August 1, 2021

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Ria. Episode 8

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♠ RIA ♠
“What’s going on CEO?”
I heard Mr Griffin voice behind me in the kitchen
“Nothing” I concentrated on the dishes I was washing in the sink
“Really?..but you only wash dishes Whenever you are worried or in a bad mood” I rinsed the plates and removed the red rubber gloves from my hands. Mr Griffin was right.. I only do the washing anytime I’m worried about something
“Tell me whatever it is CEO Ian”
“Stop calling me that Mr Griffin”
“ fill me in”
We settled on the stool close to the countertop
“Do I look all that worried?”
“Yes..and it quite obvious that something is bothering you. And you haven’t been home for days and then you show and start washing dishes without changing your office outfit”
“Well you are right Mr Griffin… I am so mad and worried at the same time”
“Tell me what made you mad?”
“Lorna came to the office today and she beat up Grace”
“What?! She pulled out her hair?”
“No not like that…she hit Grace on her face”
“She never thinks twice before hitting anyone. She doesn’t care about her reputation as a star”
“Exactly Mr Griffin. She always seems to forget that she is a big star. And you wanna know that worse part of it all?” He nodded
“She accused me of sleeping with Grace”
“Why would she think like that? Where did she get such impression from?”
“I don’t know.. maybe she paid someone to spy on me”
“Why would she do that?”
“I don’t know…and I admitted to the false accusation and false rumor she heard”
“So she won’t feel too Important.. Cause Lorna believes she can just do anything around me”
“What did she say?”
“She called me a classless bastard and said Mason is better off than me. I know she only said that to make me jealous but I can Never get jealous if Lorna loves Mason. I would even appreciate it if that happened”
“What are you going to do now?”
“Nothing..I’m not going to say anything – Lorna can do whatever she wants but as long as she doesn’t beat up my workers or come to see me unannounced”
“That settles it then..let’s move on to the worried aspect” I sighed out loud
” do you remember that blind Lady I met at the park two months ago?”
“Oh! The one that keeps coming to your mind”
“Yes Mr Griffin.. I found her” his brow creased
“I saw her at the hospital two days ago”
“ why are so worried?”
I explained to Mr Griffin how I met Ria again at the hospital
“She trembled when I touched her…Ria became sweaty all of a sudden and she even tried to hit me with her stick”
“Uhmmm so..what do you think about it? ..I mean what did you find?”
“Like she was scared of me..The Fear of being touched by a male was so obvious in her expression”
“But she had children”
“Yes.. Though I didn’t see any man around her except Mrs Elise and the kids”
“It might the that the father of her children treated her badly or maybe a man had once taken advantage of her condition”
“Are you saying that Ria’s husband or some man might have raped her and left her with kids?”
“Maybe.. I’m just saying..we can’t be so sure of anything yet. And why are you so interested in Ria?”
“I don’t know Mr Griffin.. I just find myself thinking about her. It seems like it’s impossible to get her out of my mind. I want to get closer to her..and share all those pains I saw earlier. I -”
I ran my palms over my face
“But remember she has two kids”
“I know Mr Griffin but I can’t just help it”
“I understand you Ian but I want you to think about it deeply” I nodded
“Mr Griffin can you help with something?”
He raised an eyebrow and nodded
“Anything you want Ian”
He gave me a bright and encouraging smile
I pressed the doorbell and the door opened few seconds later probably after he checked on his system to see who was at the door. I placed my lips on Mason’s immediately he popped his head out. He gasped in shock and I pressed in further while closing the door behind. Mason’s arm tightened,my left hand circling around his waist while his right hand slip up the back of the nape of my neck,his fingers tangling in my hair. His mouth opened and met me back,our lips moving gently but soon turned fierce. My tongue swept across his lower lips,demanding more entrance into his mouth. He gave it to me, feeling his tongue clash against mine..Mason tasted good. Desire washed over me as he teased my swollen lips. I pulled his lower lip into my mouth – Mason hold on me grew impossible tighter.. With his hard shaft now pressing against my belly. I broke off the kiss and pulled his top over his head
“Why are you doing this Lorna?”
He asked when I was about kissing him again
“Because I want you Mason.. I want you badly” I kissed him
“Really Lorna? Is that what you want?”
“Yes..yes..” He lifted me, my legs automatically wrapped around his waist. I sucked on his lips while he rocked making me feel his shaft at my centre. Moisture gathered in my thighs and I groaned in pleasure
“You’ hard Mason”
I pressed kisses at his collar bone
“You..make me hard Lorna” I raised my head and stared at him
“And I like that Mason” I kissed him but he parted sooner than enough
“I love you.. and will love to have sex with you Lorna..but I don’t think this a good idea”
“But why? You love me Mason so you don’t have to hold back..please I need you”
“I need you too..but let not do this. Don’t let us involve ourselves in what you will regret in the morning” Mason balanced my feet back on the ground
“Why are you saying all this shit when you want me so badly?”
