July 28, 2021

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K Pop maid. Chapter 7

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????????K-POP MAID ????????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

????ON GOD ????

Am still so proud of myself

I must admit i was extremely scared before coming to stage

I was thinking am going to embarrass myself and ruin my chances of getting into EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL

But look at me now

The honey and lukewarm water therapy finally worked

Although i still couldn’t hit high notes like fatty

But Atleast i still tried my best to waw the audience

Her voice wasn’t something beyond ordinary

She was not half as good as the fat girl

But she was still good and she was able to sing the song properly

I told her to sing a song because i was thinking she won’t be able to but guess i was wrong

‘are you satisfied’ Nam-il asked

I glared at him and he stuck his tongue out to mock me

How can a 24 year old man be so immature

Anyway he acts like that because he is the youngest in the band

‘so jina and fatty’ kyung wan said

Immediately he said fatty everyone started laughing

I guess they think kyung wan called her fatty to mock her not knowing that her real name

‘well i have to admit you guys are great’ jae woo said with a smile on his face

‘well, this performance was suppose to decide if you Will get into this school or not, so for giving such amazing performance welcome to EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL ‘ KYUNG wan said

Jeez i so much wish i could crush that spirit in her

‘well you finally made it into this school’ i said with a proud look on my face

Jin-Hyuk oppa is talking to me again, he only does that when he is up to something

‘well welcome to EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL’ oppa Jin-Hyuk said

‘thank you’ i replied

Well he didn’t say or do anything

That a surprise

So after the whole performance charade

I went back to the EFX MANSION to continue my job as a maid

I entered into the EFX MANSION, changed into my uniform

I haven’t seen any of the boys

I guess they are not home yet

So i walked up the stairs going through my social media on my phone without looking where i was going


That was the sound i made when i bumped into someone and fell on the floor

‘what the ????are you crazy or something’ i asked without even looking at the person’s face

‘you should be lucky you did not break my phone unless i wouldn’t have……….’ ????

I could not complete my sentence as i looked up to see who it was that bumped into me????

O. M. G ????

Immediately this strange song started playing in my head as i stand on my feet????

????Guess who is Gettin fired ????
????Jina is getting fired ????
????You are getting fired????
????Fired, fired, fired ????

That strange song keep repeating itself in my head????

‘s… S… S.. Sir’ i stammered ????

‘you wouldn’t have what’ Jin-Hyuk oppa asked as he dipped his hand into his picked staring at me????

‘w… W… E.. Well.. I’

What is wrong with me

Why can’t i just keep my Damn mouth shut

Jin-Hyuk oppa is not going to spare me now

I have a feeling he doesn’t like me at all from the start

And now this

I am so dead

‘you not saying actual word’ jin-hyuk said

This guy must be the saddest human i know

I have never seen him smile, smirk, laugh, grin, cry, angry or annoyed

No expression

Just very cold

But why does he have to be so handsome

He is just a troubled hottie with streak of sadism in him

‘w.. I.. I am sorry’ i said as i bowed my head

‘what that for’ he asked

‘i am apologising, i am extremely sorry sir’ i said still bowing my head

‘raise your head’ he said..

i slowly raised my head

‘unlike you am not a stark illiterate, you do not have to bow’ he said as he turns his back to walk away

Stark illiterate?

I might not be as educated as he is, but am definitely not a stark illiterate

‘you don’t like me at all do you? ‘

That question just came out of me i don’t know how but it just came out of me

That my one way ticket to you are fired land

Jin-hyuk oppa turns his back and said

‘not even one bit’

After giving me a befitting reply, he just walked away

Ohhh it must be so sad having a huge crush on a guy for 6 years who does not even like you at all????

But i do not know why i am so sad

I have always know oppa can never be mine from the start

He is korea number one hottie and i am just me

A girl like mina is interested in him who am i to compete with her

Mina is a very popular singer, dancer and model

She is so pretty with smooth flawless skin

She is like a beauty godess

I do not stand a chance at all

Her blonde long hair

Her cute face

Her skin

Height and body, everything just makes sense

And me

Well am cute, tall and slim

That does not mean i stand a chance

So i spent the entire night writing in my diary

I wonder why i am acting like an obsessed teenager

For goodness sake am 23 years old

But why does oppa have to be so handsome, i do not think i can ever get rid of my six years crush

I started loving him when i was just 16 years old

Then he was still an 18 year old teenage cutie

He started as a soloist but later formed a band with his Best friend few years later

I am so attracted to him

I am his biggest fan

So i spent the entire night writing in my diary about how my six years crush doesn’t like me one bit

The next day the EFX guys went out for another concert in China

Life of a super star uhn ????

