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A wish. Episode 21 to 24

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A wish. Episode 25 to 28
A wish. Episode 17 to 20

A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 21
Theme: The Call
She woke up to someone stroking her cheeks. Ephyra opened her eyes and saw a little boy staring at her. She stood up quickly, observing her surrounding. She was in a garden with nice roses and beautiful flowers.
“Who are you?” She asked the little boy
“I am a human”
She looked down at him. He had the perfect features of a human.
“Yes I know” she answered
“But you aren’t Human” he said In a harsh tone. Then she glanced down at her body. She still had her long legs and complete human body.
“I am a human” she said
“No you belong there!”
He snarled
Then he pointed towards a section. She looked beyond and saw mermaids in a lake.
“You belong to that world!” He laughed wickedly
“You can never be like us!” He snarled
Ephyra screamed in fear when she saw many humans chanting the same words. Their voices echoed in her head.
“Go back to your world! And give the Sea it belonging!”
She screamed
The beeping sound of the alarm jolted her up from the nightmare. Her forehead was sweaty. She felt weak and lay still on the bed. Thinking over the dream she just had..she doesn’t belong to this world.
“Go back to your world!”
It echoed in her mind
“Neifion do I really have to go back there?”
A tear dropped down her cheek.
“I want to be with him” she muttered
A knock sounded on her bedroom door. She wiped her face and hopped out of bed.
“Good Morning My Lady” Harry greeted
Her gaze fell on the tray in his hands.
“Coffee” he raised a mug
“Oh thanks..come in” she said
He gave her a coffee mug and placed the tray on her dressing table.
“How was your night?” He asked
“Fine..thanks” she sipped the coffee
“I want to go out for a walk around the area,would you like to come with me?”
He asked
“Yes I’d love that..” She nodded
“Okay..I’ll be waiting in the sitting room”
She would have to leave Harry some day. He kissed her cheeks and moved out of the room. The mere thought of being away from him brought tears to her eyes.
“Are you sure you can do this job for me?” She asked
The man she was referring to smoked on his cigarette.
“Who told you about me?” He asked
“A Lady at Den club” she answered
“My name is Vins Bond” he said with a wicked smile
“Yes I know”
“So who am I to deal with for you?” He asked
She passed him a photograph
“She’s pretty” he complimented
“I want you to do a clean job and don’t get caught”
“Can any man capture the wind?” He asked
“So trust me” he said
She gave him a brown envelope
“This is your part payment. I’ll pay the rest when the Job’s done..A clean job”
“You can count on me Miss”
He opened the car door and stepped out of the car.

“Can we make the connection now?” Oceanus asked Kenan
“It being four weeks since we made the last connection with the princess” Tethys said
“Let’s do it again” Oceanus said
Tethys nodded in agreement
“Let’s make her have the desire to return to the Sea” Oceanus added
“My Lord,I’m sure the princess is aware that the Neifion bracelet belong to the Sea” Kenan said
“Can Almeta resist the connection?” Tethys asked
“Yes My Queen if she’s by the sea feeding it with spell songs” Kenan replied
“Her connection with the Sea through spell songs can make her resist the connection” Tethys said
“Yes My Queen”
“I don’t think Almeta knows that fact. She might be far away from the Sea so she wouldn’t get attracted to it and be tempted to return home” Oceanus said
“Let’s Make the connection. I want my child back” Tethys said
Kenan bowed and settled to work his magic.

They held each other hands as they both walk on the beach.
“You like the Sea?” Ephyra asked
“Yes I love the view from our home” Harry Said
Ephyra stopped and stood in front of him
“Can I ask you something?” She said
“Yes” Harry answered
“Would you start a family around this lonely area because you like the view of the Sea?”
“Well I intend to move back to town very soon. Somewhere close to my family home or the agency. But I’ll always come around here anytime I need a break from work”
She looked at the Sea. And she wondered what was going on under the Sea.
“About.. Starting a family..” He paused
Ephyra looked at him
“Well I was just wondering if you are…”
“I am not ready” she cuts in sharply before Harry could complete his intended statement. She couldn’t say yes to him because she knew sooner or later she’d have to return to her world.
“Okay” Harry mumbled
Even thought he wasn’t satisfied with her immediate response, he let It drop. He didn’t want her to feel pressured. His phone buzzed.