He picked his top and wore it back
“It obvious you don’t want this..and you are not ready Lorna”
“You heard me. I’m not ready to fuck a lady who is interested in someone else. I won’t get you in my bed Lorna because Ian is refusing to give you what you want and desire” he leaned in and cupped my face
“You know I love you and I’ve never hide that fact from you that why I won’t do anything to hurt your feelings. So It would be better if we love each other equally and stop the unrequited love. When that is done then we can have sex like true lovers. But it doesn’t make sense if I love you and you don’t feel the same way and then we have love commitments.. It doesn’t make sense. And for me I don’t want to get engaged with you when you are still thinking of Ian”
“So what are saying?”
“Fall in love with me. I am telling you now Lorna to discard every feelings you have for Ian and love me instead”
What the hell was I thinking?! I shouldn’t have come to Mason if I had known he would reject me like this!
“It is fair enough Lorna..and I don’t want you to think I’m rejecting you”
“Okay…I understand”
I stepped away from him
“Will you think about it?”
“I will give it a try” I faked a smile
“Good girl” he kissed my forehead
“Good night” I said to him and walked out of his house. I can’t believe I just did all of that!
“It clear that Mason didn’t give you what you want baby?”
I heard my mom’s voice when I walked in. I hissed
“Mason is an obedient I was sure he won’t give you what you desired” I stopped and walked to where she sat. I knew she had intimidated Mason
“What did you tell him?”
“Oh! Mason didn’t tell you?”
“I just called him up and gave him a piece of advise” she winked
“I can’t believe you could that?!”
“Well I did it anyways..I told him that you won’t enjoy whatever he gives to you cause Ian’s name is boldly written on my mind. I was sure that you won’t call Mason’s name during the bang but Ian’s name”
I didn’t think of that! But well maybe her point is partly true!
“You made my day worse mom!”
“No not me..Ian did”
“Well you worsen it
” you should thank me..and I’m actually glad Mason listened to me”
“Yes..Now he wants me to fall in love with him! Hurray! Mom won! Are you happy now?!” I hissed and stopped to my bedroom
Mason didn’t satisfy my sexual needs and left me with a burning desire.. Let see..I can actually satisfy myself – that why I’ve gat fingers and series of toys. I slammed my bedroom door and locked it
“Is that her house..over there?”
“yes Mr Griffin.. Just go in and work according to our plans”
“But..what about her fear towards men?”
“You are an old man…and you have a cool face..Ria won’t mind you”
“Cool can she see that when she’s blind?”
“Ria will sense it”
“But –
” just do this for me Mr Griffin ” I pleaded
“Okay..okay but I won’t go back in there again if she hits me with a stick.. Is that clear?”
“Noted Sir” I saluted
“Good” Mr Griffin opened the car door…
“Wait..wait..Mr Griffin the bug” he collected it from me and put it in his pocket. The bug device is meant for me to listen to what they discussed..well that if Ria will be comfortable with Mr Griffin’s presence
“Good luck Mr Griffin” he waved as he made his way towards Ria’s entrance. He pressed the bell and few seconds later I saw Mrs Elise smiling at Him. Then she ushered him in. Oh thank God it working out!
I relaxed a bit before pressing on the bell..then a woman who had her hair back in a bun style opened the door
“Morning” I greeted and she smiled
“Good morning Sir how may I help you?”
“I don’t know if I am in the right place..” I brought out the card Ian gave me earlier
“Is this Ria Robert workplace?”
I asked the woman who had a bright smile plastered on her lips. Well I know this is Ria’s home. I’m just working according to Ian’s crazy plan of getting to know Ria. And I have no idea why he still insists on knowing Ria.
“Oh yes! You are in the right place”
“Good..I am Mr Brown”
I lied cause i don’t wanna get my name dragged along this whole thing if it doesn’t work out.
“I am Elise”
“Actually a friend of mine gave me this card when i told him I needed a seamstress to make a dress for my daughter”
“Yes..yes..Ria Robert is the best seamstress to make a perfect dress for your daughter – please come in Sir”
Elise ushered me in. The house was well arranged. The big room that might have served as sitting room was now a workplace with couches, three sewing machines, a large table and several other things
“Miss Ria..we have a new customer waiting here” Elise called out
“Okay I will be there soon” Ria I guess replied from somewhere around the house
“I just need to get a cup of coffee” she said again
“Okay…please have your sit Mr Brown” Elise directed me to a couch
“Please don’t mind the fact that everywhere is a bit messy..we are busy”
“No problem” the home isn’t all that messy just pieces of clothes around the sewing area
“Mrs Elise…we’re done with our home works” Two kids (a boy and a girl) walked Into the room
“So fast?”
