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A wish. Episode 25 to 28

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A wish. Episode 29,30 and Epilogue
A wish. Episode 21 to 24

A WISH ????????‍♂
Author: Ademide
Episode 25
Theme: I won’t let you go!
He waited for her to show up again but she didn’t.
Had she left for her world? Harry panicked. No! She can’t leave just like that! He saw her tail from afar,she was moving away.
“Ephyra!” He shouted in the wind with his hand at his mouth.
And he tried again
“Please come back!”
Ephyra thought that she had imagined Harry’s voice in her head.
“Ephyra, I love you!” He shouted again
She stopped swimming. She had heard it clearly with her hearing ability.
He knelt down on the sand and cried.
“Please come back” he muttered
Ephyra started back to the shore. He was calling for her! She could hear his heartbeat. Almost nearing the Shore then she raised her head above the water. Harry’s face was buried in his palms.
She controlled the Sand and directed it to him gently to gain his attention since she couldn’t talk to him. Mermaids and humans can’t relate except they are in same form. Harry looked up and saw Ephyra.
“Ephyra..” He moved closer to her
“You came back..”
She nodded.
He smiled at her as he examined her
“You have a beautiful tail” he said
“And I wish I could be with you forever” she wanted to say but she showed him her large tail. Delighted that Harry liked her tail. She reached out to him for a handshake.
“No I won’t take that..” He said
Her forehead creased
“I once read it that a mermaid can erase a human memory with a handshake”
“Yes..you are right”
she replied with a nod
“You can’t talk to me right?” He asked
She nodded with her hand in the air waiting for him to take it. He drew back from the water.
“I don’t want to forget you..”
“Hey boss this is a handshake to mark our friendship…And love” she thought
“Can I trust you?” He asked
She nodded
“The handshake won’t erase my memory right?”
And she nodded
He studied her expression
He shook hands with her
“Nice to meet you..My Mermaid”
He grinned sheepishly. And she smiled at him.
Harry turned serious and said
“I want you back..”
She pointed towards the bathrobe. He understands what she was saying. He moved backward and grabbed her robe and dress. Ephyra closed her gills,parting her tail and her skin normalized. She moved up and let her tail touch the Sand. Harry dropped the bathrobe and turned away before she became human.
“Thank you” she said
“Are you done?” He asked
“Yes” she answered
He turned quickly and went to her. He pulled her into his arms not minding the fact that she was wet,with water dripping from her hair.
“Wait not now” he whispered
He held her closely and she let him. Seconds clicked by and she said
“Don’t you want to know the whole story?”
“It doesn’t matter..”
“Aren’t you scared of me?”
He pulled away from her
“I was only shocked to see a mermaid. I never believed they exist until today” he paused
“And were you really planning to leave the other time?” He asked
“I thought you didn’t like my appearance”
“I’m sorry if my expression seems like I didn’t like your appearance”
“I was going to return to my kingdom”
“And leave me out here?”
She looked away from him
“Some day I’ll have to return to my world” she said
He held her hands and they walked back into the house
“Harry I insist that you hear my story”
He nodded in agreement
“Perhaps is James aware that you are mermaid?”
“No one knows expect You and Eleanor”
“Yes but I already erased my traces from her memory”
“How did she find out?”
“I told her about it”
“She suspected it the day I passed out at the agency”
“I’ll be right back”
He said and went to his room. He came back with a towel.
“Let me dry your hair” he pulled her to the couch and sat behind her to dry her hair.
“Now tell me everything”
He said
She sighed
“Every thousand years in the MERWORLD, a special Mermaid is born with powers that supersede other Merpowers”
“You are the Special Mermaid” he said
“Who is Neifion?”
“My bracelet”
Then she told him everything. The MERWORLD,Her Family,Her Wish and how she ended up in the Human World.
“So you are always unconscious because your family are making connections with Neifion”
“Yes it can’t dwell in this world cause it belonged to a Water god”
Her hair was a bit dry now. He stood up and sat in front of her so he could look straight at her.
“So what about you? Can you dwell in this world?” He asked
“No I have to return Neifion” she said
“And after returning it..is there any possibility that you will come back here?”
He squeezed her hands gently
“There must be a way to come back” he said
She nodded negatively. Her father would definitely ground her for life if she finally returned home.
“When do you intend to go back?”
Then she remembered the change in balance of the Sea.
She would return home and end the pain attached to the connection.
“Ephyra please don’t go..”
He reached for her face
“I can’t possibly live without you” he said
“Harry,you and I live in different worlds. We can’t work out even if we want to be together forever”
“We can make it work”
“How?” She asked
“We can find a way to break Neifion and throw it into the Sea. You are a Human now then we can be together”
“That’s impossible. I can’t be with you forever. I have to be a full human to be able to do that..”
“Is there a way to make you a full Human?”
She was silent
“When we first met,I told you myself that you’d cast a spell on me..and maybe I was right. But it pains me to find out that you’d be leaving soon”
“I’m sorry Harry” she whispered in tears
“I wish I could live here with you forever but I can’t change the fact that I don’t belong here”
“So what do we do?”
She wiped the tear that strayed down his cheek.