“Your phone..” she nudged at his side. He took it out of his pocket. It was Eleanor. Harry made a disapproving sound and declined the call.
“Your mom?” She asked
“Eleanor” he said
“Answer it..I heard she’s leaving town today” Ephyra Said calmly
“I don’t want to talk to her”
“You’re still mad at her for what she did to me”
He hummed a response
“Come one I already told you it wasn’t her fault. So let it go”
His phone and again. He picked it and clicked on the speaker.
“Hey Harry Jones”
“What’s up Eleanor?”
“I’m good”
“I heard you’re leaving town today”
“Yes I’m at the airport”
“Good for you – so why did you call me?”
“I wanted to tell you something..” She stopped
Ephyra’s heart skipped beat. She was scared. What if there was still traces of what she said last night in Eleanor’s memory?
Then she would tell Harry about it.
“What is it?” Harry asked
“I..I don’t remember some certain things. It’s as if I lost a part of my memory over night..”
“I’m serious..I wanted to tell you about -” she paused
Ephyra knew Eleanor was trying to figure the missing piece In her memory.
“Your mom”
She said finally
Ephyra sighed in relief
“She loves you and you shouldn’t blame her for your Father’s death. I mean it doesn’t make any sense quarrelling with her because she accused him. The dead is gone so you should let things go and be good to her”
“We’re good now.. All thanks to -” he held Ephyra’s hand
She placed her finger on her lips
“Never mind” he muttered
“Anyways I’m going to miss you Harry” she said
Eleanor was disturbed. She couldn’t figure the reason why she was leaving the country. Harry was Silent.
“Won’t you wish me well?”
“Safe Journey Eleanor”
“Thanks.. And take care of your mom”
The call ended
“Why did you silence me?”
“I didn’t want you to tell her about me”
“Why?.. I wanted her to know you reconciled us”
Mentioning Ephyra might make Eleanor lose her mind completely. She wanted to tell him but she held back her words.
“She doesn’t have to know..”
She said with a shrug. Harry nodded in agreement.
Ephyra looked beyond the Sea.
“Hey look it’s a whale!” She screamed
Harry looked up to the Sea and saw nothing. She was teasing him. Ephyra giggled at the look on his face. He had expected to see a whale on the Sea. He would have taken pictures.
“You tricked me” he grabbed her but she pulled away from him.
“Sorry Boss” she laughed
He tried to get her but she sidestepped him.
“You can’t catch me!”
“Of course i can!” He placed his hands on his waist
“Then catch me if you can My Lord!”
She started running on the sand. And in a swift movement Harry caught her.
They both laughed happily. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her towards the bank.
“ don’t..” She pleaded
He ignored her pleads
“Well I intend to drop you in it My lady”
She struggled to free herself
“Come on! Are you scared of the Sea?”
Ephyra knew her tail would appear the moment her legs touches the Sea.
“Wait!” She screamed when he was about entering the Sea.
“What?” He asked
She held on to him tightly
“I love you” she said
“Yeah I know you love me..”
She nodded
“So i was thinking if…we could go in..and..” She stopped. Harry stepped backward when he saw the Wave.
“And?” He asked
“You want to know?”
He nodded
“Let’s move away from the sea first..far away” she replied
Harry rolled his eyes
“I’ll tell you when we are far away from the Sea” she repeated and winked at him. He moved away from the Sea to the dry land.
“Put me down”
He obeyed
“So what were you saying?” He asked
Ephyra stepped away from him. And she said
“I’m hungry”
Harry cocked his brows
“Hold that what you wanted to say?”
“What are you thinking?”
She pouted
“You said we should go in ”
“Yes..go inside and have lunch” she completed
Harry ran his hand over his face.
“What’s running through your mind?” She asked with a croaked smile
“Nothing” he said
“Are you sure?”
“Forget it” he walked away
“Harry..” She called out
He didn’t respond
“My Lord!” She called again
Harry smiled as he walked to the front door. Then when she was about to take a step, she felt something hit her in the heart. It was painful than the previous one. She looked down at the bracelet, it was shinning.
“ again” she said shakily.
Ephyra turned away to the Sea to hide her eyes from Harry who was waiting for her to join him on the porch.
