July 31, 2021

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Playful kisser. Episode 1

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Playful Kisser. Episode 2

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☺Playful Kisser☺

☺episode 1☺

(He’s a girl☺)

The Stars★ were the most famous musical brand label in seoul..They had records in korea and were even better than musicians in America

They were three,blood brothers
♥Shin Hye♥
♥Shin Woo♥
♥Shin park♥
Shin Hye was the leader of the stars..The stars★were arrogant,bossy,rude,proud..It was heard that maid hardly use a week in their house before she gets fired

Even their P.A is not also left out,but this recent one has lasted up to two months..Jim

Still koreans loved them,they were their idol..pictures of the stars were everywhere especially in seoul

Their banners were in every street,ladies had a tatoo of them,they were all ladies wants..Shin park was a flirty type,shin woo was strict but still dates..but you see Shin hye,baddest playboy..He dislikes girls but since girls loved to be around him,he decided to use them and dump them..

Min Ho,a korean reporter who so much loves the star,she had a big time crush on Shin Hye..She never missed their concert

Shin Hye’s picture was her display picture on her phone…She was so much in love with shin hye that she always even day dream of spending eternity with Shin Hye…Shin Hye that has no time for girls

The stars★ are having a concert by 4pm this evening..They were to meet with their P.A 30 minutes earlier,so they would get to the concert early

The trio were fond of harrasing their P.A,they were so rude,disrespectful,well he’s a guy just like them,so it felt normal to them,they even do dress in his presence

Tho jim hates it,as he always look away whenever the stars wants to dress in his presence

They thought he was gay and maybe he’s shy..there was even a day they said jim should have their bath with them..But jim bluntly refused like its not the same thing they all had in common

They were all in the room..it was 3:30pm..They were praticing for the concert by 4 when jim excused himself to use the toilet

10 minutes later,no sign of jim…Then Shin Hye decided to go take a look at jim and see whats holding him up since

He just barged into the dressing room and saw Jim parking his hair up and putting on a short wig on…He was tying something round his chest,to make it flat

Shin hye barged in..he was shocked
“Jim!!!”He shouted
Jim looked back and the wig fell off,his real hair scattered and gosh that was the most beautiful creature shin hye had ever seen..
“You are a girl????????????

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Playful Kisser. Episode 2

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