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A wish. Episode 17 to 20

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A wish. Episode 21 to 24
A wish. Episode 13 to 16

A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 17
Theme: Connection
Jacob Hospital
“How are you feeling?” Doctor May asked Gideon
“I’m better” Gideon said
James placed his hands on Gideon’s forehead. He was rushed to the hospital from school. It was said that Gideon had collapsed on the football field while he was practicing with his team.
“Why didn’t you tell your coach that you weren’t feeling well?” May asked
“Coach Ben hates excuses. He won’t listen..”
“So you just played without informing him about your health?” James said
“Yes” he answered
“Please call Miss Ephyra” James exchanged glances with Doctor May.
“Why?” May asked
“What has Ephyra got to do with…”
“I want to see her” Gideon cuts in
“I can’t call Ephyra. You know she’s very busy at work” James said
“Yes I know but -”
James phone beeped at that moment. He looked down at his phone.
“She’s the one calling?”
Gideon asked
And he picked it
“Hello Ephyra”
“How are you doing James?”
“I’m fine”
“Where are you?” She asked
“At the Hospital”
“Gideon’s at school right?”
He looked at Gideon
“He’s not feeling well”
“What happened to him?”
She was worried
“Actually he had fever last week so I treated him. Today he went to school and collapsed during football practice”
“Oh my goodness, James why didn’t you tell me Gideon wasn’t feeling well when I called you last week”
“I didn’t want you to worry about him. And you were busy at work so I just thought telling you would bother you”
“James you should have at least tell me about it. Somehow I would have make out time to check on him”
She rubbed her forehead
“Can I talk to him?” She asked
He handed the phone to Gideon
“Hello Gideon” she said
“Miss Ephyra”
“James said you aren’t feeling well”
“I’m sorry for not coming around to see you guys”
“I understand”
“I’m getting paid soon so hopefully I would come around tomorrow”
“Can’t you make it here today?”
“Except if I plead with Mr Harry to give me a day off”
“So will you come?”
She was silent
Ephyra thought if Harry would give her the day off today to visit her family. What about Isobel?
The contract was that after one week she would visit her family and get paid If she sees any changes in her son.
“I’ll try Gideon”
“Okay..I’ll be expecting you” He said
Gideon missed her! And he couldn’t wait to see her. He gave the phone Back to James.
“I can hear you Ephyra”
“James I’ll talk to Harry to let me come home today”
“Ephyra you don’t have to breach your contract with Mrs Isobel because of Gideon”
“The chairlady will understand”
Then the line dropped


Ephyra moved out of the office to look for Harry. He was at work with a professional Photographer. The Models were shooting a commercial for a cosmetic company. She would explain to Harry and probably ask him to keep it away from his mom. No…it won’t get to Isobel finding out she was seeing her family.
She focused on her phone to dial Madam Isobel’s number. It was best to inform her to avoid troubles.
“Hi Ephyra” someone greeted
She glanced up and Eleanor was there.
Ephyra stare at her and mumbled something indifferently. She recalled the day Harry introduced Eleanor White to her. She was like Shawna. Eleanor didn’t stop glaring at her. She didn’t know what they had discussed but Eleanor left with annoyance on her face that day.
Eleanor leaned forward.
“You seem to be the main talk in this agency” she said
Ephyra said nothing,hoping she would just go away. She knew Eleanor felt silly the way she kept staring at her.
“I don’t see anything special about you” Eleanor said
“Please excuse me” Ephyra said
“Where are you going?”
“I’d rather leave than stand here to listen to your nonsense” Ephyra said
“What?!” Her jaw dropped slightly
“You heard me” Ephyra said
“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again”
She slapped Ephyra
Ephyra tried to slap Eleanor but she grabbed her wrist. Ephyra whipped it away and slapped Eleanor.
“Don’t you dare touch me again!”
She said with a hard expression on her face. Ephyra walked away.
“Hey…” Shawna called out in anger and grabbed her wrist which had the bracelet. She tightened her hold on it. And then suddenly,it shined.
Ephyra felt the shock of wave of power within her as her eyes shone brightly.
Eleanor was scared! She let go quickly and stepped backward.
“What are you?” She asked
Ephyra yelped in pain. The pain was horrid and sharp in her heart. She tried to hide her face from Eleanor. Her breathe caught and she fell to the ground.
Eleanor made an attempt to run but then she heard footsteps and voices in the corridor. Harry showed up with another young Man.
“Somebody help!” She screamed when she saw Harry. His gaze fell on Ephyra’s body on the floor. The bracelet wasn’t shinning anymore.
He rushed towards her. She was unconscious.
“What did you do to her?!” He snarled at Eleanor
“Nothing…she..she was..fine..just now” she said shakily
“So what happened?!”
He grabbed her clothes and tightened it around her neck.
“Her..her eyes…and that bracelet… shinned…” She stuttered in fear.
Harry pushed her away and she fell to the ground. Hot tears burned down her cheeks.
He scooped Ephyra up in his arms. He prayed that she was fine as he drove down to the hospital.