“Come in My Lady!” He said
She didn’t turn to face him. Tears welled up in her eyes at the images of Harry looking at her like she was a monster. She had hated the look on Eleanor’s face. So Harry look would shred her heart in pieces. He won’t hesitate to stay away from her or push her away like James if he sees her like this.. Her Vision became blurry, she held her chest and screamed out in pain.
Harry watched her for a second. He heard her scream and soon she was falling to the ground. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.
The light faded as soon as she blacked out. He didn’t see it. Harry held her.
“Ephyra wake up! Can you hear me?!”
He knew she was unconscious again. And she carried her in his arms into the house.
All these Sea People will not let Ephyra rest oo!
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A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 22
Theme: Scylla is Alive! ????
“Almeta,let’s go and play with the other mermaids” Adamaris said
“No I can’t go today” she replied
“I have to visit Wanwisa with Mother” she lied
“But..mother said you could come with me to play”
“Well you can go ahead..I’ll join you later” she said
“Why not now?” He pestered
“Silly questions!” She barked at him
Adamaris was stunned
“Go away! I don’t want to play with the other mermaids! You all suck!”
She swims away
“Almeta!” Adamaris screamed
“I’m sorry!” He apologized
“Go away!” She screamed
“Forgive me!” He said
She didn’t respond
She swims away quickly so he won’t be able to follow her.
Almeta made her way to the Dark Cave of Scylla when she was sure no one was following her. She peeped into it and saw a shinning light.
“Wow! It’s a pearl!” She exclaimed
Almeta enters the Cave.
“No Almeta!” Adamaris screamed but she was already in it. He couldn’t go into the Cave to stop her or else he would be trapped in it.
“There’s a Sea monster In it!” He shouted
“I see a beautiful pearl you fool!”
She screamed back at him as she swims farther into the Cave.
She ignored his calls and reached out to touch the Pearl. Then the light faded slowly leaving the cave in darkness.
“Where did it go?” She pondered
The Sea Monster nostrils sensed her scent. Her scent filled him and strengthened him a bit. He wanted more…he wanted to taste her to renew his strength. She searched until she touched a rough surface..his nose!
Scylla knew it was a mermaid in his Cave! His eyes flare open immediately.
“Hello little one” his deep voice said
Almeta screamed in fear when she saw his crimson eyes.
“Thanks for coming in here..”
He smelled her gently
“Almeta” he said at the sight of the lines of pearls on her tail. She tried to escape but he grabbed her.
“Somebody help!” She screamed
Adamaris moved away when he heard her voice.
“” she pleaded
“Scylla is Alive!” The Sea monster screamed. His voice echoed under the Sea. Then he devoured Almeta. Her screams echoed in Adamaris ears.
“Scylla is Alive!” The Sea monster roared. It affected the balance of the Sea. Adamaris knew he had devoured Almeta. He was scared! He alerted the other mermaids around as he made his way to the palace.
“Scylla is Alive!” He screamed
There was commotion. They rushed to their houses when they heard Scylla’s roars from the Cave. Adamaris wept as he told Oceanus about Scylla.
“Colbert!” Oceanus called the 6th prince. The rest of the princes filed into the throne hall. They already heard about Scylla at their offices.
“The Sea Monster is awake!” Morrissey said
“Yes Scylla devoured his little friend” Oceanus pointed at Adamaris.
He could stop his tears at the lose of his dear Friend. She was gone. ????
“We can’t let him into the Main Hall” Morrissey said
“Where is Kenan?” Delma (the 2nd prince) Demanded
“He just left a while ago..” Oceanus said
“Get him Morgan” Morrissey ordered
“Murtaph gather everyone to the Kaimana and let them know Scylla is alive. No one should be seen outside the Main Hall” Morrissey said
“Yes My Lord” Murtaph bowed
“Meredydd and Murron Seal up the Main Hall Gates!” he said again
They all departed to do as Morrissey ordered
“Azizi get the other officials”
He said
Azizi bowed ad exited the room.
“Somebody help!” The little voice echoed in her ears. She swims faster to save the little mermaid that was caught in a Sea Trap.
“Hold on..” She tried to save her but something struck her from behind. She turned but saw nothing. And before she could face the little mermaid,she was dead. The water around her was bloody. She moved back and screamed at the sight of the mermaid(she had been sliced into two)
“Somebody help!”