“Please don’t cry..” She said
“I can’t help it..stay a bit longer” he rested his forehead on hers
“One year..two years or Five and when you’re ready to leave we’ll end things together. I’ll be laid to rest here and you will return to your world” he said
“No that’s not a good idea. Harry,you have to stay with your Mom..think about her. You are all she has now..And this shouldn’t be the end for you. Believe me you can love another woman if you want to..”
“No I want you..only you” he said
His gaze moving from her eyes to her full lips
“I was surprised by how strongly you affected me. I love you Ephyra”
“I love you too but -”
He bent his head and laid his mouth on hers putting her words at Bay. Ephyra surrendered to the kiss and opened for him at the first touch.
Long minutes passed and he didn’t lift his mouth and suddenly she knew he wasn’t as controlled as she’d thought. And if she didn’t call it off,they would end up making love. And she didn’t want such to happen between them.
Fierceness swept through her,she gently pushed Harry. He drew back to look at her. Her breathe caught in her throat avoiding Harry’s gaze.
“I..I..don’t think…it’s a good idea” she said
And he nodded in agreement
He placed a kiss on her forehead
“Can I go with you to the office now?” She asked
“Sure but on one condition”
“What condition?”
He stood up and tucked his hands in his pocket
“Go on a date with me tomorrow, the next and the next again. We’ll stop a day to your departure”
“We have a lot of work to attend to at the agency. And remember the Fashion runway is on Saturday”
“Yea I know and everything is almost done and we still have enough time. I don’t want to wake up one morning to find out that you’re gone without going on a date with me”
“Let’s do it this way..” She paused
“Go on” he urged her
“Well attend to work first and go out later in the evening”
“I want the whole day” he said
“Come on Harry remember we agreed that we would attend to business when the need arises..”
“And have fun the rest of the time”
He reminded
Ephyra rolled her eyes
“No much work to do at the office so we can have fun”
He was determined
“Okay..we’ll drop by at the agency first to check things out and then hang out.. Deal?”
“Deal” he agreed with a beam on his face
He leaned in and kissed her lips quickly
“So how about we go out today?”
He asked
She giggled
“Sounds good” she said
“Go and get dressed while i change up too” He said
She gave him a bright smile.
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Author Ademide ✍

A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 26
Theme: Sea Dream
“Good..” Harry kissed her before she could greet him. She hit his side gently to break the kiss.
“Greetings..First..” She replied in between the kiss
“Oh Sorry Love” He pinched her cheeks gently. He stepped into her room. Harry had opted in to a fitted black Jean and navy blue body hugging top that showed off his well built shoulders and sculpted chest.
“I can see you are ready for another date” she teased him
“Yes i enjoyed yesterday’s date” he said
“Hmm..So Miss hurry up and let’s go”
“I need to take a shower”
“You woke up late..”
“I slept late last night” she reminded with a wink
They’d slept around 1:45pm yesterday. Harry had insisted that they visit many places together and they did. And when they arrived he requested that they cuddle and talk and play a love Game before going to bed.
A beeping sound interrupted Harry when he was about to talk. It was his cellphone.
“I’ll be right back” She headed for the bathroom
“Hello Mom” He Said
“How are you doing? Isobel asked
” I’m fine…you?”
“I’m good..where is Ephyra? I haven’t heard from her since she came to my office”
He didn’t want to tell her Ephyra was unconscious in between.
“Hmm..she’s very..very busy at work”
“Helping you out with the preparation of the show?”
“Well I’m coming to the agency today to see you” she said
Harry closed his eyes
“Can’t you wait till Saturday? She would be at the show”
“No I want to see the both of you. We need to talk”
Harry knew her visit was going interrupt their date.
“I’ll let her know you are coming over”
He said
“Bye” she ended the call
“Hey love mom’s coming to the office today!” He said loudly
Ephyra grunted
“I’ll be waiting outside okay?” He said
“I’ll be out soon” she answered
Then he moved out of the room

“Wow! You look perfect!” Isobel said when she entered Harry’s office. Harry hugged her before moving back to the single couch Ephyra sat on. They’d canceled their date for that day just to welcome Isobel. And she arrived late at the agency.
“Good Day Ma” Ephyra greeted
“How are you doing Ephyra?”
She smiled at Ephyra
“I’m fine..thanks”
“Well I can see that..and I was told that you haven’t used the cheque I gave to you” She said
Ephyra exchanged glances with Harry. Oh! She had forgotten that she had a $1M cheque.
She remembered where she dropped it. It was in a handbag in her closet.
“Actually Mom we planned to visit the bank but we are so tied down with work here”
“It’s her money..not yours” Isobel said with a raised eyebrow
“Well.. except..you guys are together now”
Ephyra looked at her
“I mean you are both in love so what’s stopping you from starting a family together. You’d make a perfect couple”
Harry looked at Ephyra. He wanted a life with her but that was impossible. He held her hand in his.
“We’re together” Harry spat
Isobel shot them a surprised look
“Is that true Ephyra?”
“Yes mom we’re dating now. And we planned to go on a date until you called in that you wanted to see us”
Harry answered before Ephyra could say anything.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
Isobel wasn’t happy that she’d interrupted their plans.
