July 26, 2021

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Playful Kisser. Episode 3

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Playful Kisser. Episode 2

☺Playful kisser☺

☺episode three☺

“Uhhhh..well if you like look at me so bad,I’m still gonna cling to you guys”min ho said to herself

The stars turned to look at her again,this tine they were really frowning

“Oh my God,did i just say that loud’min ho whispered to herself,she faked a smile and ran to the closet to get dresses for the concert

The stars were downstairs in their Mercedez Benz car,they were already seated,they were 1mins late for the which never happened before

Shin Hye sat in the front seat beside the driver,while his brothers sat in the back seat

It was getting late already,still Min Ho hasnt come out of the building,immediately she came out,Shin Hye saw her through the side mirrors of the car and intentionally talked

“Let’s go”he commanded the driver

The driver immediately sped off.Min Ho just noticed the car was moving,suddenly it started speeding off

“Oppa!!,oppa!!,wait for me!!!,you left me behind!!…”Min Ho said,shouting as she was running after the car

After she couldnt catch up again,she saw a bench on the other side of the road,she quickly went to seat down there,she was panting heavily and was really tired

“Aigoooo”she said as she pulled out a face towel fron her purse,bent down to clean her face,when she saw a car parking towards her

It was a Red benz,just like the stars★,Min ho first thought they had come back for her,so she immediately stood up

But her expectations was cut short when the door opened and a very cute guy alighted from the car

He was so cute,putting on an eye shade,he was American…but what was he doing in Korean?Min Ho guessed

“Hey pretty”the guy said,removing his glasses,resting on his car and crosslegging

Min ho intentionally ignored him,she was thinking of how to get to the concert which was about 300km from where she was

“The stars★are really a bastard”she whispered under her breath

“The sun isnt good for angels like you…I’m Bryan by name…can i give you a lift”he asked

Still min Ho ignored him,dummy her

“Alright If you’re fine with the sun,cool”bryan said and was about entering his car when min ho talked

“Wait,I’m going to the stars concert”she said sulkingly

“Thats where I’m going too,so can i still give you a ride”bryan asked smiling,gosh,his smile was irresistible

“Ok”min ho replied

They entered the car,the drive was silent,they got to the concert

min ho stepped down from the car and All eyes were on her like they……


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Playful Kisser. Episode 2

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