Kenan the Sea wizard sat in front of the king’s throne as he worked his magic under the Sea.
“Is it working?” Oceanus asked when Kenan opened his eyes
“Yes my Lord” he bowed
“What’s going to happen to her in that world?”
“She would be weak”
“She has been gone for too long” Tethys said
“Close to 8months” Azizi Added
“What do we have to do again?”
Oceanus asked
“We’ll keep connecting with her through the bracelet since it was the only belonging she took to that world”
He was able to connect with her because of the bracelet. It belonged to the Sea.
“When can we Connect with her again?” Tethys asked
“I’ll let you know my Queen”
Kenan bowed
“Wait won’t she get hurt?”
Azizi asked
“The princess is alive” Kenan answered
“The bracelet would weaken her and she would be out for days in that world. But The princess won’t be able to save herself”
“So who would save her?”
Oceanus said
“The Desire to return home”
Kenan said
He stood up to leave
“Thank You Kenan” Oceanus Said
“Long Live the King of Merillia Kingdom”
He bowed slightly
Kenan walked away
“Oh Azizi thanks for giving Almeta that bracelet” Tethys said
“It has helped us to locate our daughter” Oceanus smiled at his wife.
“I hope she comes back soon”
Azizi Said


Jacob Hospital
“Doctor Brandon came out of the room with a nurse behind him. Harry went to him.
“How is she doing? ” he asked
“You can leave Nurse Adams” Brandon said
She was the same Nurse Ephyra had copied her name.
“Okay Sir” she walked off
“What’s wrong?” Harry panicked at the disturbed look on Brandon’s face.
“The Lady you brought in…” He paused
“Tell me what’s going on Doctor?” Harry said after a long silence.
He was scared of losing Ephyra.
“She’s strange” Doctor Brandon said
Harry lifted his brow
“What do you mean?”
“Come with me” Brandon said
Harry followed him inside the ward. Ephyra was laying lifeless on the bed.
“Look at this…” Brandon pointed to the machine reading her heartbeat.
It buzzed and stopped. It wasn’t moving,the lines on the machine was straight.
“She doesn’t have a heartbeat” Brandon said Harry knew what it meant,he rushed to the bed.
“Ephyra!” He shook her
She didn’t respond
“Harry…” The Doctor tried to hold him.
Ephyra wasn’t breathing.
She was dead! But he couldn’t accept it.
Tears burned down his cheeks
“No..no..she can’t be dead” he hugged her tightly
She was pale and cold in his arms.
“She was breathing a while ago..” Brandon said
“Listen to me Harry.. You have to know something is strange about this lady” he whispered
He was confused
“Please do something to revive her” he pleaded
Harry felt the pain in his heart again. The pain of losing a loved one.
“Please.. come.. back.. to me” he said shakily
Seconds clicked by and he held on to her tearily.
“Yes.. she came back!”
Brandon said in a surprised tone. Harry looked at him. He pointed to the machine again. Her heartbeat was steady.
“She’s alive” Harry looked at Ephyra
“That’s how she has been doing since you brought her in. Her temperature is cold,she’s pale and it hard to check her pulse but she’s alive”
“That’s impossible”
“Yes..but It seems she’s fighting death” Brandon said
Harry hugged her
“You’d be okay” he whispered to her
“Let her rest now” Brandon said
Harry lay her hack on the bed
“When would she regain consciousness?” He asked
“It depends if she wants to stay alive”
“Okay..” Harry said
“I’ll come around to check on her later”
Brandon moved out of the room. Harry held her hands in his and kissed them
“Please stay alive for me” he muttered
The bracelet shined but soon the light faded.. And Harry thought he had imagined it. Ephyra mumbled in her unconscious state. He focused on hearing what she was saying but he couldn’t make out her words.
His phone buzzed. He took it out of his pocket. It was Isobel.
“Hello Mom” he said in slow tone. The word ‘Mom’ felt strange on his lips.
Isobel thought she had heard wrongly. Harry called her mom. Isobel thought that she was hallucinating.
“Harry is that you?”
“Yes Mom”
She was happy!
“How is she doing?”
She asked with a concerned tone
“She’s unconscious”
Harry had called her the moment he arrived at the hospital.
“I’m scared..” His voice trailed
“She’ll be fine” she assured him
Harry wiped the tear that strayed down his cheek.
“Can I ask you something?” Isobel asked
“Of course”
“Perhaps.. Do you love Ephyra?”
His answer was immediate and sharp.
“Well I’d known from the start that you’d end up falling for her”
“She’s different” he said as he looked at her on the bed.
“So have you confessed to her?”
“Yes Mom”
“Really?! When?”
She asked
Isobel was stunned
“Now don’t tell me you’ve shared a kiss” Isobel giggled
“Yes” a smile formed iyn his lips at the image of him kissing Ephyra in his mind’s eye.
“Oh!” She huffed
“Then I guess..we have a lot to talk abut if you’re willing to talk to me as your mother”
Isobel said in a low tone
Harry was silent as he thought of his father.