“I would have come around tomorrow” she said with a frown
“I tried telling..”
“Your first date?” She cuts him off
“No..second” Harry answered
“Oh! I like that son!” She clapped excitedly
Ephyra coughed
“Are you okay?” Harry asked
She coughed again
“I think I’ll just get water” she stood up and moved out of the room.
Mother and Son Drama! She wanted to be alone. If she stayed a bit longer in there then she would end up crying.
Isobel leaned forward
“You should plan to meet her family” she said
Harry cleared his throat
“So we can know the next step to take..”
“What’s the next step after meeting her family?”
“You’ll take her to the altar”
“Ah! Not so fast mom. We’re taking things slowly. There’s no need to rush”
“Well I’m sick and tired of staying alone in that Mansion. I want grandchildren”
He said soberly
“How many grand kids do you want?” He teased
“Three..or four”
“And you want Ephyra to be the mother of my children”
“Of course!” She exclaimed
“Don’t worry we’ll get married very soon and have children. And then you’ll be a Grandma” he said
Hoping things would just happen the way he’d just said it. He could imagine the smile on his mom’s face at the sight of a baby in her hands.
“I’ll leave now so you can go on your date” she stood up


“I’m so tired” Ephyra said as she pull off her shoes and flopped down on the couch. They just came back from the cinema.
“Well today was Fun!”
He handed her a glass of water. She sat up and collected it.
“Thanks” she gulped down the whole glass and dropped it on the tray on the table.
Tomorrow is the Fashion Runway taking place at his agency to show his models to the world and promote RRC wares.
“Let’s go to bed early so I won’t wake up late tomorrow”
“Yeah you are right”
She stood up and he did the same thing.
“Wait..not so soon Love” he grabbed her upper arm and pulled her to himself.
“Well since we’d be very busy tomorrow and we might not get to talk to each other.. So I definitely want ten minutes with you” He said
she noticed his eyes did a slow crawl to her lips. She tapped his chest.
“I need to rest” she said
“Five minutes” he said
And he was bending over to kiss her when she said
“I need to go to bed..alone”
He stopped and raised his head
“Did I say anything about going with you?”
“No..but you were thinking it” she accused
“Was I?”
“Well..it looked like it”
“I looked like I was thinking about going to bed with you”
How had she gotten into this?!
“Yes..you did” she said
And how was she going to get out of it?!
“Maybe you just thought that was what I was thinking because that’s what you were thinking”
Harry said without missing a beat
He was right!
“I..I..I..think.. I’ll just..Say good night”
She stuttered
She found a smile on his face when she looked at him. And before she could think of everything. He came closer and kissed her.


She dreamed she was by the beach. She sees a little boy crying by the sea shore with his legs in the Sea.
“Excuse me?”
He looked at her
“Help me my People are in trouble” he said
Ephyra glanced around to see his people but she saw no one. They were alone on the beach.
“Your people? Where are they?”
“Down there..” He pointed to the Sea
“Beneath the Sea lies my kingdom and my people dwell in the Sea. They are in trouble! They need your help! Please Save them!”
She looked down at him. Then she caught a glimpse of his magnificent tail in the Sea.
“Come with me!” He sobbed
She stepped backward
“No I can’t..”
“Why? But you belong to my kingdom”
“No! I belong to the Human World!” She screamed
“You’re wrong. Please Save us! He’s Alive” he cried
“Who is Alive?” She asked
“Come back home”
He went deeper into the Sea
“Hey! Who is alive?!” She said loudly but he was already gone.
“Ephyra!” Someone screamed. She looked back and she was transported under to sea. She saw a little merman crying with his palms on his face. She went to him.
“Hey what’s wrong?” She questioned
He didn’t respond
“Can you hear me?”
He looked at her
“Save me..” He sobbed
“Save -”
He disappeared before she could finish her statement. She looked around the sea to find him until she saw the ugly Creature.
The Greatest MERENEMY!
And she gasped in Fear
“Scylla is Alive!” He roared
She swims away quickly to Save herself.
She woke up panting,drenched. Harry was by her side looking at her.
“That was one hell of a nightmare you were having” he said softly
It had been one hell of a nightmare!
“I was about to wake you up”
Does she know she screams? He wondered
Maybe she doesn’t know. It scared the hell out of him,waking up to see her head turning back and forth screaming. Noooo!
Sweat pouring out of her.
“I’m..so..sorry” she whispered struggling for air.
Ephyra’s eyes shifted wildly under her eyelid scanning the dark room. Seeing something terrible.. As Scylla!
“Do you want to tell me about it?” He asked
“No..no..I can’t..not now please” she said shakily
She got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to empty the content in her mouth Into the toilet.
“Scylla is Alive!”
His roar echoed in her head
What does that mean?
Oh no! It shouldn’t be what she was thinking!
The Nightmares about Mermaids in the lake,getting trapped in a Sea trap,Mermen pleading with her to return home. Was it because Scylla was alive under the Sea? She wondered
The bathroom door opened and Harry popped his head in.
“Are you okay?”
