July 31, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 1

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 2

She unzipped her uniform, and it slipped off
her shoulders. I was mesmerized by the sight
of her succulent bôobs, standing up with the
pointed Tips. She walked towards my bed
and I didn’t hesitate to sU-Ck those big black
tips, while playing with them with my tongue.
Meanwhile I was busy grabbing her big arse,
massaging it, and I knew she was enjoying
I however slipped two fingers into her wet
pucci, playing with her cl!t, and she was
seriously m0an!ng like a dog on heat (hey,
she was a b?tch). She was seriously giving
off ringtones and didn’t hesitate to zip down
my jeans and grab my rock-hard anaconda….
And she bent down and slipped it into her
mouth, and she sU-Cked it and Licked it, and
it made my brain spin….
I couldn’t take it any longer, I slammed her
onto the bed, spread her legs apart, and
logged in the USB into the hub, pounding it
like iyan…..
“Oh, doctor, oh please don’t stop, yeah baby,
oh yeah babeeeyyy”
And suddenly…..

“Doctor lagusta, wake up ooo, your patient is
convulsing again ooo”
Oh good lord, so it was all a dream…..
I quickly checked to see if I wasn’t wet…..
I got up, washed my face, made sure my
erect prick was flaccid again, and I stepped
out of the call room….
“Yes matron, what is it again”
“Mrs bebeto is convulsing again ooo”
“Okay okay, I have heard”….
I had to start another regimen of magnesium
sulphate for this 7month pregnant patient
with ecclampsia…..
We wanted to try and stabilize her until the
baby is at least eight months, before we bring
it out ourselves….
I checked the time, it was 2am…. I just had to
stay with her till morning.

Being a house officer isn’t easy, as a junior
doctor, you are the first on call, you do all the
work, and you leave the hospital dejected,
sunken and scawny, with no babes to fvck….
The next morning, with little sleep, I had to
attend the morning review….
My registrar was a very lazy, and very dull
doctor, in fact I didn’t know how he passed
through medical school….
He was just giving me tough assignments to
do; chasing blood samples, checking vital
signs, urinary output, all that crap….
And those big-assed nurses didn’t help
matters too…..
Until I had to go to the post-natal ward….
And while I was checking the blood pressure
of a patient…..
“Hello, I want to use the sphygmomanometer”
I looked up and saw a dark-skinned nurse,
not too fine joor….
“As you can see, I’m using it, so u have to
“Please be fast, I want to use it” she scoffed
I was like “what’s wrong with this ugly brat”
I used style to sample her; her bôobs were
just average, but as she turned to walk back
to the nurses station, her yansh was the ish…
It was bouncing and jiggling under her nearly
transparent White uniform, and yeah she
wasn’t wearing p@anties….
I knew this was an advertisement, but I ain’t
got time for all of that, at least for now….
So i handed it over to her, she took it without
looking at me, and I left

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