She heard it again. This time in a different location. She was transported to a Lake. It was filled with Mermaids. They had bloodstains and wounds all over them. They were horrible looking. She felt bile rose up in her throat at the sight.
“Please Save us”
A mermaid grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her into the lake
“Let me go!” She struggled to free herself
“You belong her! Come and Save us!” The mermaid begged with blood dripping down her cheeks.
“Come and save us!” They chorused
“ am a Human!”
She screamed
Then she felt someone shaking her up.
She screamed in Fear. Harry hugged her tightly.
“Calm’s me Harry”
Harry? He was holding her.
She hugged him tightly.
“You’re fine…” He whispered
She relaxed in his embrace
“You were screaming Ephyra..”
She sobbed in his chest
“I don’t..want to.. go.. back there..” She said shakily
“Its a’ll be fine” he whispered
He whispered soothing words to her and soon she drifted into sleep. Harry watched her. He wondered what sort of nightmare she was having that made her scream that much in an unconscious state. She had been out for 8hours. He didn’t drive her to the hospital to avoid Doctor Brandon’s strange words.
She would regain consciousness. He had concluded
Harry moved out of the room. He was disturbed. He wanted to know the reason why she was always passing out. He was scared at the same time.
What if it was a symptom of an illness? An incurable illness?
His heart pounded so hard it was like it was going to bust.
He should call James and ask for his help. He must know something about it. Ephyra must be hiding some facts about herself from him. He changed his mind about getting coffee and he went to Ephyra’s room.
He searched for her cellphone to call James but he couldn’t find it.
“Where did she drop it?”
His gaze fell on her bed,he saw a book,a part of it was revealing the rest of it was under the bed. He crouched down and reached for it. It was a Diary. ????
Ephyra’s Diary! Her name was boldly written on it. He was tempted to read it but he dropped it on the bed. A piece of paper dropped to the ground. Harry picked it up to return it into the Diary.
“A WISH: Ephyra The Special one” it reads
He sat on her bed and opened the Diary to put the piece back.
“Ephyra Adams was buried in the Sand”
He flipped pages in the diary
“I ???? him…who? James or Harry?…Its Harry Jones!”
He smiled at the note
Harry opened the next page
“Princess Of Merillia Kingdom”
She drew a little mermaid on it.
He was confused as he read the rest of it.
“My Wish as a Special Mermaid was to become Human. It was a dream I had kept alive for years and the Sea granted my wish on my 18th birthday. And here I am in the Human world,acting like a Human. I was saved by a little boy on the beach (Gideon) and his elder brother (James) decided to help me. He took me in..and treated me like a family. The Albert are nice people no doubt about that. Guess what Diary?! I’m working as a maid to a tough heir. He’s a supermodel..topmost in USA. He looks like a Demi god with his cute nose and handsome face. Isn’t that Amusing?! He’s cool and that’s why I love Harry Jones! Though he could be tough and stubborn but also nice and sweet!”
It ended on that page and continued on the next.
“My Life as a Human is Pretty Fun! I enjoyed being a Human and I wish to be a Human forever! Now that I’m in love! Harry and I are in love! But it’s sad that we can’t be together. We’re from separate Worlds! And how I wish things were different. I want to be a Human like Harry so I can be with him forever! That’s impossible because of Neifion. I have to return it back to the Sea. And with my family making connections with the Neifion I can’t dwell in this world. I have to leave.. but what about Harry? How would he feel if he wakes up someday and couldn’t find me in his home?.. sad?…I can’t tell. All I know is that I have to take Neifion back even though it pains me to leave Harry Jones. I’m sure he would move on if he doesn’t see me after along time. Forgive me Harry Jones.
Written by: Ephyra The special Mermaid”
And then it ended
Harry was shocked and surprised. He could hardly believe what he just read in Ephyra’s Diary.
Ephyra must be tying to created a story by using her name.
She isn’t a mermaid!
Ephyra Adams is a Human!
The woman he loved is a Human and not a Mermaid! He exhaled roughly. His legs felt weak as he stood up. He sat back on the bed with his eyes closed. Ephyra would definitely explain things to him when she wakes up. He gathered himself and walked out of the room. He went back to his room and dropped the diary in a drawer and locked it. Harry looked at Ephyra on the bed. She was asleep. He ran his hands over his face,trying to think straight but it was hard.
He exited the room and stormed out of the house. He needed to clear his head and accept what he just found out in her Diary.