He held her hair up and switched on the tap to sprinkle water on face.
“Sorry” He said
Ephyra calmed a bit
“Okay now?”
She nodded
They both walked back to the bedroom.
Harry climbed into her bed.
“Come here” He said
“I..can’t..sleep” she replied
“Let’s give it a try”
She went to him and he pulled closer. She was held by the lulled of his warmth,shuddering as she came up against his body.
“Calm down and relax” he murmured
“Thank you” she said
He kissed her hair.
“Close your eyes my love” he mumbled, his thumb lightly grazing her eyelids. Her eyelid felt heavy. She felt secure with him close. His soft voice whispering and she fell asleep.
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A WISH ????????‍♂
Episode 27
Theme: Save Me
She opened her eyes and saw him sitting beside her drinking an orange juice.
“I got you some too” he said
She looked
A glass of orange juice on the drawer beside the bed. She sat up and rested her head on the headboard.
“Here..” He gave her a glass
“Thanks” she murmured
She drank from the glass and gave it back to him.
“You don’t want to talk about it?” He asked
Ephyra closed her eyes. She felt weak as she recalled the Nightmare.
A tear slid down her chin as she knotted her hands together.
“Hey..tell me about the Nightmare” He Said as he wiped her tear
“I..have..to..go..back” she whispered unsteadily
He rested her head on his chest
“They need me in my world. Scylla is Alive” she sobbed
She couldn’t stop the tears. She didn’t want to leave Harry Jones but not with Scylla alive under the Sea probably tormenting her Father’s kingdom.
“Who is Scylla?” he asked
“The Sea Monster”
“He’s alive?”
Harry asked with a frown
She nodded
“So you have to go back there to save your people and also return Neifion” He said
She nodded
“I’m sorry” she cried
“I understand”
He was heartbroken. He knew she would leave anytime soon. He had to be strong for her. He thought as he blinked back tears. He wasn’t happy that she was leaving him.
Ephyra lasted two minutes in tears before she calmed and said
“I can’t go with you to the agency”
“Why?” He asked
She didn’t respond
“You are leaving today?” He panicked
Harry drew back to look into her eyes
“No” she said
“I need to find out if Scylla is truly alive” she said
He studied her expression to see if she was telling him the truth. He couldn’t read anything in her eyes.
Her expression was Sad.
“Please don’t go now…not today” he murmured
And she nodded
He thought of staying at home to be sure that she won’t leave today.
“You can’t miss your show” Ephyra said as if she had read his mind
“Believe me I’ll be here waiting for you” she assured him
His eyes on her face studying her. Then his gaze moved to her lips. His Lips crashed on hers and she took him in eagerly. His tender and soft kisses breaking her bones, bringing more tears to her eyes.

Harry reluctantly left home to the agency that morning. Ephyra reassured him that she would be at home waiting for him.
She grabbed a bathrobe and moved out of the house. She walked to the sea and came out of her clothes. She entered into the Sea and went deeper for complete transition. The wave of power rippled up her body and her tail appeared. She went farther into the Sea.
The sea wasn’t responding to her call. She sensed it was Sad when she got to the center. A mackerel fish passed by and she made a sound to it. The fish stopped and turned it tail to her so she could relate with it. She closed her eyes and listened
“Scylla is alive!”
Sh heard it again. She trembled in fear. The fish was from her Sea. Another sound from her and the fish went away. Scylla is Alive!
She continued into the Sea. She closed her eyes and she heard another sound. Ephyra recognized it.
A shark was approaching. These creatures go absolutely nuts when they get a whiff Of a mermaid underwater. She hid behind a sea rock until the shark moved away. Then she began to sing to the Sea as she swims higher and back to the shore navigating the Sea.
“I am a fair Mermaid ????????‍♀
Singing under the Sea ????
I would sing to myself the whole day ????
I would sing and say to the Sea ????
Who is it that loves me? ???? And who loves me not? ????
Oh Sea! ????
A rich and strange Deity! ????
Mysterious in nature!
I am a mermaid ????‍♀
Emerging from the blue waves ????
With a fresh pink lips ????
And an enchanting ivory breast ???? with a splendid hair ????
Falling on my alabaster shoulders. ☺
My eyes have the glow of a star✨ and the flashing fire ???? of love ????
I am a fair mermaid????‍♀”
She raised her head above the waters.
“Son what’s going on? I can’t find Ephyra” Isobel said
“She’s not feeling well” he said
“Where is she?” Isobel asked with a concerned tone
“She’s at home”
“You should have taken her to the hospital before coming to the show” she did
“No she’ll be fine”
“Maybe I should go and see her”
“No..no she needs to rest”
He didn’t want her to go to his home. Ephyra might be in the Sea swimming or trying to get information about her world.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes mom why don’t you just relax and enjoy today”
He placed his hand around her shoulder.
“Hey..” He gestured at an executive worker
“Please take my mom to the Hall”
He pushed her gently and turned towards the dressing room
“Everything’s ready?” He asked
“Yes.. The make up artists are working on the Models” Ria said
He glanced around the room. And he brought out his phone to check if he has missed a call from Ephyra but none.

