June 8, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 4 and 5

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Chapter four
Ivy’s POV
I got out of my car and entered the club. I sat in a corner and watched the dance. A handsome guy walked up to me, but not as handsome as Allen.
‘ Hi beautiful, can I join you?’ He asked.
I had a cap and let the hair cover part of my face. It won’t be easy for someone to recognize me.
‘Sure,’ I said simply.
He ordered the waiter to bring some wine.
After drinking I felt myself on the sky. I willingly went to dance with him. I was busy dancing when I stepped on someone. I looked up and what I saw gave me the greatest shock.
Allen looked at me and back to Larry, he had introduced himself as Larry. I had lied my name. I never wanted him to meet me in this condition.
‘Am sorry,’ I managed to say even though I don’t apologize to people. Am supposed to be worshiped and not to humiliate myself. He left me there. I felt humiliated and embarrassed. I ran after him as Larry called my name. I ran ahead and blocked his way.
‘Get the hell out of my way,’ he yelled at me.
‘Please hear me out,’ I pleaded.
‘I don’t need your explanation, I guess you have a boyfriend. Go and tell your dad to leave me alone. I don’t love you,’ he said and pushed me.
I fell on the ground and let the tears flow freely. I watched him drive away. Larry came and helped me up.
‘Who is he?’ Larry asked.
‘I need to be alone,’ I said in tears.
‘Let me drive you,’ he suggested.
‘Thank you, I can manage,’ I said and drove off.
I love him and I must get married to him. I have to prove to my dad that am not a weakling. I always get what I want, even if it means I kill.
‘I will get you,’ I yelled as I threw the pillow to the wall.
The door flang open and my dad came in. I don’t have a mum. My life is a fake one, even the fame isn’t supposed to be mine. I have it anyway, so Allen I will be your wife.
‘What is it?’ My dad asked.
‘Allen said he doesn’t love me,’ I said.
‘And instead of making him love you, you are yelling. Are you stupid?’ He asked.
My dad always insults me, I do everything to impress him.
‘What am I supposed to do?’ I asked.
‘Think, all I want is for you to access his money or else…. You know what am capable of doing,’ with that he left.
He only cares about money. I know what he can do so I will get him the money.

(First idiot)
Chapter five
Mrs Lisa’s POV
I waited for him until he came. He was so angry.
‘What happened to you?’ I asked concerned.
‘So you have started to care about how I feel?’ He asked.
‘I care about you son, I want the best for you,’
‘Really mum? Huh, is forcing me to marry the first idiot in the would care. Or what is the true definition of best?’
I could see pain in his eyes. Just then Ivy came in.
‘Aren’t you tired of following me around?’ He shouted.
‘Please listen to me, it was just a dance. He is my fan,’ she pleaded.
I was just watching them.
‘And who said I need an explanation. Am not your dad, your brother, your boyfriend nor husband. Get that into your skull,’ he shouted and went upstairs.
‘What happened,’ I asked her.
‘I went to the club, then I met my fan. He asked me for a dance and Allen saw us,’ she said sorrowfully.
‘I will talk to him but remember responsible ladies don’t party at night,’ I patted her to calm down.
‘Thank you mum,’ she said and left.
Ivy’s POV
I left the house smiling. Am happy my tears convinced her.
‘Foolish woman, once I get your son I get rid of you,’ I said to myself.
Let her go and talk to his stubborn son. Wanting him doesn’t mean I will stop leaving my life to the fullest. I went back to the club.
Mrs Lisa’s POV
I went to his room to talk to him.
‘Mum please just let me be, I don’t need the lecture,’ he said when I got to the door.
‘Please son don’t destroy your life. Drinking won’t help you. She is the perfect woman for you,’
‘Wait, are you serious. My life is already destroyed what else am I keeping?’ He said and laughed.
I know I have never been there for him but I want to make up yet he doesn’t want to give me a chance. Seeing him like this breaks my heart. I was busy making money and came home once in a while. Ivy is an educated girl, she is the right one for him. I just want to do this good thing for him. I left his room and went to mine. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I woke up early with a slight headache due to lack of sleep.

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Last Love. Episode 6 and 7
Last Love. Chapter 2 and 3

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