“Forgive me son” she apologized
“I regretted my action towards your late father. I’m still carrying that guilt in my heart..and I don’t think I can let go if you don’t forgive me. I know it was hard on you when you lost your father in that crash..it pains me too Son”
Isobel wiped the tears dropping down her cheeks.
Harry sensed her pain. He realized his father’s death wasn’t her intention. He was mad at her for accusing his father unjustly. He knew someday he’d forgive his mother. And now was the right time to forgive and let go of everything. It was time to reconcile with his mother.
“I forgive you” he said
“Thank you Son” she sniffed
Harry was silent. Harry didn’t know what else to say to his mom.
“I’ll be at the hospital soon”
She said
He ended the call
Isobel was super excited! She couldn’t stop the tears spilling down her cheeks. It was tears of joy. She almost busted of happiness! And she couldn’t wait to see her son..to hug him just like she used to when he was a little boy.
At that moment she was grateful to Ephyra for reconnecting her to Harry in just one week. She thought of how to repay Ephyra for the great help. And she prayed over And over again for Ephyra to regain consciousness soon.
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Author ADEMIDE ✍

A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 18
Theme: Love ????
Thursday Morning
Ephyra opened her eyes to the bright sunlight filtering through the window. The sun reflected off the wall adjacent to it. She observed her surrounding through her blurred vision. She blinked as she refilled her lungs with cool air. She closed her eyes slowly for a moment and lay very still on the bed.
White Wall! She knew where she was.. hospital! How did she ended up there?
Memories flashed through her mind. She remembered everything. Calling James,deciding to take the day off to see Gideon, talking to Eleanor,her bracelet and it ended.
She opened her eyes slowly trying to focus. Harry! She turned her head,she looked beyond and she saw him. Harry was there,laying on a couch with his eyes closed.
“Harry” she called out
Harry was fast asleep. He hasn’t been able sleep since Ephyra passed out. He had only managed to drift into sleep five minutes ago after watching Ephyra through the night.
She felt stronger now as she shifted on the bed to test her body. Then she got out of bed and went to the couch which was three feet from the bed. She studied him. And she knew he hasn’t slept in a while due to the dark circles under his eyes. Then she wondered how long had she been out?
She looked down at the bracelet as she recalled the look on Eleanor’s face at the sight of the shinning bracelet and her eyes. She had to stop Eleanor from telling anyone what she saw that day. Then she remembered the Golden rule.
She could make Eleanor forget what she saw.. A friendly handshake would do the work.
At that moment,Harry opened his eyes. His gaze met hers and he sat up quickly.
He stood up and touched her. She was Alive!
He pulled her into his arms and her hands wrapped around him.
He didn’t know how long he held her in his arms,just whispering to her. Telling her how scared he was when he saw her in the hallway,when her heart stopped beating and while she was unconscious. He admitted that he’d feared that he was going to lose her and he pleaded with her to stay with him.
Harry drew back to look at her. He pulled her gently to the bed and sat beside her. He grazed her cheeks with his knuckles.
“Tell me what happened between you and Eleanor”
He said
“How long have I been out?” She asked
“Two days” he said
Two days?! She passed out on Tuesday Morning and..
“Today is Thursday?!’ She asked with a wide eye
“Yes Ephyra the doctor couldn’t tell what actually made you unconscious. I tried to get in touch with Eleanor to find out what she did to you but I couldn’t reach her”
“You see..we had a fight that morning..” She said
“Well..I called james after I finished sending out the invitation. So he told me Gideon wasn’t feeling well and then I decided to look for you so I could take the day off to see Gideon at the hospital. But then I met Eleanor in the hallway..” She paused
“What did she do to you?”
“She said I was the talk to the agency. Believe me Harry I tried to avoid her by keeping quiet but she also said there was nothing special about me. And somehow she hit me”
“Eleanor hit you?”
His fist balled automatically
“Yes..and I slapped her in return”
“Then how did you pass out?”
Ephyra thought for a second. She knew it was the power in the bracelet that weakened her. And there was no way she could tell Harry about it. Telling him would reveal her identity.
“She said something about…your bracelet”
Harry said
“What did she say?” Ephyra asked
“It..it shinned…I don’t really understand what she was trying to say..”
Ephyra pondered about the bracelet. The sudden weakness and unconsciousness.
What does that mean?
A Call Home?!
Ephyra thought deeply
No it shouldn’t be! She wasn’t ready to go back to the MERWORLD.
Harry was disturbed,he fought the urge to tell her what happened on Tuesday. Strange things he couldn’t understand.. Those words she mumbled in her sleep and her heartbeat dropping at every minute almost giving him a heart attack. And the bracelet on her wrist.
“What’s with this bracelet?” He blurted
Harry held her wrist but Ephyra withdrew quickly.
“Is it magical?”
“No..no Magic doesn’t exist..right?”
“Yeah it doesn’t exist..but your bracelet is..”
His voice trailed
“Where is my cellphone”
Ephyra tried to change the topic.
Harry let it drop. He stood up and took out her phone from his holdall bag.