In the late afternoon, she wanted to change, clean up and prepare dinner before Harry’s arrival. She got up and strode towards the porch. She decided that she would spend three days with Harry and then return to her world. She would definitely erase her traces from his memory, so he wouldn’t think about her. She would be gone forever and Harry would move on with his life like she never existed in the Human world.
She unlocked the door and stepped in. Suddenly she heard a crash in the kitchen..like someone was there. Ephyra jumped in fear when she heard the sound. And slowly,she motioned towards the kitchen.
“Harry..” She called out
No response
Her heartbeat accelerated as she got closer to the entrance. She gasped in shock and fear when her gaze fell on the shattered glasses on the floor.
She looked up. A man was there. She trembled in fear.
He had searched the kitchen?
How did he come in?
She wondered
She looked at the window, it was broken.
He came in through the window.
“Hello” he said with a grin
Ephyra stepped backward and he moved closer
“I couldn’t find you at Goldmynes show so I decided to come look for you here” he said
“Wh..who..are..you?” She panicked
He laughed
Her eyes scanned the room to see if she could grab anything to protect herself. He was getting close to her.
“You are so..beautiful” he said
His eyes inspected her from head to toe. Her eyes widened when he brought out a pen knife.
“Don’t try to run..” He said as they slowly moved out of the kitchen. She was afraid
She thought of a way to save herself.
“Stop” he ordered when they got to the sitting room. He stared at her seductively. He moved closer to her and placed the knife by her side.
“Try to do anything silly..and I’ll put this right in your side”
His hand came up and closed around her face Hard.
She was terrified and she stood immobilized.
Steel? The knife was made of steel,piercing her with it no matter the size would definitely destroy her completely. Mermaids are always mindful of coming in close contact with a steel. Once stabbed, It takes a long period to heal completely as a mermaid.
She tried to think of what to do,imagining what was going to happen to her.
“It’s wild..how you turn me on now” he said
His hand held her captive. She shook her head,her eyes started getting blurry from tears that sat there threatening to spill. Disgust and fear filled her as the man dragged her against him so abruptly, knocking air out of her lungs.
“Dynamite body” he said,his right hand holding the knife by her side and the left still so tight around her jaw she could scarcely open her mouth. She wanted to beg him to go away or scream for help!
No one was around!
He brought her head forward,the strength in his one hand overpowering her. She tried to strain away despite the fear of the steel by her side but he kept her coming forward,then clamped his mouth on hers. His tongue pushing into her mouth. She shoved at him but it was like trying to push down a mountain. He didn’t even sway under the impact. She struggled from him but suddenly the knife turn at her side and she screamed in pain. He let her go and she staggered back from him,gasping.
“It was just a scratch” he grinned wickedly
She looked at her side,blood staining the white bathrobe. Her eyes went to the door which was slightly opened, she could get to the door,run outside..but he would follow her.
“Take off your bathrobe” he snarled
His eyes determined
She shook her head back and forth as she moved backward.
He blocked the path to the door
“Come on!”
She shook her head violently
He advanced towards her. She was getting out of focus with the pain in her side.
How could this happen?
Her side hurting!
“I’ll just make you take it off!”
He pointed the knife at her
“No..no..please” she panted
He stopped. His dark and wild eyes stared at her.
“Okay..maybe we don’t need this now” he tucked the knife back in it place on his body. Then he leaped through the air between them,his arms grabbed her bathrobe,ripping it,pulling at it,getting it open while she tried to twist away,pushing at him using every ounce of her strength to push him off. She hit his chest with her fist,ignoring the slight bleeding from her side and then she pulled his ear. He stopped and slapped her across the face. So hard her head snapped around then she hit the floor banging the back of her head. He punched her as he knelt down above her,yanking at her bathrobe and almost exposing her breasts she caught a handful of his hair and pulled so hard as she could. He slapped her again trying to raise the bathrobe up from her waist. She closed her eyes and heard a zipper. She opened her eyes and saw him exposed.
He wanted to take advantage of her!
No she wouldn’t let him do that to her! Bastard!
She forcefully raised her knees and kicked him. She moved away quickly. He yelped in pain with his hands between his legs.
“You cocky bastard! Pervert!”
She hissed
Tears set in his eyes as he struggled on his feet. He turned away and zipped his jeans. She reached for the knife behind his Jeans but he caught her and pushed her away. She hit the floor again and he stood over her with the knife. She swayed when he almost dropped it in his chest. She didn’t know why he wanted to kill her or who had sent him over to this place.
“Bitch!” He grunted
She could see the anger in his dark eyes.
He straightened and went forward. And when she was about sidestepping him the knife went straight into her stomach.
She couldn’t move
“This is for rejecting me”
He pushed it in once more
“And for taking what doesn’t belong to you”
He gritted
Her eye fell on the knife. He stepped back and marched to the door,flung it open and went bounding down the stairs. And Gone.
She stood for several moments trying to catch her breath, her heartbeat wild. Her hands dropped to the knife and shakily she pulled it out. A sob erupted out of her mouth,then another. She was hurting all over!
Slowly she moved to the couch to get her phone. The pain was horrid,she placed her hand in the wind,blood gushing out,staining the white robe. Her face burning where he’d hit her,crying her chest hurting.