Omo See gobe!
Oh My Sea!
Harry found out Ephyra is a mermaid! ????
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A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 23
Theme: Scylla
“Kenan what do we do about Scylla?” Oceanus asked
“We have to build up a boundary to stop Scylla from coming into the Main Hall” Kenan said
“Can’t we fight him?” Morrissey asked
“Scylla can’t be destroyed. And We aren’t strong enough to face Scylla” Wanwisa said
“But we have the strength to fight Scylla” Morgan countered
“Our strength has nothing to do with Scylla” Kenan replied
“Our blood scent strengthens Scylla” Oceanus added
“So how do we defeat Scylla?” Delma demanded
“We have to put him back to sleep” Wanwisa replied
They all exchanged confused glances
Kenan cleared his throat
“A special Mermaid” he said
They gasped in shock
“Kenan are you saying it is only Almeta that can defeat Scylla?” Fairfax asked
“My Prince do we have another special mermaid in our kingdom?” Kenan asked
“No..only Ephyra”
“Our princess is the only solution to putting Scylla back to sleep” Kenan said
“Ephyra is in the strange world” Dylan said
“Can we bring her back?” Murtaph asked
“The Sea will bring her back to save us” Wanwisa answered
“When?” Tethys asked impatiently
“We can’t sit back and watch Scylla destroy our kingdom” Morogh said
“Kenan isn’t there a way to bring Almeta back here?” Colbert asked
“We’ve been trying to Make connection with Neifion” Oceanus Said
“The Water god?” Morogh asked
“Yes..Azizi gave Almeta the Neifion bracelet on her birthday” Tethys explained
“So Neifion is with Almeta in that strange world?” Colbert asked
“Yes” Tethys said
“She can’t stay too long in that world with Neifion” Murtaph said with a concerned tone.
“Yes Neifion belongs to the Sea” Wanwisa said
“So..what do we do? Sit back and wait for Almeta return?” Morrissey demanded in a rough tone.
“Yes My lord” Kenan’s answered with a slight bow. And they all sighed in frustration.
Ephyra awoke to a cool evening. She lay on the bed in silence for a moment. She felt stronger now with no pains. She didn’t hear any sound behind her door.
Harry? Where did he go?
Her eyes scanned the room. He wasn’t there. She realized that she wasn’t in her bedroom but Harry’s room. She pushed herself up and got out of bed. She left the room and headed towards the sitting room. Harry was there. He sat on the couch. She stood there and watched as he typed on his system. She cleared her throat. Harry turned and looked at her.
He looked as if he hadn’t slept well. His eyes were shadowed.
“How are you doing?” He asked
“Better” she muttered
He nodded and focused his attention on his system. She wanted to know how long she had been out. She rubbed her palms together and pondered if she should ask him. Harry closed his laptop and looked straight at her.
“You passed out on the beach yesterday afternoon” he said with a serious face.
“I..I..I..” She stuttered
“Why do you keep passing out every time?” He asked
Ephyra avoided his gaze and looked down at Neifion. She didn’t know what to say to him. And there was no way she was going to reveal her identity to him.
“Are you ill?” He asked
“Then what? You were out for a whole day and you had a nightmare in between and I had no idea of what to do..”
Ephyra looked up at him. Then she remembered the nightmare. The mermaid crying for he to save her,lake filled with horrible looking mermaids. And harry holding her tightly until she had fallen asleep.
“Ephyra is there something you are hiding from me?” He asked in a tight whisper but that was damn straight!
Ephyra looked away and stared into space. He wanted her to tell him the truth. He was tired of trying to figure if she’s human or a mermaid. If what she wrote in her diary was true.
Ephyra heartbeat accelerated. He sounded like he knew her secret. Her palms became sweaty and she couldn’t bring herself to tell him everything. Harry would hate her if she told him her true identity.
“There’s nothing..” She cuts in
He stared at her
“Okay” he muttered
Harry stood up and walked to his bedroom. Ephyra blinked back tears that threatened to spill.
“I’m heading out..” He said
“Harry..” She called
He stopped at the door hoping she would just tell him everything.
“Never mind” she said
She rushed towards her room before Harry could say anything. The tightness in her throat won’t let her spill the truth. She was scared of what his reaction would be. Ephyra locked her door and broke down in tears. She sobbed silently.
