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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 13

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Chapter ????13❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


” ummm, are you busy ?”,danny asked .
” no am not , why…
” actually , I want you to escort me some where “,…
“no way , why Will I follow a proud peacock like you…
” ok no problem, do your wish…

Celine tried to walk out when Danny placed a fake call , she stopped to listen to his call

” is this the commissioner of police, yes I was wondering how many years imprisonment someone gets for fraud”,….

” hey , what are you doing ?…
” are you coming?”,…
” sir a girl duped me of 30, 000 i believe the police force wont ignore this, yes her name is Celine and …..
” ok, ok am coming with you…
” I didn’t hear you clearly ,you say whaaaat!!!!!!!?.
” i said am going with you “,celine said, .. almost hitting him to drop the phone.

Danny dropped the phone and they entered the car

Celine couldn’t help staring at Danny while he drove
“I wish I could see his face clearly “, she said to herself.


” wow!, we are here…
” the mall!! ?”, celine asked
” no the parking lot , of courze the mall ….
He took his face cap from the car and covered his face and they walked out

Celine still stood outside the mall looking at the big door and the security standing there

” come on lets go”, danny said

Celine ran behind him as Danny walked too fast .
they walked into the mail and soon Danny headed for the health area
“are you sick?”, celine asked him.
“no am not, do I look sick?.

Soon the got there a man came forward to attend to them

” I need something that can clear skin infections and bacteria ?.

” but you don’t look infected?”, celine said.
” I can give you cynameda…
” ok how much?.
” 50, 000
” its too cheap it won’t work …
” all right, this one is power full , try this
” how much?.
” 100. 000″.
“thank you”, danny said

He took it from the man and they walked away then he handed it over to Celine

” what , why are you giving me this…
” I bought it for you”, danny said
” stop screaming , that dirty water you put your hand into can get you infected so apply this on your hands and this on your leg while you drink this..

” what !!!!!!!!!!!
” are you listening?…
” Jesus Christ of nazareth 100, 000 ?”,..
” I thought it was too cheap too who knows if it would work”,.
“What !!!!!, am returning this “,
She dragged the bag from Danny and tried rushing back to health center but Danny drew her back
“Hey , stop ..you are troublesome”.
” this is too expensive ,blood of God….
” no its not, am the one paying right?.
” ok ok let go of me I won’t return it “, Celine said
“ok lets go “, danny replied

Just as Danny left Celine, Celine tried running into the health center again Danny rushed after her and took her hand

” omg stop, you are embarrassing me( he looked around ) people will recognize me here.
“you say what ?”…
“nothing “…

” just let go off me ,let me return this drug, this money will buy my family house don’t you know!!!!
” don’t bother I already paid..
” all right lets go , I won’t run

Just as Danny let go off Celine she tried running off again this time Danny caught her and carried her up he covered Celines gown well and walked further

” hey ,let go !!!!!’, celine shouted “I won’t let you embarrass me”, danny said.
Celine kicked her leg up and down she even resulted to pinching Danny
” if i drop you will you run?…
“no no , i swear.
” ok

He dropped Celine and this time celine didn’t run she was still embarrassed at how Danny carried her

” ok p , I accept the gift now , so let us go …

She tries rushing out Danny drew her back again.

“go?, when we just started shoping

” where to now?
“to buy cloths …
” for who ?.
“you soiled your cloths when you searched for my watch I am so sure you threw it out so it’s only write to replace it…….

” hahahahaha was i mad ?
” what !!
” nothing but , you don’t have to.. Am totally ok ..She gave him a thumb up and tried running out again
This time Danny dragged her like a little child till the got to the boutique
” pick what you like…
“ok .
She walked about but she didn’t pick anything she was busy checking the price tags
Soon a particular gown caught Danny’s eye it was red and pretty
He picked the gown and headed over to where celine stood

“what do you think?, pretty right ???….
Celine took the cloth from him and instantly checked the price 70, 000
Celine shouted “what!!!! “…
“try it out”…
” well its too bright , no thank you..
She hastily hanged the gown..
“try it first ,please ???