She dialed Harry’s number – first ring,second… Her vision became blurry and she knew that she was losing consciousness yet again
She heard his voice on the third ring.
“Ha..” She couldn’t speak
“Hello Ephyra” he said
His voice clear now
“Sa..ve…me” she managed to say
And in a slow motion she fell to the ground and blacked out.
Somebody please save Ephyra
She can’t die like that..????
She was such a strong woman to be able to fight that Vins Bond ????
Will Harry make it before she give up the ghost?
Well find out in the next episode!

A WISH ????‍♀
Episode 28
Theme: Don’t Die! ????
“I can’t find her around” Vins said over the phone as his eyes searched the hall filled with people.
“I can’t find her too” Shawna replied as she walked down the hallway
“So what do we do?” He asked
“I’ll try to find out from..someone”
Then she saw Isobel and the executive worker. She ended the call.
Isobel said when their gaze met.
“Good day Ma’am” they exchanged pleasantries
“Wow..it’s so good to see you again” Isobel said
Shawna faked a smile
“Have you seen Harry?” She asked
“No,actually I’ve been trying to find him” she replied
“He’s in the dressing room”
“With..Ephyra?” she asked
“No she couldn’t make it” Isobel said
“Okay..I’ll just check on him”
“See you later” Isobel said
Shawna walked away quickly.
She dialed Vins Number
“Ephyra is not here” she said
“Where is she?”
“Well..I don’t know”
“I thought you said she’s living with Harry”
“Yes but I don’t know if she’s still living with him”
“What about Harry?”
“I’m trying to find him”
She strode towards the dressing door.
“Get ready..you may need to drive to his home if she’s there”
She said
A wicked smile formed on his face at the thought of him alone with Ephyra.
“Sounds good” he said
“I’ll get back to you”
She hang up
She stepped into the large room. It was a bit crowded with stylists working on models. She looked for Harry and she found him with the famous clothe designer. They were engrossed in a conversation. Harry typed on his phone quickly before looking back at Ria.
Then she went to him.
“Harry..” She called
His head snapped up and their gaze met.
“Hey..Shawna” he looked surprised to see her
“Hello” she greeted Ria
“Oh Shawna! Meet my partner Mrs Ria Bryant the CEO of Ria Robert Couture” he did an introduction
“Its really nice to meet you in person. I came for the show so I could see your designs”
she lied
“Yes..I’m a fan of you designs” she said with a half smile
“Nice to meet you Shawna” Ria shook hands with her
Then Shawna looked back at Harry.
“Can you spare me a minute?” She said
He nodded
“I’ll be right back” he said to Ria
“Well I’m happy with what’s happening here today”
“Thanks Shawna”
“So..where is Ephyra?”
She looked around pretending to find her.
“She’s not here”
“Uhmm she’s not feeling well”
He focused his attention on his phone and typed on it. She thought it was a good time to question him about her whereabout.
“So..she’s still staying at your place?”
He replied without looking at her
Soon Harry..you’ll come to me for comfort.
“Excuse me Sir” A voice said
And they turned to face a Lady in black suit
“Yes Anne” he said
“Miss Bella is here to see you” she said
“The CEO of Bella Fashion house?”
“Yes Sir”
“Take her to my office. I’ll be right there” he said
“Okay Sir” Anne walked away
He typed the last words and read it within him.
“I hope you are feeling better? The show is moving as planned.. No problems. And mom sent her greetings. I’ll be home soon”
He sent it to Ephyra.
“Shawna..I’m So sorry..I’ve to attend to Bella. Why don’t you join mom in the hall”
He dropped the phone into his pocket
“Okay” she murmured
“We’ll talk later” he said and went to Ria.
He said few words to her before moving out of the room.
Shawna clenched her fists,her knuckles almost cracking. She hated the fact that he didn’t pay attention to her.
Shawna moved out of the room to call Vins
“She’s at his place” she whispered
“Well I don’t know his place” he replied
“He lives alone by the beach”
“Which beach?”
“I’ll text it to you”
“Hold up..what if he shows up?”
“I’ll distract him while you are at his home. Don’t waste too much time with her”
“I can have fun with her before doing my job”
“Whatever! Just do a clean job”
“You can always count on me My lady. And I won’t mind a night with you after the Job’s done”
Disgust filled her on hearing his words. She ended the call quickly and she sent a text to him. Now she needs to be with Harry so he won’t think of going home now.
It was getting to the end of the show. Harry said few words to the crowd and stepped down the stage.
Shawna phone beeped. It was a message from Vins.
“I’m at his home now”
“Have you seen her” she sent it to him”
“No..I’ll still trying to get in”
“Don’t waste time” she typed quickly
She stood up and said to Isobel
“I’ll be right back”
She moved out of the hall and made her way towards Harry’s office. She would start a conversation to stop him from getting home. She had the perfect plan in her Head.
She bumped into Anne
“Oh excuse me..is Harry in his office?”
“Yes Ma’am”
She walked quickly to his office
Shawna popped her head in
“can I come in?”
