August 3, 2021

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Playful Kisser. Episode 2

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☺Playful Kisser☺

☺episode 2☺

(He’s a girl☺(2) )

“You are a girl??????”Shin hye shouted as he staggered behind,Shin woo and Shin park rushed in only to find out that their P.A whom they had been dressing in his presence is a girl

What the fuck…but gosh he was pretty

Shin woo walked up to meet him…
“No no..tell me this is all a pull’re a guy just like us right”Shin woo asked

Jim pulled away his hands,which one is his?,jim pulled away her hands

Tears dropped from her face

“Mianhe oppa(I’m sorry)”Jim said moving away slowly

the stars stared at each other,so they had been fooled for good two months..

oh God,they even dressed in her presence..Shin Hye almost even vomited when

he remembered that he had one day asked jim to bath with them but jim bluntly refused and they undressed in his presence

“Oh God”he hit his hand on his head,so jim is a girl!!,and they had been doing those stuffs in his presence

“Ani(no)…tell me your’re not a girl…so you mean you watched us all this while undressing in your presence and you couldnt do anything”Shin Hye cried out

“Oh no”Shin park clinged tightly to his trousers,holding it like someone had just seen his manhood

“Bianne oppa,i just wanted to be close with you guys”jim shivered

“Oh i see,close….really,by pretending to be a boy so you could become our P.A right”Shin woo said

“Ani(no)”jim replied nodding head like a lizard

Shin park walked closer to her

“Orrrrrrrrr”he said as he kept on moving closer to her and Jim kept moving back

“Or you are spying on us”Shin park said almost shooking his hand into her eyes

“No…i …..”jim couldnt talk again,her heart was beating fast because shin park was really close to her

“What’s your name”Shin hye asked

“Min Ho,a reporter working with Ambition company”Jim said….now she used her real was sonorous,so sweet and angelic

The stars heart melted,her face was like that of an angel,they were confused,they didnt know whether to sack her or retain her

“The concert starts in 10 minutes time,go get dressed,and dress like the dummy you are “Shin hye said

Min Ho was so happy deep down,where the stars really not going to fire her,will she still remain as their P.A even tho she’s a girl

“Am i staying”Min Ho said

The stars turned their back and gave Min Ho a bad look that made Min Ho almost pee in her panties

But would she really stay

Like sharp so i can post another episode☺

Playful Kisser. Episode 3
Playful kisser. Episode 1

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