Celine took the cloth and headed for the dressing room
Later she came out wearing the gown she looked beautiful, danny was wowed he carefully checked her out ….she was indeed an angel. …. a troublesome Angel.

“you look beAutiful “….
” thank you, let’s go now “, she drags Danny’s hands

” I didn’t come all the way here to buy one cloth lets get more”…..
” can’t you see the price tags, don’t finish your money and get trapped in this village “, celine said with her hands on her ear.
Danny laughed
“what’s funny?
” nothing you are realy fun to be with, but my money can’t possibly finish , even if I buy this village..so don’t be scared , shall we go.

Danny picked every single female cloth that cought his eye and Celine chose the ones she liked
Till they were done

Danny and Celine went to make payments

“how much ?….
Just then he remembered that the price might cause Celine to faint
” uhmmm no dnt worry just collect the cost “, danny said and handed over his credit card which the girl returned to him

” you look realy familiar sir
” no I don’t”, danny replied
” if not for one thing I would have Said you are Danny Hoffman…..
“realy, so what’s the one thing…
“am not with my glasses”,… she said
” smiles ) all right “, danny said .

They walked out

“so i heard you like danny , what do you like about Danny Hoffman is it his movies or what ?
” who told you I like Danny Hoffman ?..
” sandra….
” Ave not actually seen his movies, but he is my dream come true …. he is the only dream I keep having….I don’t even dream about my future….. I don’t like him for what he has …..I just like who he is….I will be really glad if I could meet that guy even once..u know i even fasted for that , I told the goddess to let me meet my heart throb even if it’s once….watch out proud peacock am going to meet him one day..

You already met him ,sily girl …. Danny thought to himself .

” which celebrity do you like?.. she asked Danny.
” I like myself … and Danny Hoffman too.
Celine smiled happily.

” celine , danny hoffman … do you want to meet him ?…

” ohh my God yes, so muuuchh!!

Danny smiled and They got into the car
He drove Celine home when they got to the gate they both walked out.

” thank you am realy grateful”…Celine said .
” thanks too , and about meeting Danny Hoffman I can help you with that …
“yes he is my friend in a way so I can call him to meet you as appreciation for finding my watch”, danny said

” stop kidding with me …
” am not kidding “…
” so how do I meet him and why would he want to meet me am a nobody, and secondly how do I act , uhmmm what do i say , i never met a star before …

” just be you , being you is enough to attract any Prince charming….

Celine smiles

” so tomorow by 3 you have to come to that spot where the watch got lost and don’t forget your glasses !!!!!!…

” I won’t, i hope this is not a prank i would beat you up if It is… she walked into the compound…

Can i realy meet Danny Hoffman, would he want to see me, what would I do ,omg am already nervous “…..she said to herself

Danny’s suite.

Danny got to the suite he walked into Mr king and Sandra eating
“hey fam!
” i dont understand, why are you glowing?..
” am calling Jennifer this is not normal for a distant partner “..
“cool down you guys ,it’s nothing, I would freshen up”….

He walked into his room where he smilled at every thought of his day with Celine, Danny was so happy he didn’t even know why

Wow that girl is realy something else she totally made my day I wish I wasnt leaving yet
He took his bath and walked out then he sat a distance away from from Mr king and Sandra he had a glass of wine in his hand Mr king and Sandra couldn’t help but notice Danny smilling to himself at regular intervals

“I have everything set for our depature tommorow sir….
“ok that’s cool
” soo did you later meet Celine
” yes I met her and showed my appreciation too
” did you tell her about the modelling stuff
” it skipped my mind I will tell her later …
” that means you are meeting again…
” yea….

What Is Danny’s plan
Can he realy show himself to Celine

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