He was preparing to leave
“Yes..I was about leaving”
“Can you spare me a minute?”
He looked at his wrist watch.
He was in a hurry to leave and be with Ephyra.
She stepped in
“I understand that she isn’t feeling well and you want to go and be with her..but can we talk?”
Harry stared at her
He moved away from his desk
“I can tell that what you feel for Ephyra is strong” she knotted her fingers
“I love her” he said
“Yeah..i know Harry”
Then she started towards him.
“But don’t you think that’s strange?” She said
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t act like you haven’t noticed some strange things about her”
Their gaze locked and they stood staring at each other eye to eye.
“There’s nothing strange about her” he answered
“Come on Harry,try to think”
“You fell in love and she reconciled you and your mother..In one week. You never believed in love until you met Ephyra. And now you can’t live without her”
“Eleanor saw everything” she blurted
He closed his eyes. He remembered that Ephyra had erased Eleanor’s memory to hide her secret but she’d told Shawna before she left the country. Maybe Ephyra needs to erase Shawna memory to keep her secret. He thought
“That Lady isn’t an ordinary Human. And you need to stay away from her”
“Let’s talk about this..some other time” he said
“No Harry..” She blocked his pathway
“You’ve changed” Her hands rested on his chest. He stepped back
“Nothing changed..I only fell in love” he muttered
Anger crashed over her.
“What’s so special about Ephyra?”
She questioned
“Harry listen to me..I love you and I don’t want you to get hurt. Ephyra isn’t good for you”
“What about you?” He asked
She leaned in and looked into his eyes. It was an act to stop him from getting home on time so Vins could do his job. Her hands went around his neck,brushing his hair.
“Harry..” She murmured seductively
“No..no Shawna” he pulled back.
She eyed him when he turned away from her.
“We can’t work out. I’m in love with Ephyra” he said with a serious face.
She stared at him and thought of another way to distract him.
“You have to accept it” he said
He grabbed his keys on his desk.
“I’ll go ahead now”
She blocked the path to the door and in a swift movement she tiptoed and fastened her lips on his. Her tongue pushed into his mouth with her hand in his hair. He shoved at her but she held him close.
His phone beeped in his pocket. First ring – second – and he pushed her away.
Fury crashed over him as he stared at her with a wide eye. Her chest rising and falling. She couldn’t move. Tinge of happiness rose within her because she’d kissed him.
His phone buzzed and he turned away to pick it. It was Ephyra
“Hello?” He said
He didn’t hear her clearly
“Hello Ephyra” he said
“Sa..ve..me” she said
Those words echoed in his head.
Save me?
What was going on with her?
He wondered
His heartbeat rapidly and without saying anything to Shawna he rushed out of the office. He wiped his mouth as he raced to the garage. His thought on Ephyra as he drove home at an high speed. Hoping all was well with her.
Shawna called Vins Bond and he told her that he had murdered Ephyra in Harry’s home.
She was happy!
Soon Harry would be hers..alone. She thought
“You know that bitch turned me in badly” he said
“So why didn’t you take advantage of her?”
“She was too strong” he admitted
“So you can’t win against a woman” she gritted
Vins was silent. Anger boiled within him at her words. She was calling him a weakling!
“When do I get my payment?”
“No..I want it tonight”
“I need to be sure if she’s dead before I pay you”
“Then I’ll call Harry Jones and tell him everything”
He hang up
He redialled his number but he didn’t pick up. He wanted his payment!
“Come and get your payment” she sent it to him
“I want it in cash” he replied
“I’ll be waiting in my car outside the agency”
“No I’ll decide the meeting place. No deal? And I’ll call Harry Jones” he threatened
“Okay” she replied
“I’ll send an address to you” he responded
She walked to the garage and waited for Vins text. Seconds passed and his message came in.
“Ephyra!” He screamed As he bounded up the stairs into his home. And his heart broke into pieces when he saw Ephyra in the pool of her own blood.
“No..no..no” he rushed to her
“Ephyra! Wake up!”
His eyes fell on the knife on the floor, he opened her bathrobe and saw the wound on her stomach. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Wake up”
He shakes her but her hand dropped. A sob erupted in his throat.
“Please wake up Ephyra!”
He stood up and gather her up in his arms
“Don’t..die..on me” he chanted as he carried her into the car. He drove out of the driveway in a close rush.
He saw the body on the stretcher. She was pushed into a ward. She looked familiar, laying lifeless on the stretcher with an oxygen tube on her nose. His gaze moved to the man following the medical team in a rush. Harry Jones.
He saw them from the third floor.
He pushed his way through the patients and nurses to get to the ward. His heartbeat rapidly.
“Sir you can’t come in..” A nurse stopped Harry and closed the door. They set to revive her with machines. Harry stood outside the ICU. Fear filled him. Tears set down his eyes as he watched the medical team from the transparent glass on the door. First press on her chest with a shocker – the second and – third. The machine beeped and her heartbeat dropped on a straight line. The team exchanged glances. He knew what that meant. She can’t die!
“No!” He screamed
He barged into the room and rushed to her. They tried to get him out of the room but he overpowered them.
