August 4, 2021

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Together Forever. Episode 3

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???? Together Forever????

????????Episode 3????????

“Huh??????”Linda asked,moving backwards

Richard gave her a deadly look,moved closer to her and grabbed his diary from her hand unknown to him that a passport picture of him had fallen on the ground

“Hey sniffer…next time watch where you touch????”Richard said going to sit on his rolling chair as Linda made to go out as fast as she can…she was about going out when richard’s voice stopped her

“What’s the name??”Richard found himself asking

“Linda”linda stammered

“No wonder..I said so…all the Linda I’ve always met are always annoying and ugly”Richard said

Gosh..that word hit Linda right in the heart

No one ever called her ugly

Yeah,she could be poor and not afford the fancy things girls use to look so attractive..but she has always done her possible best to keep her face glowing

Was Richard just handsome and lacked manner of speech..or does he really hate her this much..Linda thought

“Oh..Thanks”Linda replied..pretending to be alright with what Richard said..she immediately closed the door and ran out before anyone notices the stream of tears pouring down her face

Now she really got to decide if she’s gonna quit the job because of Richard hatred for her or she should just continue working believing that one day Richard would eventually see the good side of her

????Back in Richard’s office????

“Whooshh..she wasn’t even hurt by my words….is she really that strong..well lets see how long that would last..I just don’t know why I dislike her”Richard said,he heaved a sigh..then opened his laptop to begin today’s work when a knock was heard on his door

“Come in”Richard said

Two hefty guys came in..they are Richard’s bodyguards

“Yes..what brings you to my office”he asked not bothering to look at their faces..he doesn’t even know that they are his bodyguards

“Its Kendrick and I”Dave,his second Bodyguard said

That was when Richard raised his head up

“Oh dave…What’s the matter?”he asked,already showing disinterest in whatever they were about to say

“The estate manager just called and said that your house is ready and you can move in anytime”dave said

“Wow”Richard started as he rolled his rolling chair in excitement

“That’s a good news you know”richard said, he was interested

“Kendrick..go with dave to my dad’s house and pack all my loads..I’m moving in tonight…I’m free..freedom at last”Richard said happily

“Ok boss”kendrick said,as he and dave bowed their head and left

Not quite long after they left…Richard was about to return to his laptop when he heard another knock on his door..he was already getting frustrated..

The knocks are disturbing him from concentrating

“ better be good news again..this time around”he said,rolling his eyes

“Come in”richard said

The door opened and brought in his worst enemy..lia????????

If Richard could jump out of the window just to avoid her..heaven bet he would…

To add to his problems

Lia came running to him and gave him a wonderful hug..

“Oh baby..I’ve really missed you”lia said pecking Richard all over his face

“Oh God..what a bitch”Richard muttered

“ Richard what did you just say”lia almost shouted..disengaging herself from him

Oh God…Richard was surprised..did he just say that loud????????????

Together Forever. Episode 4
Together Forever. Episode 2

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