“Here..” He gave it to her
“I want to call James”
She sounded like she was asking for his permission to call James. Harry nodded and settled on the couch.
“Uhmm..what’s the name of this hospital?” She asked
“Jacob Hospital”
“Jacob? James works here”
She said with a smile beaming across her face.
“I should call him..he and Gideon must have expected me on Tuesday”
She dialed James number and he picked on the third ring.
“Hi James.. It’s me Ephyra”
She bit her lower lip
“Yeah I know” he said coldly
The door opened and doctor Brandon stepped in.
“I’m sorry for not showing up on Tuesday”
“Can we talk some other time. Ephyra I’m busy at work” James said
He sounded like he wasn’t interested in talking to her.
He ended the call before she could finish the word.
She wasn’t happy by James response to her.
“Good Morning Ephyra” Brandon greeted
She sat back on the bed.
“Morning Doctor..”
“Brandon” he said
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine” she said
He exchanged glances with Harry.
“I can see that your color is better now”
He checked her pulse. It was steady and normal.
“Good” He murmured
“Can I go home now?”
“Yes..Mr Harry come with me to sign the discharge papers”
“Wait do you know Doctor James Albert?” She asked
“Surgeon James”
“Yes Why?”
“Do you know if he’s currently at the hospital?”
“He’s off duty to take care of his little brother”
He said
She could hardly believe James had lied to her. He had said he was busy at work whereas he was at home talking care of Gideon. And why was he acting differently on phone?
“Do you know him?”
“Okay…Miss You have a nice bracelet” Brandon said looking at Harry.
She stretched out her hand towards him.
“Nice to meet you Doctor”
The look on his face was that of shock. Ephyra sensed he wanted to say more to her. And he looked at her as if she had grown four head.
He shook hands with her. She wiped apart of his memory which concerns her in the process.
Then Brandon moved out of the room. Harry hated the sad look that replaced her face after Brandon exited the room. He stood up.
“He lied to you?” He said
And she nodded
“I think he’s mad at me for not showing up on Tuesday”
She said soberly
“You can go home and see them after I sign your discharge papers”
She looked at him. There was no smile on his face.
“Is that okay by you?”
“Yes if that’s what would make you happy”
He was concerned about her happiness. He had her in his heart. Ephyra thought.
“Thanks” she said before he made his way out to the door.
Harry signed the paper and he drove Ephyra to James apartment before heading home to rest.

“Excuse me Ma’am” Tracy said
Isobel looked up from the paper works on her desk.
“Yes Tracy”
“Miss Eleanor is here”
Tracy said
“Let her in”
“Okay Ma’am”
Tracy went back to her office.
“You can go in Miss Eleanor”
Eleanor went in
“Good Morning Mrs Isobel” Eleanor greeted
Isobel sat back in her chair.
“How may I help you?”
Isobel said with a serious look
“Won’t you offer me a seat?”
Eleanor said
“Suit yourself” Isobel said
She already knew what Eleanor did to Ephyra. Harry told her during his drive home.
“You’ve changed towards me”
Eleanor said in a low tone
“Why on earth did you go after Ephyra? And not just that you even tried to get rid of her so you could be with Harry right?”
Isobel said
“No you are mistaken”
“Really? Then tell me how she ended up in a hospital”
“I..I don’t know…” Her voice trailed
“Two days Eleanor, she was unconscious for two days”
Isobel emphasized
Eleanor was silent. She had no idea why Ephyra ended up in the hospital.
“Ephyra said you picked up a fight with her”
“Yes…but I didn’t do anything bad to her”
“Did you hit her?”
“Yes..and she hit me back”
Serves you right! Isobel said to her herself.
“Listen to me that Lady isn’t human”
Eleanor Said
“Why did you say that?”
“I saw her…that bracelet on her wrist is magical”
“What do you mean?”
Eleanor explained to her. Isobel thought she was crazy after she ended the story.
“Are you okay?” She asked
“Yes..yes I’m fine. I know it sounds crazy and weird but believe me that lady is strange. She shouldn’t be with Harry” She said
“Oh I see… Now I understand. You think Ephyra isn’t from this world”
She held a pleading look,hoping Isobel would believe her.
Everyone she told the story thought she was nut. Her mom thought Eleanor was losing her mind.
“Try asking her about that bracelet”
She stood up to leave
“I’m leaving the country” Eleanor said
“I want to be away from Harry or else I might end up hurting the one he loves”
She sounded resigned
“Okay…Safe trip” Isobel said
“I just hope that you act on what I told you about Ephyra”
She moved out of Isobel’s office.
Isobel never believed her.
She thought Eleanor was making things up to make her fire Ephyra.
“Hello Precious” she said
“Hi Isobel”
“Eleanor just left my office”
“Did you notice anything strange about her”
Precious asked
“Why did you say that?”
“Well I think she’s losing her mind slowly”
“She keeps saying silly things like a Lady close to Harry being a witch or a weirdo”
“Yeah she said the same to me”
“Do you think Eleanor needs to check into a mental home?”