“Yes..I had to finish up so I can help mom” the girl said
“Same here” the boy added
And I got the picture.. They must be Ria’s children Ian spoke about. Why on earth is he lurking around a mother of two?”
“Lemme help you with that mom” the girl stood up from the couch. I turned towards the direction of where she went and my jaw dropped when I saw the lady approaching..Ria!
She was walking perfectly with a tray in her could hardly believe she was blind. Now I see the reason why Ian doesn’t want to back off. Ria was a beautiful woman!
“Careful mom”
“Don’t worry I’m fine Phoebe”
The girl collected the tray and dropped it on the small coffee table close to the couches
“Phoenix are you done with your assignment?”
“Yes mom..I finished on time so I could help with work”
“And did you do it well?”
The boy replied with a cute smile revealing a missing front tooth. He then looked at me..what was that look on his face? Beware!
“please have some coffee” Mrs Elise pointed to the coffee on the table
“Thank you I’m fine”
Ria stiffened when she heard my voice. Maybe some introduction will do
“Well i am Mr Brown”
“Miss Ria, Mr Brown is here to make a dress for -”
“Mrs Elise..didn’t you tell Mr Brown that we don’t major in Male dresses?”
A deep frown was on her face. She walked to one of the machines. Ria cut Elise off when she was about to talk
“Mr Brown I’m sorry we don’t make male dresses here so please leave” she grounded out without asking for my reason for being here. I notice she clenched her fist..she want me out without giving me a chance to explain what type of dress I wanna make. Elise stood up and went to Ria. She held her fist and hoped I didn’t get to see them but I already did. I studied the expression on Ria’s face…and I found it. Ian was right – Ria was afraid of men!
“Relax Miss Ria.. Mr Brown is here to get a dress for his daughter” Elise said in a low tone. Ria calmed and stared in my direction as if she could see me
“I..I mean no harm Miss Ria..I’m just here to get a dress for my daughter”
“OK..okay..I’m sorry” She muttered and i sighed
“No it fine”
“What the occasion sir?”
Elise asked
“Birthday.. She clocks 18 soon” Elise passed a notepad to Phoebe who jolted what I just said
“So what sort of dress do you want for her?…short or long?”
“Hmm I’m not familiar with Lady’s wear..but can I get a catalogue or something?”
“Yes…we have some” Elise went in search of it. Ria was silent with her face in her palms. Seconds clicked by and Elise came back with two Small catalogue.
“These are some of the collections of Ria Robert dresses”
“Wow!” I muttered under my breath when I opened a page. I was amazed to see pretty dresses! Even if I have no idea of lady’s wears
“I like this one” I pointed to a long blue gown
“Miss Ria..he chose the dress you made for Mrs Eliza”
“Okay” she managed to say
“Is blue your daughter’s colour?”
“ is her favourite” I faked a smile
“Good..since we have all the details now..all you have to do is bring your daughter to get her measurement”
“How much do I pay for the dress?”
“We will talk about that when you bring her around cause your daughter might not like the one you picked.. You know how teens are when it comes to stuffs like this..they are picky”
“Oh yeah you are right…so is that all?”
“Yes for now”
“Okay” I stood up from the couch
“I will walk you to the door”
“Thank you”
“Bye Mr Brown” the children waved and I did the same before Elise and I stepped out of the house
“I am sorry about what Miss Ria said earlier”
“Is she okay?”
“Yes she is absolutely just that -”
She paused
“Never mind” she continued… Gosh! She was about to say something but she just held back her words
“Goodbye Mr Brown” Elise hurried back into the house while I walked to the car
“You heard everything?” I asked Ian when I got in the car
“Yes Mr Griffin”
“Elise didn’t disclose anything about Ria..she was about to anyways. But for me I think Ria has a psychological problem and I suggest therapy for her”
“What do I do?”
“Ria..there is absolutely no way for me if she is having such problem. I wish I knew what made her that way. I crave for more information about her.” He stopped and continued
“Well what did you noticed in there?”
“Her home is good.. And every one of them have their roles in the business”
“The kids are home too right?”
“Yes..but I don’t think those children belong to Ria”
“She look too young to have such kids of that ages”
“We should be about the same age Mr possible remember Lauren had her first child when she was 18. So then maybe Ria had hers when she was younger too. Look Mr Griffin I know Ria needs help and I am ready to help her”
“And you think she will accept your help?”
“I will Make her accept my help”
“Oh! Ian gets what Ian wants”
“But I think you should be concerned about getting a 18 years old girl who would be my daughter cause I promised to bring her here tomorrow”
“Find that yourself Mr Griffin”
“What?! How do you expect me to do that?”
“Okay..don’t worry I’ll find someone”
He started the car and drove off
“Life can be cruel
Life can be hard
Gotta keep fighting don’t let down your guard
The battles you’ve been through make you who you are….”
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Ria. Episode 9 to 12
Ria. Episode 7

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