“No..please..” He held her tightly
He struggled with the team
“Don’t leave..me” he sobbed
He couldn’t accept that she was dead!
He recalled that she’d promised to wait for him but she ended up dying in his home.
What had happened while he was at the agency?
He tried to catch his breathe,his heartbeat wild. His chest hurting that he couldn’t bear the pain.
“Please..come back.. to me” he stuttered
Kenan sat in front of the king trying to make connection with Neifion. The 16 princes sat in the throne hall all waiting for Kenan to make the connection. He closed his eyes and chanted a spell.
They watched Kenan in silence.
Suddenly he shook violently. He couldn’t control the wave of power that surged through him. They exchanged confused glances
“Kenan” Morrissey called
He convulsed.
“Kenan!” Oceanus yelled
Azizi rushed to him
“Kenan!.. Kenan!” He shakes him up
Kenan heard the faint voices in his head as they gathered around him. A white light appeared and the vision came to him.
He saw Ephyra in blood,a man appeared to save her with tears in his eyes. Humans! He saw them in white robes trying to save Ephyra.
Then it ended.
Kenan jolted up from sleep.
“Are you okay?” Morrissey asked
He glanced around. He was on a bed, Oceanus looking straight into his eyes.
He relaxed
“What happened?” Kenan asked
“You passed out during connection”
Morrissey answered
He closed his eyes and the vision flooded his mind’s eye.
“The princess is in trouble” he said
“What?” Oceanus gasped
“And I think she’ll end up dying in that world”
He said in a sad tone as he told them the Vision. Tears set in Azizi eyes at the thought of not seeing Ephyra again.
“She can’t die in that world” Azizi said
“That’s the vision the Sea gave me”
“We need Almeta” Morrissey said
“She has to return home” Colbert added
Oceanus exhaled roughly
“Kenan isn’t there a way to save her from our world?”
Kenan was silent
“Say something..” Azizi said impatiently
Kenan muttered with his eyes closed
“CHANTARA?” They repeated
“Yes” he reopened his eyes
“Why CHANTARA?” Morrissey asked
“CHANTARA is the only way to save our princess in that world”
“Do we transport the moon water into that world?” Azizi asked
“Please Kenan go straight to the point. We don’t have much time to waste”
“We’ll make connection with her through CHANTARA (moon Water) since Neifion can’t be reached. And CHANTARA will revive Neifion and our princess”
“Azizi do you have one in your treasure box?” Oceanus asked
“I’ll find it”
He moved out of the room
“What else do you need?”
“Wanwisa and I will make the connection” Kenan said
“Colbert summon Wanwisa to the throne Hall” Oceanus ordered
“Okay Father” he swims off
“Oh Great Sea
I come to thee today
With the CHANTARA (moon water) in my hands
To revive the princess”
Kenan chanted the spell with his hands locked with Wanwisa. She repeated the same spell.
They chorused in a loud tone
“Oh Great Sea
Go into the Human World
And revive the chosen one”
He released Wanwisa. His hands began to glow brightly, powers sparking in his palms and he set it in the CHANTARA bowl. White sparks shot out of their fingertips into the water. Kenan shook violently. Wanwisa felt the shock wave of power that radiated out of Kenan.
“Revive the princess!” Kenan screamed
Instantly the glowing light moved up and went out of the sea into the Human world.

James stood outside the Ward. He watched in stunned silence as Harry held Ephyra tightly. He was alone with her. James didn’t know if he should go in.
He was shocked that Ephyra was dead.
Tears streamed down Harry’s cheeks.
“I love you..so much..come back.. to me” Harry whispered
minutes passed, and suddenly her body convulsed like she had been shocked with electricity. She slipped from his arms and landed on the bed with a thud.
She remained unconscious. Her body shimmered with unrealized force.
“Doctor!” Harry screamed
James rushed in,his gaze meeting Harry’s. He asked Harry to move away.
Then he moved out of the room and alerted the nurse at the desk.
He drew a deep breath and waited outside the ICU. He watched James bark out orders to the team.
They repositioned to resuscitate Ephyra.
Several minutes passed and then he could sworn that her fingers flinched. He held his breathe and watched intently.
He ran his hand in his hair,tears dripping again,down his chin.
She was going to make it! He could feel it. A gasps of happiness mixed with tears as he continued to murmur.
“I love you Ephyra.. Please come back to me..just a little bit more now..”
Then she opened her eyes slowly to the voices in the air. Her chest rising and falling.
Harry looked at the machine and he couldn’t help the cry of joy and relief. Her breathing was in a steady rhythm.
She was injected and soon she fell into consciousness again. James set his team to stitch up her wound. Thankfully that no damage was done to her internal organs. She was lucky that it was pen knife. And it was indeed a miracle!
A nurse came out and asked Harry to follow her to sign some papers. He signed it and prayed over and over again that she would be fine.

I spent days trying to put this episode together so it would come out in the Best way.
And I guess I tried my best ????
You were scared while reading the beginning right? Thinking Ephyra was dead..like gone! ????
Nah it was just suspense ????
Keep loving ADEMIDE Stories! ????

A wish. Episode 29,30 and Epilogue
A wish. Episode 21 to 24

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