July 28, 2021

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K Pop maid. Chapter 8

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????????K-POP MAID ???? ????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

????ON GOD ????

Fatty has to loose weight

But how is she going to loose so much weight in just 2 weeks

But why is oppa doing this

Does he derive some kind of pleasure in making things hard for me

Well the funny part is i am not even upset with him at all

Power of love uhn????

After the impossible assignment Jin-Hyuk oppa gave us

He just walked out of the class with the rest of the EFX members

‘jina, why is jin-hyuk doing this’ fatty asked me

‘well fatty i have to tell you something after class’

I have to tell her my relationship with the EFX and why Jin-Hyuk oppa finds me so annoying

After class i finally narrated the whole story to my friend fatty

‘Really! ‘ she exclaimed

‘yea fatty’ i said like it was no big deal working in the EFX mansion

‘i will do absolutely anything to be working as a maid in their house’ fatty said with a streak of enthusiasm

I said it

Any living girl in korea will do anything to be in my shoes

Working as a kpop maid is a big deal

‘but fatty, how are you going to loose so much weight in just two weeks’ i asked

‘i really do not know’ she said looking upset

‘you know what, i will see you later’ I said as i walked away

I sat down on a bench in the school and started writing in my personal diary

This diary is just a way to pour out all my thoughts


That was the sound of the bell

‘Come on let us go for our next class’ fatty said as she pulled me up from the bench

Fatty and i were about to enter the next class when i stopped and remembered something

‘oh no’ i said

‘what wrong’ fatty asked

‘i left my diary on the bench’ i shouted

‘oh no’

with impelling alacrity i ran to the bench while fatty was trying to catch up

That diary contains my deepest darkest secret..

And 90% of my diary stories is based on Jin-Hyuk oppa

Stuffs like

Jin-Hyuk weds jina

Honey Moon

First baby etc

If anybody should get their hands on that diary and read the contents in it

I will have to hide my face from the world

So i ran towards the bench and stopped about ten feets away from it when i saw my diary in some guys hand

‘this is a girl diary’ he said

‘come on let go and read the contents in it’ another boy said

‘but first let take it to the locker room’ the first boy said as they turned their back and walked toward the locker room

‘hey wait up that my diary’ i said trying to catch up with them as they ran towards the locker room

‘screw it, how can they take a girls diary and run away with it, they must not read that diary’ i said to myself

‘jina, jina’ fatty said breathing heavily as she finally caught up to me

‘fatty some boys took my diary to the boys locker room, what are my going to do’ i said looking scared

‘well we have to be a boy to get into the boys locker room’ fatty said

‘be a boy, that gives me an idea’ i said

‘no, no, no, no, never, i am not Doin that’ fatty said, i am pretty sure she knows what I want her to do

‘please fatty, they must not read what in that diary, there’s a lock on it so it gonna take some time for them to open it, in the meantime we can just sneak in and grab the diary’ i said

‘no, no, you are not going to talk me into such ridiculous act’ she said as she folded her arms


‘i cannot believe you talked me into this’ fatty said as we both disguised ourselves as boys

‘pleas this is very important’ i said as we both walked towards the boys locker room

‘but we about to go into the boys locker room, it smelly and disgusting, i just hate it’ fatty said as we both entered the locker room


That was fatty and i scream as we both saw things we are not meant to see in the boys locker room

We both ran out of the locker room screaming and other boys had this puzzled look on Thier face since they could not figure out what going on

‘let never do that again’ i said breathing heavily

‘i have to baptize my eyes, i shouldn’t have seen such terrible thing’ fatty said also panting

‘what are we going to do now’ i asked

‘i do not know but i am definitely not going in there again’ fatty replied

After some mins I saw the boys that took my diary coming out of the locker room still struggling to open it

‘hey’ I shouted as i removed the boy wig i was wearing and walked towards them

‘that is mine give it back’ i shouted

‘really you want this back, come get it’ he said as he threw it to another boy

‘stop that and give me my diary’ o said as i ran towards the other guy to collect my diary but he threw it to another boy.

They started throwing it to each as

They where doing this on purpose to make a fool out of me

What kind of boys are they

Jin-Hyuk oppa pick on me but in a mature way but their way of picking on me is so stupid and immature way

The boys keep passing the diary to each other making me run after them

‘what going on here’ a familiar voice said

The boys stopped passing the diary to each other and they turned their back to see who it was that interrupted their little childs play

‘Oppa’ i whispered looking confused

Jin-Hyuk oppa walked towards us and folds his arm

‘oppa, this boys has been picking on jina for absolutely no reason, they refuse to give her diary back’

‘where is the diary’ he asked coldly

‘here is it’ one of the boy said looking down in shame

‘give it back to her’ oppa said

The boy reluctantly gave me back my diary and i kept it in my bag

‘you pick on any girl like this again, you will be expelled’ he said as he turns his back and walked away

Why did he do that

Am so confused

Am pretty sure he does not like me

So why did he help me

Am so confused

………………. To be continued…………..

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