very clearly but she believed the person should be accorded some respect
” good evening sir “.
” hey c ,don’t you recognize me?.

Danny came down from the the car and stood in front of her
” oh its the proud peacock”, she said gently.

” why didn’t you recognize me
” i recall you more with your height you know my sight isnt that great anyway…
” then y are you so clumsy to forget your glasses ?.
” Ave been surviving without it even before I got it, so….

She tried walking down Danny chased after her

” hey c ,stop waking down I stoped to talk to you.
” but what’s c for?.
” oh nothing just your name I am sure it starts with c
” its Celine”.
” well am Danny”.
” proud peacock.
“commoner”, danny replied.
” whatever “, celine said.
” yea Windows “, danny replied as he leaned in his car.

Celine sticked out her tongue and smirked at him

Danny chuckled.


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