Precious asked
“Try to talk to a psychiatrist about her case”
“I’ll do that but she insist that she’s leaving the country”
Precious doesn’t know about the deal so it was best to keep her in the dark.
“Probably for a vacation”
“She didn’t disclose the country..”
“Uhmm precious I’ll give you a call later”
“Wait will you be at Karissa daughter’s wedding?”
“Okay let’s meet up on Friday to treat our hair and do our nails too. You know I have the best stylist..”
Isobel rolled her eyes
“I’ll give you a call Precious”
She ended the call.
“what’s wrong?” James asked Gideon
“I’m worried about Miss Ephyra?”
“I told you to forget about her”
He said with annoyance in his tone
“Why are you so mad at her?”
Gideon asked
“She isn’t coming back to us..accept it” James said
“Why? Did she tell you that?”
James avoided his gaze
“Miss Ephyra would definitely come back to us because she doesn’t have anyone except us”
“She has Harry Jones now”
“He’s her boss..and we’re her family”
“She isn’t an Albert”
Gideon stared at his brother in disbelief
“You are like this because she didn’t show up on Tuesday” Gideon said
He didn’t respond
“She wasn’t specific.. Miss Ephyra only said that she was going to plead with her boss to let her see us. So maybe he didn’t give her the chance or probably Mrs Isobel hasn’t seen the change she wanted in her son”
“And she couldn’t make it”
James blurted
“She didn’t even bother to give us a call” he gritted
“She must have a good reason..why don’t you call her?”
He was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.
“I’ll answer it”
Gideon stood up and went to the door. He opened it and Ephyra was there.
“Miss Ephyra!’
He threw his hands around her
“Hi Gideon”
She met James gaze but he looked away quickly.
Gideon pulled her back from her.
“Why didn’t you show up on Tuesday?”
He led her to the couch
“Forgive me Gideon..I was..”
“Busy at work” James snorted
Ephyra looked at him. His expression unreadable. He stood up and motioned towards the door to leave. He wanted to be away from her.
“Wait..James..” She stopped him
He stopped at the door but he didn’t turn to face her.
“I know you are mad at me because I didn’t show up at the hospital. Believe me I wanted to talk to Harry until someone picked up a fight with me and somehow I collapse at the agency”
She didn’t want to go into details.
“I just got discharged this morning from Jacob hospital”
He turned to look at her.
He studied her expression.
“If you don’t believe me you can call Doctor Brandon. He was the one who told me that you took the day off to take care of Gideon”
He was telling me the truth. He knew Doctor Brandon. The mention of him indicated that she was truly admitted at Jacob Hospital.
“So you weren’t feeling well too?” Gideon asked
“So who stayed with you at the hospital?” Gideon asked with a concerned look.
“Harry Jones” she answered
Gideon shot his brother a ‘ Never jump into hasty conclusion ‘ look.
James realized he needed to apologize for so many things. Ephyra leaned in.
“James I know that I haven’t been paying much attention to you guys lately..”
“I’m sorry” he apologized
“I should be the one apologising for paying too much attention to work”
“I understand”
He muttered
Ephyra knew James doesn’t understand. He was only trying to play cool. Since she found out he lied to her, he felt guilty for lying to her. And for cutting her off the phone like she was some stranger.
“How is work?”
“Fine” she whispered
“Perhaps..is Harry Jones giving you any problem?”
“No we’re good”
His middle clenched at her words. He thought of the possibilities.
“You’re getting along well”
“Yes..and Harry is nice” she said with a smile
James sensed something fishy by Ephyra’s sudden smile at the mention of Harry Jones. He watched her. He was familiar with that look on her face as she answered Gideon’s questions about Harry Jones.
She was in love with Harry Jones.
Ephyra wanted to tell James everything that happened at Harry’s home.
Bit then her phone buzzed, a message from Madam Isobel.
“Harry said you got discharged today and you’re seeing your family. Come to the company before heading to Harry’s home”
She reads
“Mrs Isobel want to see me”
She said in a low tone
“So you are leaving?” Gideon asked with a sad face
“I’m sorry”
She stood up
Ephyra wished she could stay a bit longer.
“When next would you come around?” He asked again
“I don’t know Gideon”
James was silent
“Okay..at least I’m glad you came around today” Gideon said with a half smile. She placed a kiss on his forehead. James rubbed his palms gently without saying anything.
“Bye James” she said
He didn’t respond.
Gideon waved at her as she walked out of the house.
“I told you she would end up leaving us someday”
He stormed into his bedroom.
What the heck is going on with James?! ????
Well I think he’s jealous!
Calm down boy.. Stop over reacting! And accept that Ephyra wasn’t meant for you! ????
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A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 19
Theme: Cleared
Isobel’s office
“I wasn’t expecting you that soon” Isobel said
“I came as soon as I received your message”
Ephyra Responded
“I’m happy to see you Ephyra. And I apologize on Eleanor’s behalf..”
“No apologies needed Ma” she said
“First of all I want to thank you for reuniting me and my Son. Harry and I are on good terms now”
She told Ephyra how she reconciled with Harry on Tuesday.
