August 1, 2021

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Love me brother. Episode 3

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Love me brother. Episode 4
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The loud music coming from the Dj is really annoying but what can i do am just a waiter at the most popular club house in town. just then i saw a hot looking guy and a beautiful girl walked in. He signalled for me to come over and i did so with haste. .we’ll who could blame me? i didn’t want to lose my job.
ALICIA: good evening Sir good evening ma welcome to Holly bar what can i get you?
GIRL: I’ll have a bottle of vodka
Guy: And I’ll have Chapman.
ALICIA: Alright I’ll be right back
They must be rich cause the drinks they bought cost a fortune. .oh well…it’s none of my concern. I arrived later with the tray containing what they ordered for. I placed the drinks on their table and put glasses along with them.
ALICIA: should i pour it out.
GUY:yes please
I opened the drinks and poured some on their glasses. .as I was about to leave the guy called me back.
ALICIA: yes sir?
SKYLER;: what’s your name?
ALICIA: Alicia sir
SKYLER: well Alicia am skyler ..and I own a modelling company.
SKYLER: we. just released a new fashion line and we’d love it if you modelled for us .Kate here is my assistant.
KATE: we really need you Alicia. what do you say.
ALICIA: but i can’t model.
SKYLER: it’s easy. .all you have to do is smile fit the camera.
ALICIA:: HMMMMMMMM much is the pay?
SKYLE: name your price. 700000$
SKYLER: We have a deal.
KATE: great now let’s go we don’t have much time left.
so people also come to the club for business purposes? incredible. …..
I followed them with my bike and we got to a not too big but bug looking building. We entered and Kate took me to where i would be dressed and made up before shooting began. ..
PHOTOGRAPHER: okay Alicia we’re done .Thank you for your time
ALICIA: no problem
SKYLER: that was great Alicia.
ALICIA: yeah but
SKYLER: what?
ALICIA: my pay
SKYLER: (laughs) I already transferred it. You know you should consider signing with us.
ALICIA: (checks her phone) yh thank. …oh no!!! am so dead ..I have to go home now.
I hurried home and met mum and dad waiting for me.
MOM: where have you been Alicia?
ALICIA: I was working?
DAD: dressed in that?
Then it dawned on me that i didn’t change the clothes to be honest I looked very revealing. ..This is going to be hard to explain
ALICIA: well …actually. .I ..I ..I can explain see it’s. .
MOM: save it! !!
ALICIA: but mom. .
DAD: Alicia are you working as a stripper?
ALICIA: noo!!!! Why would i do that. Never! !
MOM: then why re you dressed like this?
ALICIA: it’s. .it’s. hard to explain but I.
MOM: stop lying to us. . Alicia.
DAD: Alicia you disappointed me…even if living was hard for us. shouldn’t have resorted to this ..right now i can’t even stand the sight of you! ! (walks away )
ALICIA: dad.!..dd ..MOM you don’t believe me?
MOM: (looks at her sadly) I thought you knew better..
ALICIA: what is wrong with both of you? ..I said am not! !! ..why can’t you believe me.
MOM: how do you expect me to when the evidence is right here (points at the dress).
ALICIA: fine believe me or not i don’t care anymore.
i ran out of the house and entered my bike and drove off heading towards the bridge. .why do they find fault in everything i do. .why can’t they just believe me? .. o am done proving myself to them..I wish i could just disappear. I looked ahead and saw a huge truck coming at me with full speed. I swerved my bike with so much force to the other direction but then i heard a loud bang and i felt my body suspended before hitting the floor hard. .and that was all i could remember. …..
I slowly opened my eyes and saw a very beautiful woman staring at me looking very worried. Who is she? …what am I doing here? ..why can’t i remember anything that happened?

oh dear who knows what’s wrong with Alicia

Love me brother. Episode 4
Love me brother. Episode 1

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