July 29, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 2 and 3

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Last Love. Chapter 4 and 5
Last Love. Chapter 1

(Beginning of trouble)
Kendra’s POV
After my chores I sneaked to have a better view of the house. I have been working here for one week now but have never gone round the compound. Trizah was given the task to train me. She is so harsh. I went round and admired the magnificent. It looked like paradise. Everything smelled money, unfortunately am not lucky I can’t have any no matter what I do. I wasn’t paying attention as I had been carried away by the beauty when I bumped into someone. The glass fell and broke to pieces. I looked up scared thinking of a better explanation on what I was doing there.
What I saw surprised me. You don’t need anyone to tell you he is the son of the home. I have been hearing a lot about him but had never seen him.
‘Am sorry sir,’ I managed to say.
‘What the heck are you doing here?’ He yelled.
The maids say he is arrogant, grumpy and doesn’t associate with commoners. He looks miserable. I wonder why someone as rich and handsome as he is can be miserable. Or maybe its true money doesn’t buy happiness.
‘Are you deaf?’ He yelled again.
‘Are you fond of yelling? I said am sorry,’ I said boldly.
One of the things my mom taught me is never to be afraid.
‘If you don’t want trouble maintain you lane or I will personally fire you,’ he said and left.
I continued with my business after cleaning the mess he created. I dreamed of meeting him and maybe we be friends. I can’t be friends with such a person. I just started hating him.

Chapter 3
(To entertain him)
Mrs Lisa’s POV
I wonder what I will do to help my son. I don’t understand him anymore. I sat in my room and thought of something. My son loves music, I will do something to make him happy. I took my phone and made a call to Flavian. She is my assistant and supervisor of all the workers.
‘I need to talk to you,’ I said over the phone.
‘Where are you?’ She asked.
‘Okay I will be there in ten minutes,’
I hanged up and went out only to meet my son drinking outside.
‘What is the meaning of this Allen? You can’t take care of your self, will you manage the companies,’ I asked annoyed.
All he does is drink.
‘Mum do you even care about me, what I want, do you?’
‘I do my son,’
‘You don’t, mum. All you care about is company. Is it the new song in town? Would like the lyrics,’ he said and staggered away.
I looked at him and felt pain in my stomach. I have always worked hard for him. I want the best for him.
Flavian drove in and we went upstairs.
‘I want to organise a party where best singers participate to entertain Allen,’ I said painfully.
I want to see him smile.
‘When should it be?’ She asked.
‘This weekend, three days from now,’
‘Okay, I will plan it,’
She left. I went to Allen’s room and he wasn’t there. Its getting late and he is nowhere in the house. I tried calling him but it was off.
‘I just want a happy boy. Is that to much to ask?’ I yelled at the empty room.

Last Love. Chapter 4 and 5
Last Love. Chapter 1

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