It is very good they went for a concert

I will have enough time for my school

So the next day I went to school and fatty walked up to me and said

‘hi jina how are you’

‘am fine fatty, you look great’ i complemented her

She might be oversize but she is still a bit stylish

‘oh thank you i want to look good for my first day ‘ she said

‘that great’ i muttered

‘come on let go to class’ fatty said

So we walked into the class and the students in this class of mine where pretty cool

They all formed a circle around our male teacher

Fatty and i joined the circle as we listened attentively to what the teacher has to say

‘so today we are going to play a little game.. I will pick 5 students and i will play a beat of a particular music on the speaker, you will have to rap or sing Atleast five lines in this music if you can’t you out and that 2 points wil be removed from your total score at the end of the term’ the teacher said

What 2 whole points

How can the teacher do this to us, what if we do not know the music

‘Now am choosing Laura’ the teacher said

‘no problemo’ a sexy looking slim girl said as she walked towards the teacher

‘tanya and mark’ the teacher continued

Tanya was a real rapper judging from her looks
She is so rugged and that crazy outfit she is wearing

I just love it

I do hope the teacher doesn’t call my name ????

‘and jina and fatty’

Oh no

I reluctantly walked toward the teacher with fatty

‘Now you guys start’ the teacher instructed us

A beat was played on the speaker and i was kinda familiar with the song

‘i know this song’ fatty said

‘i kinda do,is it megasone? ‘ i asked with a puzzled look

‘no megatrone, nicki minaj’ she answered

I like Nicki-Minaj

But am not actually a huge fan

Why can’t they just play one Korea kpop song or smthn

I just hope i can rap to that megatrone

I do not want to fail on my first day

‘fatty you start’ the teacher commanded fatty

????Feel up, baby feel on me????
????Pull up if you feel lonely ????
????Feel up, baby feel on me????
????Pull up if you feel lonely ????

Bra, ta ta tat

????They call me megatrone ????
????Just did a telethon ????
????He got margiela’s on????
????And I got my jealous on????
????I… I.. I..

Laura stammered, I guess she is not really familiar with the song

‘Am sorry laura but you out ‘ the teacher announced as she walked back to the circle

‘Tanya,continue the teacher said

????i f**k him like i miss him ????
????He-he just came out of prison ????
????Bitches be talking shit ????
????But they ain’t got a pot to piss in????
????My name is Tanya stone ????

????I’ m in a sticky Benz ????
????That mean it candy apple ????
???? i am Barbie ????
????This is Ken ????
????This is a fendi fact ????

Tanya and Mike are so good they are giving me goosebumps

I really don’t know this megatron

It was my turn to rap then suddenly the EFX walked in

Students whee screaming especially the girls

If they were not in school right now, they would have pounced on them

This is not right, they are a big distraction

‘EFX what are you doing here, I thought you have a concert today’ the teacher asked

‘not today, tomorrow, so we decided to visit the school today’ Nam-il said

‘well we are here to address one issue’ Mansoo said

Jin-hyuk oppa was also here

Extremely handsome as usual

‘fatty pls step forward’ kyung wan said

‘okay’ fatty said as she stepped forward

‘this is your new fitness teacher, she will give you healthy diets and excersise you must follow to loose some weight’ Nam-il said

‘but do i have to loose weight’ she asked

‘yes dear’ Nam-il replied

Fatty was feeling so special

It not easy for a big time celebrity to be addressing you on weight issues


Although the boys and i did not come here for this oversized girl

We came here because we where actually given a day off by the company

Seeing this ugly maid here just annoys me alot

So i decided to come up with a plan to throw her out of the school

‘there’s one more test you have to pass’ i said

Everyone focused on me

I do not talk much but when i open my mouth to say something

Everyone is always eager to listen to me

‘ummm what your name’ i asked the fat girl

‘fatty’ she replied

What a stupid name

‘your weight?’ i asked

‘145kg’ she said with a smile on her face as everyone laughed at her

She is smiling, how can she be so big and be happy about it

‘well if you can’t loose Atleast 70kg in 2 weeks’ i paused for a moment

‘you and your friend will be kicked out of this school’ i announced

‘what?’ that was the word that came out of the maids girl mouth

I will pay alot of money to see that look on the maid face

Now she wil finally be kicked out of this school

I am sure that fatty cannot loose so much weight in just two weeks

Let see how they get out of this now

I just hate ugly girls


…………….. To be continued…………..

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