July 30, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 14

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Chapter ????14❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


**********???? 9am.
Prestigious high school

The students gisted with one another when someone ringed the bell, They all stood up..

Susan shouted to the class
“Come on lets go down the sport mistress is calling for the class!!!

Soon the whole class got downstairs where they stood in front of the woman

“good day students!!!
“morning Mrs mira!!!!!
” I already got the memo ,and the chosen leads are ……Gretel Hoffman and simeon Stanford

They whole class clapped

Wow I didn’t know they were serious gretel said to herself

” all the girls will be on white shorts with their blue singlets and the guys will be on their blue shots and white singlets…

” any questions!!!!!

SIMEON raised his hands

” yes Mr Stafford!!!!
‘I was wondering if you could change the male lead ?….
” its too late Mr Stafford it has already been signed and stamped
” All students should be early on saturday this is our last fun trip before the finals its a two day trip both group a and group b should be made of 20 students each 10 male and ten female the students should join their favourite group I only got a list of 50 interested students out of 60 in senior high class A … everything has been set for this trip and we are being awaited I wish you all a fun trip.
” thank you Mrs mira!!!!

” least I forget no student should arrive with a body guard, a personal car or even a persorsonal Maid everyone leaves together in one bus am I understood!!!!
” yes Mrs mira

The students walked in and Susan walked with gretel
” are you coming out for the ballet challange…
” no I don’t think so…
“too bad I was ready to scream your name …
“you wont compete”, gretel asked ”
” i cant compete i mean I am not ready…..
” keila is doing it anyway ,I am sure she’s winning…..
” Anna is competing ,keila is far behind her, keila cant win you are the only one who can compete Anna …..
” am not sure Anna would compete but if she does then I have to make sure she doesn’t win……

Just then keila walked to them
“Gretel I told you ….
” told me what?..
“you are the lead…..
“yea you did….
” so why does simeon want out anyway…..
“simeon is an athlete I mean he gat this so I dont understand.
“maybe he is sick or something…
” he is too cute to be sick…

” I have math right now…
” me too…..
” this trip is gonna be fun …..
” its just two days…

Staffords mansion
Mr Stafford sat in his house as his door man opened the door for the doctor

” ave been waiting for your response for days…
” am sorry ave just been busy..
” so what did you find out…
” if am correct that drug is a preventive measure to control the symptoms of liver failure who ever takes that drug is still at the beginning stage of this sickness because that’s only when the drug works as the sickness progresses that person would die as a resultant effect of the drug……

“what do you mean?…
” you shouldnt bother about this person because who ever takes
that drug doesn’t want to get cured he is just delaying his death…..

” this is impossible ….
” i pray so, pls relay my warnings to this person those drugs will kill him in a surprising manner and the death would be painful…
” what can be done…
” they person should drop those drugs and commence treatment I think he can still be cured …
“I believe you can handle this …
“of course unless you refer to my competition in this field that person is doctor Jude of hoffman hospital…..
” thank you doctor
” don’t forget to warn that person to avoid hard athletic activities
The doctor left

Mr Stafford was in so much pain he couldn’t hold his tears he wonderred why simeon hated him so much to choose death over him

Keilas house .
keila walked into the living room
“hey mom
” you are back star time relayed an invitation to you they want to interview all the competitors for the nationals
” that would be later mum i have a school game trip I would be back on Monday ….

She turned to one of the maids “pls pack up my things …
“yes ma.

” keila you have a compettion In a few days a big one and you are going for a school trip?

” mum I would be back…
” no, you won’t go anywhere..
” realy mum, all you think about is yourself just because you were one of the world best ballerinas doesn’t mean I have to be one ……you never looked at me you never asked me what I want rather you pushed me into this right from when I was 5.. but I never complained I don’t want this I love singing but i guess you don’t realy care”,…..

” you need to make me proud in this competition my friends can’t laugh at me all your life you only won a single medal listen keila if you can win this competition i would let you do music ,I promise..

” cross your heart?..
“I cross my heart “….
” all right but am not missing this trip ….
She ran into the room

Sims house .

simeon lay on the bed when his phone rang it was his father

” hello dad..
” I don’t know how long you planned to hide this sickness from me …
” ooo you found out don’t worry am fine am getting treated..
“Its not enough I am coming down tomorow morning to pick you pack up we are leaving for the state’s…
SIMEON angrily dropped the call and threw away his phone

A Maid rushed in
” get out!!!
The Maid ran out simeon packed up his school bag and walked into the compound where the head Maid ran towards him

” where are you going too
” I would stay in the hotel Mr Stafford would come here In the morning I can’t go with him at least not tomorow

” are you going to your suite
” maybe

He drove off…

Anna’s house

Mrs James sat in the living room with her daughter

” ave you picked your interview date?..
“yes mum..
“I believe you will not fail me in this final competition u won’t sit back and watch Gretel win again”….
” no never mum”….
” I hope you have gotten over the idea that you can do kimonis dance this time around I want you to learn my dance and do it”….
” I will mum”….
” good now go into the room and start practicing”….
” I thought I would go to the mall”….
” no mall today”.

Celines house…

Celines ran out of the compound fully dressed and she looked very good she realized she wasn’t with her glasses so she ran back to take it
Meanwhile Danny just finished dressing up he checked his watch it was 3 o clock he ran into the living room

” where to?…
” no where just around “…

He ran out and and drove of he got to the spot and waited for celine

Celine grabbed her glasses and rushed into the compound ” I am so excited,” she said to herself ….

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