Harry moved out of the house. He stayed two minutes in his car before pulling out of the driveway.
♦ *********** ♦
She opened her eyes slowly and sat up quickly. She glanced around the room and she realized that she had slept off in tears. Then she remembered everything. The thought of Harry filled her mind.
What would happen to him if she return to her world?
She walked to her bed and sat on it. She reached to the drawer to take out her diary but it wasn’t there.
She searched and lifted every objects but the diary was no where to be found.
“Where did I dropped it?” She asked herself
She fell back on the bed to think of where she had dropped the diary the last time she wrote in it. She couldn’t think of anything except Harry. She wondered if he was back home.
Ephyra rushed out of her room to check if he was home.
“Harry..” She called out
No response
She checked his bedroom,bathroom and kitchen but he wasn’t there. And his car was not in the driveway.
“Why isn’t he back yet?” She looked up at the wall clock. It was 9:30. She picked her phone on the couch and dialed his number. It was switched off. Then her stomach let out a loud growl. She was hungry. Ephyra went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. She hoped that Harry would return home soon but he didn’t. And she stayed up all night waiting for Harry Jones. Ephyra gave up around 5:30am and she slept off on the couch.


Ephyra woke up immediately she heard the door clicked. It was as if she had just slept for only ten minutes. She rubbed her sleepy eyes to have a clear vision. Then she saw him. She stood up quickly and went to him.
“Good Morning” she yawned loudly
Harry stared at her
“I was expecting you -”
He walked away without listening to her. She followed him.
“Harry I prepared dinner last night and stayed up all night waiting for you. And I was so worried when I tried your number..”
He stopped abruptly and she almost bumped into him.
“But it was switched off” she completed
“I didn’t ask you to prepare dinner for me. And I never asked you to stay up all night waiting for me”
He snapped at her.
Her eyes widened in shock. Ephyra was confused. He started to walk away but soon stopped without facing her.
“There’s no need to come with me to the office today” he said
And he walked into his room. He clenched his fists when he entered his room.
Harry left that morning without saying anything to her. He didn’t want her at the office so she won’t pass out again. Even though she was truly a mermaid then it’s best to keep her at home so others won’t find out. Harry thought.


The silent treatment was killing him. He can’t keep avoiding her forever. If he want the truth then he should man up and confront her. Harry thought deeply as he sat in front of his Mahogany desk. He glanced at Ephyra’s desk and her image appeared on her chair. He knew that he was hallucinating but he didn’t want the image to disappear. He missed her smile..everything about her. Even though he was desperate to know things about her,he still kept calm,giving her a chance to open up to him. But it seems Ephyra wasn’t ready to tell him anything.
She was afraid of what he would do and his reaction!
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Happy Weekend ????
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A WISH ????????‍♀
Episode 24
Theme: She’s Mermaid
He gulped down a cup of water and took it to the sink to rinse it. When he stood with his hands gripping the sides of the sink,head bowed,heart pounding so hard. He rinsed the cup and moved out of the kitchen to his room.
He sat on the bed, reading Ephyra’s Diary. He’d read it over and over again still trying to make sense of the words written in it. He knew Ephyra must have been looking for the diary. And he pondered if he should go to her and confront her about her identity. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore by avoiding her. And he was fed up of being away from her.
He stood up and moved out of his room. Everywhere was silent as he paced to and fro in front of her bedroom. Minutes clicked by and he knocked on it. Ephyra wiped her face quickly when she heard the knock. She couldn’t think of what she’d done to make Harry change towards her. Ephyra made sure that her face was clean and dry before she got out of bed.
Harry noticed her swollen face. She has been crying!
He don’t know how long but he figured it was because of him.
“Have you been crying?” He asked
“” she said unsteadily
He stared at her.
She couldn’t look at him.
“Do you need anything?” She asked
He shook his head
“You must be looking for this..” He brought out the diary from behind his back.
Her gaze fell on it and her jaw dropped immediately. Harry was holding her Diary!
What will she do?!
He held it out to her but she didn’t take it from him. Her eyes panic filled. She can’t look at him. She couldn’t speak. The Fear of knowing that Harry had read her diary froze her interior. Her heart pounding so hard it was like marching footsteps in her skull.
