June 14, 2021

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Love me brother. Episode 4

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it’s been five days and my baby is still not awake. .. I stared at her beautiful baby face sleeping peacefully. . then i saw her blink her eyes twice before fully opening. .The joy i felt at that moment was much stronger than when i first held her. .
MRS WEST: are you okay honey. .
ALICE (Alicia): who are you? and…what am i doing here? .
oh my God what’s going on why is she looking at me like a total stranger ..I called the doctor and he rushed into the room and checked some stuffs on her before calling me aside
DOCTOR: madam we’ll have to conduct an MRI Test on her to see of there are any malfunctions in her brain.
MRS WEST : please do. .
The nurses wheeled her into a room while i waited outside. .
I called John to notify him that Alice is awake and he came a few minutes later. .
JOHN: how is she?
MRS WEST: they’re conducting an MRI test on her.
JOHN: why? is there anything wrong?
MRS WEST;: I don’t know for sure yet but John (tears up) she’s asked me who i was?….
JOHN: (says nothing and hugs her tight) .
This is all my fault. .If only i hadn’t gone all beast on her. .maybe my sister would still be here unhurt. . I couldn’t find the courage to go to the hospital. .I was scared of what she might do when she sees me. .. mum haven’t called me since the accident. .I won’t blame her after all it’s my fault it happened. .. (cries softly)… I sniffled and wiped my tears off. ..I have to go to her am so damn worried. .I don’t care what she does to me. .
I took my favourite jacket and entered my car and drove to the hospital ..I rushed straight to her hospital room and met mom holding alice’s hand who was asleep crying. .While dad just faced the Window obviously trying to fight his own tears ..What’s going on?
DYLAN : mom what happened?
MOM: what are you doing here? huh? what the hell do you want now….haven’t you done enough already. ?
DYLAN: I just want to see her. .am sorry I really am but please tell me what’s going on?
The next thing i heard was a loud slap on my face. .I turned and saw dad burning with anger. .
DAD: you want to know what’s going on? okay I’ll tell you. ..your sister has amnesia and she has little or no chance of recovering her memories. !!!! and it’s all because of you;!!!
I was shocked beyond words ..my lips quivered as it sank :: Alice lost her memories? that can’t be. . .I had no idea tears were already trickling down my face. .The only thing i could hear my self saying was: I’m sorry. .. just then i received another slap. from dad
DAD: get out cause i might kill you if you stay a moment longer. .
DYLAN: I didn’t mean for this to happen.
DAD: get out Dylan now! !!!
I left the hospital heart broken ..This is all my fault. ..I drove to the same bridge and stepped out of the Car and climbed on the railings. ..maybe this is the best way. .. at least no one will have to be hurt I closed my eyes as i let myself down. ….

oh no Dylan can’t die now. he just can’t ..why Dylan why ? ????????????????
please comment something good on this episode and also share your thoughts on this episode. .. your comments are my inspiration.
love you all????????????

Love me brother. Episode 5
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