“I’m glad you and Harry are back together now”
She fiddled with her fingers that suddenly became sweaty. She realized her contract with Isobel was over. So she was going to leave Harry and probably start looking for another job. She exhaled roughly. So many thoughts flooded her mind. James,Gideon…and Harry.
James would definitely be happy the contract was over. He won’t be mad at her anymore if she moved back to his home.
But what about Harry?
“Well I found out from my son that he loves you. It surprising that you reconnected us and also won is his heart”
Ephyra nodded slowly
Was that really the end?
“You achieved all these in a week,so I have decided to fulfill my part of the contract”
Pay her and ask her to leave?
She thought of her love towards Harry. Suddenly Ephyra wished she could be with him forever. But it was impossible with the Neifion bracelet on her wrist in the Human World. The bracelet belonged to the Sea and she also belong to the Sea so she has to return to her World. Isobel pushed a cheque to her.
“This is your payment” she said
She gave Ephyra a black card. It was Gold Mall special Card. She could shop at the Mall without Paying.
“1 Million Dollars” she said with a wide Eye.
“Yes Ephyra you have no idea of what happiness you brought back into my life. That long lost joy of hearing my son call me Mom and regarding me as his mother..you brought everything back”
“So..our contract.. Is over?”
Ephyra said
Ephyra looked at her. And she felt them, Tears! at the corner of her eyes.
“Can I ask you something?”
Isobel said
She nodded slowly as she blinked back tears that threatened to spill anytime soon.
“Harry loves you but do you love him too?” She asked
Ephyra heard herself say. She couldn’t lie when asked a direct question.
“Ephyra you love my son” Isobel said
A tear slid down her chin
“Yes..I do..and..I’m sorry for that…because I am..not the..best person to… love someone like him”
She said shakily
Isobel got out of chair
“I’m sorry…I know Falling in love with him wasn’t part of the contract”
“No please don’t be Sorry”
She placed her hands on Ephyra’s shoulder.
“Harry loves you and you feel the same too. So there’s nothing to be sorry about. As a matter of fact this is not the end of our contract”
Ephyra glanced up at her
“What do you mean?.. The contract is over since you paid me”
“Sh sh Ephyra..”
Isobel silenced her
“I want you to stay with my son. I know Harry won’t be happy with me if I let you go just like that and if you decide to leave after the contract”
“So..are you..asking me to stay with Harry?” Ephyra asked
“Listen to me..I watched my son for two days and I found out that he’s deeply in love. So I felt that both of you could start something..even after the contract. That’s out of it now..I mean you could still work for Harry as his secretary”
Isobel sighed
“I want you by his side”
Ephyra was silent
“Do you want to leave?”
“No I want to be with him”
She said sincerely
It was the truth! She really wanted be with Harry Jones.
“Thank You” Ephyra said
Isobel helped her up and hugged her
“I’m so grateful” Isobel said
Ephyra pulled away and looked down at the cheque in her hand. A smile formed on her lips. Deciding that she would give it to James for everything he has done for her. It was enough to thank him for helping her. Ephyra made up her mind that she would be honest with him and tell him the whole truth. Especially her love to Harry Jones.

Eleanor heard the doorbell as she was packing her clothes into a box. She moved out of the room and went to the door. She peered through the small gap on the door. Shawna was there. She opened the door.
“Hi Eleanor” Shawna greeted with a bright smile on her face.
“Hi..come in”
She stepped in
“So who was your visit to the agency? Did you meet that slut?”
Eleanor folded her arms
“Yes I did but things didn’t go has planned”
“What happened?” Shawna asked
Eleanor narrated everything to her.
“So you really think she isn’t human?’
Shawna paced
“Yes and I told my mom and even Madam Isobel but everyone thinks I’m losing my mind” she threw her hands up in frustration.
“What do we do now? You can’t let someone like that be around Harry. She might hurt him” Shawna said
“You think I should tell him about it?”
Shawna nodded
“He won’t believe me. He almost strangled me to death when he saw her laying unconscious at the agency. Harry is blinded by his love for that strange lady”
“You can’t just let her take him away from you” Shawna pestered
“I’m out of the plan. I am not interested in Harry anymore”
Shawna stared at her in disbelief.
“His heart belong to another woman” she said
“A strange woman” Shawna countered
“He loves her” Eleanor reminded
Shawna rolled her eyes
“There’s no point in sticking around him. I wasn’t able to make him believe in love but Ephyra succeeded. So I think she deserves to be with him”
Eleanor sighed
“You can’t just give up..”
Eleanor silenced her with a nod.
“It’s over. I’m leaving the country tomorrow morning”
“Where are you going?”
“Anywhere around the globe. I don’t want to hurt anyone all in the name of Love”
Shawna nodded
“Your choice Eleanor”
She picked up her handbag.
“Safe Journey around the globe”
“Thanks” Eleanor accompanied her to the door.