“You can tell me everything when you are confident” he said
And shakily without looking at him. She took the diary. The tear dropped down her right chin. Harry reached for her chin and wiped the tear with his fingertips. He leaned in and said.
“Good Night”
He kissed her forehead and made his way back to his room.
Ephyra was stunned. She couldn’t move. Harry found out! And more tears dropped as she slowly made her way to the bed.
Now she has to summon the courage to talk to him tomorrow.

Ephyra was all dressed and ready to face Harry. She went to the mirror and took a deep breathe.
“Now you have to tell him everything.The whole truth. If Harry Jones decided to kick you out then you give up and return to your world”
She pointed to her reflection in the mirror. She closed her eyes again.
“You can do this Ephyra..” She exhaled roughly
Then she opened them and forced her focus onto herself to make sure she was at least ready to face Harry Jones. She secretly wish Harry would accept her identity after revealing the truth to him.
“Let’s do this..” She told her reflection much more sternly,then she turned away from the mirror and moved out of the room.
Harry was heading out at the same time. And she visibly gulped.
“Good Morning” she greeted
He hummed a response without looking at her and walked away. She had to talk to him and she wasn’t going to act like a wimp.
Harry strode towards the door and then she knew she had to act. She had to say something because the silent treatment really was killing her. She inhaled her breath. It was time to woman up.
“Harry, wait”
The words seemed incredibly stupid as they escaped her mouth. He stopped in his place and turned to face her.
They stood staring at each other.
“You know we can do this some other time” Harry checked his watch.
She stood like an idiot.
Then she closed her eyes.
“Harry please let’s talk now”
She opened them again
“What do you want to talk about?”
“About..last night”
Harry went to sit on the couch
He didn’t seem annoyed
“My Diary..” She stopped and took in a handful of breathe to refill her lungs.
Harry nodded slowly
“I found it under your bed while I was looking for your phone to call James”
“Oh” she whispered
Everything made sense to her now.
“And I want to believe that everything if not all isn’t true. I got to thinking that you were trying to create a story” he said
“Everything in my diary is the truth. I am a Mermaid” she said without meeting his gaze
“Are you kidding?”
“No I am not a human”
Then he stood up
“Mermaids don’t exist” he countered
“They do exist.. And I’m one”
He went to her
“No,please tell me you are just making things up”
A tear slid down her cheek but she wiped it quickly.
“I’m sorry” she muttered
“Can you prove it?” He asked
Then she looked up at him
She pointed to the bracelet
“I don’t belong to this world. I used to live in the Sea until I clocked 18”
“Yes it’s a long story” she said
“Why are you out here if you belong to the Sea? Why are you a human now? And what’s about being 18?” He questioned frantically
“It was my Wish”
Harry was still confused. He ran his hand through his hair.
“I’ll tell you everything Harry”
“I can’t believe you”
He blurted
She raced to her room and came back with a bathrobe
“Come with me” she said
“I want to show you the true Ephyra”
She moved out of the house and ran towards the Sea. Harry followed her. He watched her as she unzipped her gown,leaving just her bra and panties on as she walked closer to the Sea. Deeper and deeper,she placed her heels together and flick with her feet. The movement rippled in her body,before she did it again. This was better than casting a shape shifting spell.
She went down the sea for complete transition as she had read in some historical books about mermaids. Her skin was darkening as waves washed over her. Harry waited close to the shore. Another flick,her feet rising out of water and the skin of her legs grew together. Then he saw it..not her legs but an enormous Golden tail ????‍♀
Harry gasped in shock. It was as if he was daydreaming and he needed someone to wake him up. She stayed under the Sea with her tail up for seconds. Then she displayed a bit to make him believe. Ephyra raised her head above the water to look at him. His expression unreadable but she thought that she saw a look of disgust in them.
She went back under the Sea.
“Now he thinks am a monster” she said within
Then she felt it. Almeta dropping down her cheeks. She was crying.
“He hates me now” She sobbed
She looked down at her golden tail and long nails. And she thought of swimming farther into the Sea and return back to her kingdom. She would convey information about her kingdom from the sea creatures. Suddenly she felt the change of balance in the Sea. Something was wrong! Though not in this Sea but Far off.
What will you do if you were in Harry’s shoes?
Lemme know Via comment!
Author ADEMIDE ✍✍

A wish. Episode 25 to 28
A wish. Episode 17 to 20

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