June 14, 2021

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Together Forever. Episode 2

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Together Forever. Episode 3
Together Forever. Episode 1

????Together Forever????

????????Episode 2????????

????Linda’s house????

She and Collins entered inside..linda hasn’t been as happy as she is in a very long time

Now she’s got a job in one of the best companies and her pay is just so enough for her

Now she can comfortably pay her bills

As they were about entering the house,Collins noticed an envelope slip under the foot mat

“Linda..what’s this”he asked,showing it to Linda

Linda took a clear look at it and notice it was a quick notice from the landlandy of their house

“Gosh,she’s just too harsh”linda sniffed in as they entered

Tho they are owing 3months rent already…

Linda wasn’t as bothered as before anymore…now she can afford the house rent????

????The Rodriquez house????

“No dad..things aren’t done that way”richard said in annoyance as he got down from his car and stormed into their well built mansion

“Richard come back here..how dare you walk out on me??”his father’s voice sounded like thunder as he too stormed into the house angrily

“Dad..this just so unfair..how can I come all the way from America to take over the company only to find out that I’ve been betrothed to that spoilt and arrogant daughter of your best friend”Richard said,frowning

“Richard,I’m trying to protect my company and friendship remember lia’s father and I are childhood best friends and business allies…I’m doing what’s good for you”Mr Rodriquez replied

“No dad.. this isn’t about me..this is about you..you are just been selfish”Richard replied in an angry tone

“Richard..I’m your father..show some respect”his father replied,stamping his leg angrily on the ground

“And dad,I’m your son…show some privacy…eeww..I’m a full grown up man..I need some privacy dad…”he said walking out on his dad,to his room upstairs

“Richard..don’t you dare walk out on me”his father shouted in a furious tone

“I already did dad..and by the way..I ll be moving into my own house next week..if you can’t give me some privacy..I guess I ll give myself..”Richard said ,while on the stairs..about entering his room

“Richard!Richard!!”his dad called but Richard quickly hastened his footsteps and entered his room banging the door loudly so his dad would know he’s out of sight

????????Next day at work????????

Linda left home so early…its her first day at work and she has to make a good impression of herself

She had already been told what to do by the Head Maid the previous day

She had cleaned everywhere and the last place for her to clean was Richard office

She was almost done with cleaning it..when she noticed a book somehow in the shape of a diary

She picked it,opened it,was about reading it when the door open and Richard entered

Linda was shocked..but the head maid told her that Richard doesn’t come to work this early

The diary dropped from her hand as she saw Richard

Richard was surprised…seeing his diary in her hands…he loves privacy so much.. and hates people going through his stuffs

“Hey..what are the hell are you doing with my diary???”Richard shouted at her

“Huh??”Linda moved back surprised

Together Forever. Episode 3
Together Forever. Episode 1

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