Shawna stood on the porch for a second. A wicked smile formed on her lips. Eleanor was now out of the picture so she has to face Ephyra alone. She wasn’t going to give up on Harry. She wouldn’t let him go to a strange woman. She would find out Ephyra’s true identity and expose her.
She thought
No! Harry won’t believe her. Maybe getting rid of Ephyra would be the best option! If Ephyra was out of her way then Harry would be left with no choice than to come to her for comfort. And she would be waiting to comfort him.
Eleanor grinned wickedly as she walked to her car.

“Why are you here again?”
He asked as he stood at the door.
“Won’t you let me in?” Ephyra asked
“There’s no need to come in since you’d be leaving soon”
He stepped out to the porch closing the door behind him.
“Where is Gideon?” She asked
“He’s asleep”
James folded his arms
“I dropped by to give you this..”
She gave him the cheque
“Madam Isobel paid me today so I want you to have it”
James eyed the cheque
“The contract is over?” He asked
“Yes it’s over but I still have to stay with Harry Jones”
James lifted his eyebrows
“I am his secretary at the agency so I have to get him a replacement before resigning”
He stared intensely at her
“So you still want to work for him?”
James collected the cheque
“Mrs Jones gave you $1M”
She hummed a response
“Ephyra be honest with me..”
Her gaze met James
“Are you in love with your boss?”
She was taken back by his question. Her heartbeat rapidly as she pondered if she should be sincere with him.
“The truth..” He said
She looked away from him
“Yes James” she replied
“I knew it” he muttered
He grabbed her hand and dropped the cheque in her palm.
“Go back to your love,you’re not needed here anymore” he said
Annoyance clear in his voice
“Listen to me James..”
“I don’t want to listen to you!” He barked
She jumped in fear
“Just leave and forget about us”
He whispered
“Please James”
She grabbed his upper arm but he jerked free and went in,slamming the door in the process. Tears slipped down her cheeks. She waited for minutes knocking on the door,begging James to give her a chance to explain things to him. But no response came from him.
She bounced down the stair and walked away slowly. Her world was upside down. The one she considered a family pushed her away. It was all her fault! She shouldn’t have been away from them. Everything would have been fine if she hadn’t passed out few days ago. Ephyra wandered around the streets lost in thought that she didn’t realize it was late.
Then she recalled that she needed to see someone. Ephyra hail down a taxi. And when she got to her destination she saw the one she wanted to see.
Eleanor was dragging a box out to the porch. Ephyra got out of the taxi and went to her.
Eleanor was stunned. She wondered how Ephyra managed to locate her home. Isobel had given her the address when she asked for it.
“Why are you here?”
She asked
“Can we talk?” Ephyra said
“I’m not interested” she dragged the box to the car in the driveway. Ephyra followed her
“What do you want from me?”
“About Tuesday -”
“I saw everything” she pointed to the bracelet on Ephyra’s wrist.
“I told Madam Isobel about it and she thought I was crazy”
No one would ever believe her without strong evidence.
“Who are you?”
Eleanor kept her distance. Afraid that Ephyra might hurt her.
“I am Ephyra, the daughter of the greatest Merleader Oceanus”
Eleanor chuckled
“Sounds like a fantasy book my mom used to read to me. Merleader? isn’t that related to the Sea world?”
“Yes you are right. I am a Mermaid”
Eleanor jaw dropped completely
“You..you are..a Mermaid” she stuttered
“Yes” Ephyra answered boldly
“So..why are..you in..our world?”
“I like the Human World. Now you know my identity”
“Yes and Harry needs to know too”
Eleanor shakily dropped the box in the car
“Yes and I intend to tell him my true identity but before that..let’s make up and be good to each other”
She stretched out her hand for a handshake. Eleanor eyed her
“I apologize for winning Harry’s heart in your place”
“You succeeded because you aren’t human. You’ve cast a spell on him”
“I don’t do spells. I won his heart because I was willing to stay with him even at his worst. I understand his pain and was patient with him despite his torture”
“Congratulations” Eleanor said with a croaked smile
“Come on I mean no harm” Ephyra said and Eleanor shook hands with her.
“Thanks Eleanor”
Ephyra gave her a stern handshake,draining out her energy. Eleanor tried to pull way as she felt the power in the handshake.
“What are you doing to me?”
“Sorry I need to erase Ephyra from your memory”
Her vision became blurry. Seconds later Ephyra released her.
“Relax you’ll be fine”
Ephyra pats her back as Eleanor coughed.
She regained her strength and looked at Ephyra.
“Who are you?”
She pushed Ephyra away
“Why did you touch Me?!”
She dust her body trying to brush away Ephyra’s touch on her skin. She doesn’t remember anything.
“Uhmm sorry Miss I was only trying to help. I saw you coughing a while ago so I thought you needed help”
Eleanor studied her with a raised eyebrow.
“It’s a good thing you are fine..Bye”
She waved and walked away quickly before Eleanor could say anything. Ephyra sighed with relief. She toyed with the bracelet on her wrist. Ephyra thought if she would ever make it back to the Human world if she decided to leave just to return the Neifion Bracelet. It belonged to the Sea.
Ephyra don’t go back to the MERWORLD!

A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 20
Theme: Confession
Little Mermaids and Mermen swimming in and out of the rocks. They sang beautiful songs which echoed under the Sea. Almeta and Adamaris move away from the other mermaids.
“What’s that over there?” Almeta pointed towards a hole.
“It’s the Dark Cave of Scylla”
Adamaris replied
“Dark Cave of Scylla?”
“Yes Scylla the Sea Monster”
“Who told you about Scylla?”
Almeta asked
“My Mother” Adamaris answered
He grabbed her and pulled her away.
“Wait..let’s take a closer look at the cave” Almeta suggested
“No it dangerous. Mother warned me about Dark Caves”
“A Sea Monster is confined in it. Going near it might awaken the Sea Monster”
“Our Blood Scent” he said
Almeta gasped
“Does Sea monsters exist?”
“Yes Almeta let’s go”
They swim away to join the other mermaids
Almeta kept looking back at the cave. She wondered why there wasn’t Sea Warriors guarding the Dark Cave of Scylla.
Adamaris wasn’t telling the truth. He was probably making things up to scare her.
What if there was a beautiful Pearl in that Cave instead of a Sea Monsters.
A Pearl? That would be beautiful! She decided that she would check it out later.

Harry moved out of the room when he heard the doorbell. He rubbed his sleepy eyes as he made his way to the door. A smile formed on his lips when he saw Ephyra. He opened up quickly and hugged her.
“I..I thought you were going to leave…” His voice broke.
“And what made you think I was going to leave you?” She asked in a tight whisper.
“My mom told me that she was going to pay you today. So I thought you were going to leave since the contract is over”
He drew back to look at her
“Come in”
He held her hand and pulled her in gently
“Did you talk to James?” He asked
The smile on her face disappeared. Harry noticed her expression.
“Hey what’s wrong?”
“He doesn’t want to see me anymore”
“What? Why?”
“The truth is..I admitted that I was in love with you. And then he asked me to leave”
He leaned in and cupped her face
“He’s probably finding it hard to believe that I fell in love with my boss in just one week”
“James shouldn’t be mad at you because you love me”
“Exactly I wanted to to explain to him but he didn’t give me the chance..” Her voice trailed
Tears slid down her cheeks. And Harry wiped them with his fingertips.
“James and Gideon are my family”
He hugged her
“I don’t know why he suddenly changed towards me”
“You want me to talk to him?”
“No..no I’ll just let him be for now”
She sniffed
“So..does that mean.. You would stay with me?” Harry muttered after a momentary pause.
Ephyra pulled away from him and wiped her face. She wasn’t going to shed tears because of James again. It was his decision so she would respect it.
“I am your secretary.. but it fine if you don’t want me to live with you. I have a million dollars now enough to buy me a house” She teased him
Harry smiled at her
“You’re rich now”
She said with a half smile. He went to her and wrapped his hands around her waist.
“I am not letting you go to anyone.”
He kissed her forehead
“What about you?”
“I don’t have anyone..I mean James doesn’t want to see me..so you are the only one I have..now”
He pinched her chin gently
“So…have you thought…of us moving pass this stage?”
“What stage?”
He grinned
“I don’t want to be just your boss”
He said with a shrug
“So what?”
“Hmm..your man” he said calmly
She teased
Ephyra understood what he was trying to say.
“I love you” he said boldly
They stood staring at each other awkwardly. Then he said
“Come on” he coaxed
“Let’s just call it a middle ground I love you and you love me too. So I agree that I can mix being your boss and you being my secretary with pleasure as long as the pleasure is just good,clean and fun”
After those words escaped his mouth she made her move. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him for a kiss. It was obvious he was not expecting and it took him a second to adjust. He put his hand on her back,tracing her spine and he kissed her eagerly.
“Ephyra.. I love.. you” he said in between frantic kisses. He never wanted it to end but Ephyra broke the kiss.
“I love you too”
It was her first time and those words felt strange on her lips.
“We’ll attend to business when business needed to be attended to…” She said
“And have good,clean fun the rest of the time” He agreed with a croaked smile
And she nodded in agreement
“I’m hungry” Harry said
“You haven’t eaten?”
“Yea I was resting..” He itched his ear
“Can I have Noddles?” He said
She nodded and motioned towards the kitchen
Harry followed her
“So what’s up with the fashion runway?”
“Ria Robert is still working on the dresses for that day”
“Its next week Saturday”
“Yes Everyone’s is preparing for it. And I want you to meet Ria Robert before that day” he said
“You have to get a dress for that day too”
“Is that necessary?”
He nodded
“I’m more comfortable in Jeans than gowns”
She frowned
“You’ll look pretty in gown too”
“You think so”
He nodded
“Don’t worry I’ll drive you to the store”
“Well thank goodness I don’t have to pay you to drive me to RRC” she laughed
“I wouldn’t mind a token Miss” he gave her a mock bow
And she giggled.

A wish. Episode 21 to 24
A wish. Episode 13 to 16

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